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  1. In the end run, it’s cheaper and better to let a pro do it.
  2. Go with Rupes or Flex if you can afford it.
  3. Should work with a 20 amp circuit breaker. Adams folks can verify.
  4. Clay bar, maybe some tar remover, should work. A plastic scraper/blade might help since it’s in the barrels.
  5. Used my G&G yesterday and unfortunately made the mistake of letting the car get to hot in the driveway and used a bit too much product resulting in streaks. Any suggestions on how to remove it? Bad spots are mostly on the hood. I’m thinking of using some strip wash and a sponge to limit the repair to that area then recoating. I tried some BG to see if that would smooth it out but it didn’t.
  6. Driving it would actually be the cheapest and quickest way to clean the face of the rotors.
  7. Spent the 104th day of January in Chicago last weekend. 5” of white stuff at my dads place 48 hours later it was 70 and no snow to be seen.
  8. You can buy a 14-15mm male to male connector, or 15mm fittings. OG has them, Ive purchased several fittings here: https://www.ebay.com/usr/pressurewashingsupplycenter?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 To be clear, it is the inner diameter of the fitting that is important. Many OEM manufacturers use a 15mm fitting but aftermarket folks use 14mm. No clue why. Hence the need for adapter or 15mm inner diameter fittings.
  9. Snub nose will work with any PW. Just a matter of getting the correct fillings. Most will need a 14-14mm male/male adapter for hose connections.
  10. Tar remover for the black stuff. Waterless Wash works well on bugs. Just let it soak in.
  11. They actually sold those a few years ago. Glad they are back.
  12. I rinse the car with a hose which of course insures that it will rain the next day.
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