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  1. GXPaycheck

    Wax on trim Removal

    You could try the peanut butter trick as well. Don’t use crunchy 😉
  2. GXPaycheck

    Best towels for specific products?

    As a general rule, waffle weave is for wet products, plush is for dry. Exceptions for Rinsless Wash (single soft) and detail spray. Boiling towels is still recommended for removing built up waxes, etc. I doubt a washer would get hot enough to do damage. I soak mine overnight in APC prior to washing.
  3. GXPaycheck

    oder bomb or oder bag?

    Bomb for existing odors, bag to maintain and combat future odors.
  4. My dealer (Hendrick) has the regular Adams bottles. They were quite impressed with Adam!
  5. GXPaycheck

    Arsenal Pics

    You should post that here:
  6. GXPaycheck

    Brand new snub nose attachment for trade

    Any pics of the fittings?
  7. GXPaycheck

    Brand new snub nose attachment for trade

    What kind of pressure washer do you have? It should fit the same on most. There are adapters for Karcher and the like.
  8. GXPaycheck

    Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    Sorry to bring this up again, but to clarify, it’s prep between restorer and coating, boost after coating, correct?
  9. GXPaycheck

    Tire Mold Release

    There’s a couple threads on tire blooming in here that might help.
  10. Always use the special cleaner on mine at least once a year.
  11. The orifice he’s talking about goes inside the canon head and controls the amount of water going through it. I’m trying to replace mine right now (old one is stuck). Don’t know about the Adams gun. Good question though.
  12. GXPaycheck

    Did Adams drop the ball? ( ODOR BOMB)

    Adam Bomb. I see what you did there!
  13. GXPaycheck

    Does Adam's Give Tours?

    Show up at the door. That’s what I do!
  14. GXPaycheck

    Does Adam's Give Tours?

    Yes they do! Ive been by the old facility a few times when I’ve been in town. Great folks and if Adam is available you might get the man himself to show you around.