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  1. GXPaycheck

    How do i remove white tire lettering?

    This. Just turn them around.
  2. GXPaycheck

    Let’s talk...micropolishers

    Thanx. I posted a Rupes training video in here somewheres that goes into good detail as well.
  3. GXPaycheck

    Let’s talk...micropolishers

    Just the usual. Pads v pressure v compounds. Need to grab some wool pads from Rupes and try those as well. Practic practice practice!
  4. GXPaycheck

    Let’s talk...micropolishers

    Cool tool! I’m still trying to figure out my Nano.
  5. GXPaycheck

    SEMA 2018 Detail

    Excellent work! Hope somebody dope slapped the guys at that dyno shop.
  6. GXPaycheck

    Triple Soft Towels

    Interesting. My experience has been the exact opposite.
  7. GXPaycheck

    NC New Guy

    Welcome from just east of Raleigh!
  8. Depends on how clean the water is.
  9. GXPaycheck

    Rinseless convert!

    That’s basically it. Adams has a video on the process. Did you check the website?
  10. GXPaycheck

    What lighting for new shop

    There’s some good threads on the subject over at Garagejournal.com. I’d try there.
  11. I believe it’s been said that a couple ounces of APC in the soap will work.
  12. I would also suggest brushing the liners out while they are dry before hitting them with soap. Get a lot of dirt out that way.
  13. GXPaycheck

    my gloss black wheels are NASTY!

    I use the Sidekick for small areas, MB for the big ones.
  14. GXPaycheck

    Foaming Your Engine Bay??

    I’ve done it with no ill effects. Just cover stuff you don’t want to get wet. Something like the IK sprayer would be best.
  15. GXPaycheck

    Detailing courses

    Rupes courses are pricey. They’ve been to Raleigh along with the Flex folks.