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  1. I would say that boiling doesn’t dry out the fibers like a dryer would. It’s not just the temp, but the type of heat as well.
  2. GXPaycheck

    Small nicks in my paint

    Langka or DRColorchip. Langka uses dealer paint, DR uses its own paint.
  3. GXPaycheck

    SunJoe Washer + Foam Cannon

    You probably need a 14mm-15mm adapter. I think I posted one in here a while back. Here.... https://www.mtmhydroparts.com/products/14mm-plug-x-15mm-plug-conversion-adaptor
  4. GXPaycheck


    Why were you at the body shop?
  5. GXPaycheck

    H20 Guard & Gloss - How Much?

    I use the microfiber pad applicator. Works great.
  6. GXPaycheck

    Rims discolored

    What product(s) were used?
  7. GXPaycheck

    Bug Guts

    Let them soak in whatever you use for a few minutes prior to wiping.
  8. GXPaycheck

    Ceramic coating on new painted wheels

    Only problem there is the tires will need re-balancing long before the coating wears away.
  9. GXPaycheck

    Ceramic coating on new painted wheels

    If you do the barrels, try not to get the coating on the areas where wheel weights go. They can have trouble sticking to the coating.
  10. GXPaycheck

    Does Adam still post here?

    Kids are growing up! Might be a good time to resurrect the history of Adams thread from a couple years ago.
  11. GXPaycheck

    Does Adam still post here?

    Who is Adam?
  12. GXPaycheck

    Hello from England :D

    Welcome from a former resident of RAF Woodbridge!
  13. GXPaycheck

    Engine detailing

    Check out the Adams video on the subject!
  14. GXPaycheck

    Question for my wife

    I’ve used baking soda in the past. Probably netter than baby powder.