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  1. ktn65

    Sealant haze

    Chet, you want to apply the MSS directly to your freshly polished and clean paint. The sealant bonds directly to the paint. If you put it over the glaze, as the glaze comes off, so does the sealant. The same applies to the quick sealant. Apply directly to the clean paint. BG does not last long. Some here apply either Buttery or Americana Wax over the BG to make it last longer
  2. Rock and Roll! Congratulations guys and gals!
  3. ktn65

    What are we up to?

    It's really big and doesn't effect us??? HUGE big? I have plenty of guesses, but I'll just sit back and wait.....
  4. ktn65

    Noob from the Pittsburgh area

    Welcome Justin! A great bunch of guys and gals here!
  5. I tried using the blue applicator with very limited success. Ultimately I ended up using an old micro-fiber towel to apply and polish with. Then used an Adam's Single soft to wipe clean.
  6. So order the 2 pack for 14.95 (Now they are $7.50each) and use the 15% fathers day sale and they are $6.38 each. Time to stock up!
  7. And while it is not great on eggs, it is pretty good on eggs. Detail spray in Glass Cleaner? Did not know that. My typical regime when cleaning my iPone and various laptops (including screens) is Glass Cleaner followed up by a spritz of Detail Spray. (Probably the Detail Spray more for the smell )
  8. Hey Aaron, I can speak from experience. After one very mild winter, the Chrome Clad wheels on my GMC looked bad. I washed with Green Wheel Cleaner and they still looked dull. I then tried revive and the look like new again. Quick Sealant on top and they really do shine.
  9. Typically optional step two just automatically happens for me. And to Dan, sweet looking car. I like the color.
  10. ktn65

    Drying dilemma

    Hmmm...... now that is not a bad idea. Of course I've been married for over 20 years, but for you youngsters out there, I thing Dave is on to something.
  11. Not only that, but BEFORE and AFTER. So Mook, am I misreading this? Every time you wash your microfibers, you detail the machine TWICE? Don't let my wife see this thread!
  12. ktn65

    Adam's Buttery Wax

    I love buttery. Since my vehicles are daily drivers and I don't have time to keep them perfect. (Or even get them perfect ) The limited filling properties that buttery has helps the look. Plus, it is by far my favorite smelling Adam's product.
  13. I'm fairly certain the label on the Leather and Interior Cleaner says to do just that. I only use the Leather and Interior Cleaner when the seat/interior surface is really dirty. Normally I just use the Leather and Interior Conditioner as a cleaner.
  14. ktn65

    wax frequency

    I agree with Mark. Buttery lasts about a month on my car and truck that get driven daily, parked outside, and washed once a week. But sometimes when I need therapy, (the calming of rubbing paint ) I'll reapply it every two to three weeks.