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  1. What’s with all the negative vibes man? The company is growing, the boss is busy. What did Adam say when you called him to ask these questions? Just curious.
  2. That would suck for those of us that don’t use FB. Forum is great!
  3. I recommend doing the wheels/tires the day before doing the rest of the car. Spreading it out makes it easier.
  4. Use up all your old Adams soaps as lube, then stock up on Mega Foam.
  5. Use a microfiber applicator to apply HGG instead of towels. Easier to use and clean afterwards.
  6. Saw a 10x14 in Sprawlmart the other day.
  7. I would suggest a baseball bat or large rock at this point.
  8. I use some pipe insulation on the side that faces the car, just in case.
  9. Some folks like to spread leather conditioner with bare hands. Might be good for skin as well. Once applied, let the car sit in the sun with the windows closed for a while.
  10. I’ve used the Flex cordless. If the Adams unit is anything like it it will be a hit.
  11. I picked one up as well and ha be had good results. Only down side is trying to set it up with quick disconnects.
  12. Garagejournal.com Ask over there. Lots of good info.
  13. Mine are coated. All you need is regular car soap and the proper brushes.
  14. First of all, when it touches the ground.
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