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  1. Figured i'll share this one and see if anybody has any good ideas on what to try. My car has been pretty dirty, haven't exactly had a chance to clean it much, but after doing so today, i noticed these spots showing up. Thought it might be soap drying up in the sun but even after wiping down it aint coming off. Wheels were washed with diluted car shampoo. What I tried: Revive Polish on microfiber towel = nothing Different brand "fallout" cleaner = no reaction APC = no change 99% alcohol = no change Glass cleaner = no change Any ideas? Not sure how it happened either
  2. Coderedpl

    Cement "dirt splatter" ?

    Yep. I won't deny, the pressure on it was a bit crappy. If it had higher pressure, I would of gotten it a bit better. There are some very faint marks but it's a fender liner, I'm not expecting perfection. When summer comes around I will likely lift the car on a jack, find some strong APC and just wash down the whole undercarriage with a better pressure washer.
  3. Coderedpl

    Cement "dirt splatter" ?

    So I went to local coin op, bought some generic APC/Wheel cleaner and sprayed the living crap out of all the liners. After a lengthy session of rinsing, I got most of it "cleaned". There are still some spots that it shows through but for the most part its good.
  4. Coderedpl

    Cement "dirt splatter" ?

    I don't have to worry too much about paint being scuffed because the car is vinyl wrapped with a matte finish, so swirls and what-not will not be there, just have to be careful I don't catch a rock or something on the wrap accidentally.
  5. Coderedpl

    Cement "dirt splatter" ?

    That's really the only idea I came up with thus far. I might get some generic, strong, all purpose cleaner and spray the hell out of the liners, let it sit and then rinse.
  6. So there was some road work being done around my neighborhood and I managed to drive over what I can only assume was wet cement dust or something. Honestly I don't even know what to call it, but its all over my wheel liners. I tried spraying APC and it didnt help THAT much. Besides blasting it away forcefully with a pressure washer, does anybody have any ideas on how to potentially dissolve it? It's not hard, and if i run my finger across it, it comes off. Unfortunately I can't scrub every little nook and cranny that it got into. Picture attached. Any ideas?
  7. So today we have a high of 56! Great weather for a car wash................................besides the fact that it will be raining all damn day into the next. Dirty car stays dirty.....
  8. Coderedpl

    When the beaded 'water' freezes

    The sad truth about people hahah
  9. Coderedpl

    When the beaded 'water' freezes

    More snow coming my direction, this is just annoying. Car is beyond filthy and the temperatures are so low it's almost not worth trying to wash since it'll freeze up
  10. I went by the car thinking it was all still water until I felt it, at which point I saw its all frozen. Looks pretty cool though
  11. Everytime I look outside and see no snow on the ground, I think to myself, oh great, maybe i'll give it a quick wash......that is until i step foot outside. Winter sucks, can it be Spring already
  12. I was just sitting around and thinking about how dirty my car just from sitting in the driveway. The car was washed and dried, no landscaping was done around the property or anything, so you get just the regular street dust or whatever. Snow falls, then melts. I look at my car and its FILTHY, to the point where I wouldn't even want to do a rinseless or waterless. Anybody deal with the same? /rant
  13. Coderedpl

    Foaming a car after coating

    Oh I'm not worried i just thought it was a bit funny, here I am foaming a car and not much is happening lol Yea as much as I don't want to do it sometimes because all it does is run off, i still do it. Rather not risk the ruined finish
  14. I'm posting this more as a topic of discussion rather than a question but its something I've "noticed". After coating a car with either the ceramic or any sealant, the foam doesnt exactly want to stay on the car for long, makes me wonder if its even worth doing it sometimes. Anybody else feel the same?
  15. So after picking up the wheel coating kit, doing my friends wheels, then mine, I figured ah hell, I'm going to do my bike and car with it! Bike is matte gray/black, and being over 2 years old now, it's got its scuffs and daily driver wounds so I figured the harder coating will protect it better. I'm not concerned about the hydrophobic properties as I try to avoid riding in the rain and it's not like I have that much to dry off after a wash. The car on the other hand I recently wrapped with 3m 1080 matte gray vinyl, and from it being a few weeks old I noticed some water spotting at times, the only thing I had applied was a sealant for matte finishes from another company, so I wanted to add protection to that as well. With all that said; So last night it rained, into the morning, on my way out to work, I was able to see the beading action on the car, and seems like a positive result to me. The application didn't really add much "shine" to either vehicle, if anything it made the matte 'texture' pop a bit more, but it was nothing that defeated the purpose of it being matte in the first place