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  1. MichiganSRT8

    IPA wipe down, cloudy or streaky

    What color vehicle? What correction steps before? Another thing to do is if you have glass cleaner, in your IPA/water add some to that, no touch needed. Also spray directly to towel if streaking is bad, the IPA can get soaked into clear sometimes and many problems can arise from this.
  2. MichiganSRT8

    New from Michigan

    Welcome from Ann Arbor area! jump over to Cauley Ferrari in West Bloomfield if you need more product, they are pretty well stocked from winter. -Josh
  3. Thought I would chime in here since I have experience with it. My seat actually ended up snapping in half, the top seat part cracked in half and gave out. I am not a huge guy either, at 215 I figured it would hold me, and I never like dropped down on it hard. But yeah mine cracked completely in two after a while as the crack progressed. Love the seat but Im guessing I wasn't the only one this happened too, and take into account I detail as my job right now in school so it got used much more than most peoples I'd think. The rest of the seat still looks great though, wheels and bottom rack holding up great, been using it to hold my 5 gal buckets for washing, kinda like the bucket caddys.
  4. Proud of Adams for sticking to its core values, hard to find a company that will do that in todays world. I do hope though they find another polisher to pick up, as someone who has 4-5 polishers at a time in his arsenal, the cyclo just needs to be supplemented. Definitely will keep backing Adams for this bold move, the flex was the backbone for a long time.
  5. MichiganSRT8

    2013 Nissan GT-R

    Nice clean up, I love those beasts. The jet black can be a pain, but besides that the other finishes haven't bothered me after doing about 5 of them. Have one scheduled in the spring for a correction I can wait to get a ride in from the owner, a built R1K Switzer package!
  6. MichiganSRT8

    My Other Flex For Sale

    she found a new home fellas! thanks for all that inquired!
  7. Think its cheating as a pro but I gotta say i have at least: 50 single softs 25 double soft 15 glass towels 25 utility towels 7 great whites 15 waterless wash 25 final inspection towels 50 interior/"dirty work" towels This is my absolute lowest numbers haha. Lots of laundry.
  8. MichiganSRT8

    My Other Flex For Sale

    hey everyone, just moved price to $250 shipped, its a steal for this thing. Replied to PM's!
  9. MichiganSRT8

    My Other Flex For Sale

    hey guys had a few people flake out on me, wanna see if I can get someone to follow through with me. Updated thread too, decided to cover shipping for the buyer, not a cheap thing with this heavy beast. PM me if you want to give her a new home!
  10. MichiganSRT8

    My Other Flex For Sale

    bump it up guys, I'm sure someone could use this beast.
  11. MichiganSRT8

    C7 Z06 is in the distance...

    can't wait to see them hauling around my house and the proving ground in the summer. Hopefully get some time to play with one at some lights . Really waiting to see that price tag though, think its gunna be something ridiculous.
  12. MichiganSRT8

    My Other Flex For Sale

    sorry about that, just cleaned the inbox out. PM me again and it should work.
  13. MichiganSRT8

    My Other Flex For Sale

    Hey guys, Just wanted to put up my 3401 for sale as lately things have gotten a little tight and changed had to be made. If someone wants a used 3401 this is your best bet, she's been through about 10 full corrections as my other 3401 takes a brunt of the work. She's got a few marks on her, just from being set down on the garage floor, nothing that effects workability so thats all that matters. Other than that you'll get a nice clean flex that has been taken care of mechanically with no problems I have ever experienced, Flex are quality machines and having 3 along with a rotary I can tell you I have never had a problem. I got assorted pads Il throw in too, have to dig them out but I know I have a few adams 5 or so I think. Asking $250 shipped She's a beaut gents, wish I could afford keeping both.
  14. MichiganSRT8

    flex pe-14 users help me out

    You'll love it mark, the size is something to adjust to for a little coming from the older larger rotaries. But once you get used to its dimensions you won't go back, love my PE. Congrats!
  15. MichiganSRT8

    Updated Pics of the TBSS

    Looks good man! now only if it wasn't so slow haha jkjk, love me a white TBSS.