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  1. I have an attachment for my pressure washer . But for normally I use an in expensive device called the underwasher that connects to your standard hose . check it out on theunderwasher.com. https://youtu.be/Vyfh8YFGTG0
  2. Master Blaster hands down. Not even a comparison. Heated high volume air.
  3. rwisejr

    Bye bye Charger R/T hello 2016 Charger SRT!

    Wow that is one sexy beast !!!! Congrats
  4. rwisejr

    Picked up a new ATS-V

    Great ride love those. Congrats and good luck with it. Enjoy.
  5. As stated with proper wash techniques you will be able to keep the damage to a minimum. As I am a fellow Black car owner . I learned long ago that if I'm not washing it then don't touch it . LOL.
  6. rwisejr

    H2O guard and gloss - amazing!

    Yes it's some pretty awesome stuff.
  7. rwisejr

    Master Blaster first use

    Lol everybody that buys one always says the same thing ( I should have gotten it sooner ) Enjoy
  8. rwisejr

    New guy from New Jersey

    Welcome !! That's a big beast you got there. Lol
  9. rwisejr

    Just Got A New Car

    Congrats on the new sweet looking ride.
  10. For 95% it replaces towel drying for me. Definitely worth it for me.
  11. rwisejr

    Detail spray on TV?

    I use it on everything. It works great on all my electronics. Helps keep the dust to a minimum
  12. rwisejr

    Size Options

    personally I prefer the 16oz or larger as I have 3 cars of my own alone to maintain. But the option of 8,16,32 would be nice
  13. rwisejr

    Greetings from Cali

    Welcome !!!!
  14. rwisejr


    Looking good !!!
  15. rwisejr

    Hello from NC!

    Welcome !!! I was just down in Raleigh this past weekend.