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  1. I guess i can put my thoughts to rest about even trying it haha I had this feeling that this wouldn't be a preferred action.
  2. Not really, it's more of a curiosity thing really. I do it anyway. but I noticed after my last wash the water was barely dirty and it just got me thinking lol
  3. I wrote that thread while I was doing a million things at once away from the house so I think i might of made it seem like I spill out after each wash. I definitely do NOT do that. What I meant was, if say you finished washing all your cars throughout the weekend or day. If clean water bucket is not too dirty, do you simply spill it out, or keep it until the next weekend wash?
  4. So after my most recent wash, it got me thinking about something. I started adding more soap into my clean bucket to have a bit more 'lube' during my washes and have it glide better but this also means more product spent, faster depletion, more money spent, good for Adams, bad for me. I have a VW Golf R hatchback and Audi SQ5 SUV, and it's not often that I wash both at the same time, and it's also not that often that they are very dirty, so my clean bucket doesn't exactly get that dirty. After I would finish washing both, I would always spill out both buckets, and the next wash that would come, days or weeks later, I would just start fresh. What I'm wondering is how many of you actually simply close the bucket until next time you wash the car? Say the next weekend? Is there an actual downside? Would the soap not be as effective after sitting for the week?
  5. Fair disclaimer that I take no responsibility if something goes wrong but when I had a matte gray motorcycle I washed it on the regular using car shampoo if it got really dirty. I've also used waterless wash made from rinseless wash without side effects, but a recommendation given to me in the past that I used quite often when it was just a light dusting and for regular maintenance was actually glass cleaner with a mf towel. I had no side effects of unwanted gloss of any kind when using any of those products. I did acquire a matte sealant from somewhere else and applied that to the bike at some point. My car is also currently wrapped in matte gray, and I follow the same as listed above. Car shampoo for washing, matte detailer or glass cleaner for maintenance / light cleaning. I will admit that I have used the wheel ceramic coating from adams on the vinyl and it made it 'pop' a bit more. My vinyl is matte gray aluminum, and its not a completely flat look, so when I did the coating, the texture or metallic parts of the vinyl per-se popped, but it was still matte and not shiny, BUT you can clearly see the swiping marks from application, so i wouldnt recommend a coating meant for gloss paint. Not sure if it helps but hey i tried
  6. Oh I know. Believe it or not, they held up when over the 2 year mark, as I definitely used them a bit from that time period, granted I'm sure they didnt work as-well and made my life harder but they worked nonetheless. I'm just posting for the sole purpose of sharing, and friendly discussion. Seeing as winter is coming, I'm doing a "winter clean-up" per-se, it just seriously sucks to have to throw-away almost brand new bottles, but it is what it is.
  7. I don't exactly remember when I first purchased the Adams products but I feel like it was 2010 if not earlier. I remember buying a whole bunch of different things ranging from car washing stuff to polishing, waxes, etc. I haven't done many details, primarily due to lack of time, among other things. Recently my wife and I picked up a [new to us] car which needed AT LEAST a clay, followed by some swirl removal, so I figured "ah finally!" I'll have to chance to use the products again..........that was shortly followed by disappointment. I luckily only had to do a few panels since I applied PPF over the rest (so the swirls don't exactly 'show') Firstly it seems that the actual products have diminished in function over the years, the severe swirl remover just wasn't doing the work, I spent more time trying to get it to work for me than worth it. The foam pads I had, seemed to also have reached their end of life, so that's out, I figured I'll switch over to the white and orange microfiber pads I had and just try with the Orange & White polish. It did help but it also seems like the actual polish might be due for replacement soon. The microfiber pads, although they now need a good cleaning for me to be able to tell which is white and which is orange, seem to work fine. So now I have basically a brand new bottle of machine sealant, almost new buttery wax and half of the brilliant glaze that are all about the same age of which I'm not entirely sure what to do with. Just waving my goodbyes to the products, the trio is in the trash, and now debating what to do with the rest.
  8. Guess I'll go real gentle and light on the spraying
  9. We picked up a new (to us) vehicle recently which has the Black Fine Nappa leather with Jet Gray contrast diamond stitching I've been searching around for proper care of said seats and saw mention of avoiding the stitching with the conditioner, which essentially means I can't condition the seats. Now the real question would be, is it still safe to use the leather and interior cleaner with a light wipe down? Using the brush might be too rough or you guys think it will be ok? Or would interior detailer be a better option? Thanks in advance. (ignore the dirtiness in the pic, this was literally before the car was even cleaned at the dealer)
  10. For some reason, the post was not showing up in my feed. Seems like the general consensus is to use a bit more soap, I tend to fill up my buckets more because I 'loose' plenty of water during the wash process it seems. I don't let the water fall or anything but rather scrub scrub scrub, and then just toss it on the car, mitt picks up a lot of water and drops a whole bunch between the moment it leaves the bucket to the car. Not a big deal, just need to use more soap. While sure its great for the business, my wallet, not so much ?
  11. So I've been dealing with a weird "issue" of sorts. It seems that when I wash my car I get more of 'water' spreading then I do of actual soapiness. I put in a squeeze of car shampoo, on the mitt and in the bucket, fill it up with water and then blast the mitt to create suds. When the soap is on the pad itself, I get a nice soapy 'glide' and you can see the suds on the paint, but after rinsing, in the bucket and a panel or two, I lose that, even though I have a bunch of suds in the bucket. At times I actually re-apply more shampoo to the mitt, rinse quickly and go back to the paint I get it back again. Part of me thinks I need to blast more car shampoo into the bucket but it already feels like its a decent amount. I also do use the gilmour foam gun with a hose (although I have the foam cannon i dont have the pressure washer now for it) One of my cars is vinyl wrapped, has the Adams coating applied, and I apply boosters every-so-often such as g&g, and others, so I know there would be some lack of 'stickiness' from the foam and soap but this seems a bit excessive. Old mitt maybe? Too much water in bucket? I'm using the older ones that are not as tall. Thanks in advance.
  12. Figured i'll share this one and see if anybody has any good ideas on what to try. My car has been pretty dirty, haven't exactly had a chance to clean it much, but after doing so today, i noticed these spots showing up. Thought it might be soap drying up in the sun but even after wiping down it aint coming off. Wheels were washed with diluted car shampoo. What I tried: Revive Polish on microfiber towel = nothing Different brand "fallout" cleaner = no reaction APC = no change 99% alcohol = no change Glass cleaner = no change Any ideas? Not sure how it happened either
  13. Yep. I won't deny, the pressure on it was a bit crappy. If it had higher pressure, I would of gotten it a bit better. There are some very faint marks but it's a fender liner, I'm not expecting perfection. When summer comes around I will likely lift the car on a jack, find some strong APC and just wash down the whole undercarriage with a better pressure washer.
  14. So I went to local coin op, bought some generic APC/Wheel cleaner and sprayed the living crap out of all the liners. After a lengthy session of rinsing, I got most of it "cleaned". There are still some spots that it shows through but for the most part its good.
  15. I don't have to worry too much about paint being scuffed because the car is vinyl wrapped with a matte finish, so swirls and what-not will not be there, just have to be careful I don't catch a rock or something on the wrap accidentally.
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