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  1. GXPaycheck

    The “professional” versus the “amateur...”

    A professional is just an amateur that never quit 😁
  2. GXPaycheck

    Pressure washer hose

    You can also get the swivel alone and put it on an existing hose/sprayer.
  3. GXPaycheck

    Not enough 'soap' when washing car

    You could fill the wash bucket with distilled water.
  4. GXPaycheck

    Shaving Cream Foam

    I don’t believe so.
  5. GXPaycheck

    Pressure washer hose

    Most aftermarket hoses come with the 14mm-15mm adapter that’s needed to make them fit. Any decent hose should work on your unit.
  6. GXPaycheck

    Shaving Cream Foam

    What are the pressure washer specs? Are you using the 1.1mm orifice? Where are you setting the mixture knob on the top of the gun (it controls the amount of water going through. Clockwise is less water)?
  7. Maybe time to boil the towels?
  8. GXPaycheck

    2006 "GTO" gets dusted

    Aussie’s made the best cars 👍
  9. GXPaycheck

    Labor Day Weekend Labor; 2017 BMW X3

    Next time try using a the microfiber sponge applicator instead of the towels with the H2O G&G. A lot easier to handle.
  10. GXPaycheck

    Rock chip

    Both are pretty much the same. Langka uses regular touch up paint and Colorchip uses their own paint.
  11. GXPaycheck

    Foam cannon problem

    You're getting too much water. Might be something blocking the soap pick up tube. The top knob controls the amount of water that goes through the gun. Make sure nothing is getting blocked/crimped.
  12. GXPaycheck

    H2O Guard & Gloss | FAQ's | Discussion

    Something is plugging the sprayer. Clean it out good. A strong pull on the trigger gives me a good spray pattern.
  13. GXPaycheck

    Looking for new family(ish) car

    Many SS’s came with 3 pedals as well. I’m just sayin...........
  14. GXPaycheck

    Looking for new family(ish) car

    Holden Commodore, aka Pontiac G8 and more recently the Chevy SS. No better 4 door sport sedan made in the last 10 years.