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  1. Nice work! Dealer should be dope slapped.
  2. Make sure it’s the original detail spray! Not the new graphine stuff. Or you could use soapy water.
  3. North or south of the tracks? It makes a difference to us DG natives 😁
  4. Adams Ceramic Brain Wash! 6 months between applications. Brain Fahrts and bird poop slide right off 👍
  5. My bad. I had rotary in my head when I said that. Minor cerebral flagelism.
  6. I replaced all mine with Whirlpool. Only issues I’ve had have been with quality control at the factory. A couple things had to go back or repaired due to damage.
  7. And don’t use an orbital polisher!
  8. Yes. Assuming it is installed correctly. I’ve talked buckets with Rinsless Wash in them to car shows and cleaned on the spot.
  9. I assume they are painted and clear coated (looks like it). You really need to know what the finish is before you start.
  10. Or a Master Blaster 👍
  11. Did she appreciate you using it on her can? 😆
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