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  1. How much are you using and what type of cannon? Do you clean out the canon after every use?
  2. Hopefully stay on/rinse off SiO2 coating. We have it locally and it would be a good addition to the Adams line.
  3. I’ve been told German clear is on the hard end of the scale. Test sections are a good start.
  4. Microfiber is more aggressive than foam. Mini uses the same pads. Great for smaller areas. I know where there’s a lightly used Rupes Mini (and a Flex 3401) for sale in NC😉
  5. You're probably right, but I'd rather start slow and safe. A paint thickness gauge would come in handy here as well. Plus I don't have any limited edition stuff 🙂
  6. Always best to start with the least aggressive product and do a test panel to figure out what you need. Same with pads.
  7. Still available! I would like to sell these before the new ones arrive.
  8. Bump. I'm always open to offers!
  9. You can find them online and in some home improvement stores.
  10. Nice work! You didn’t mention the baggie test after claying. Did anyone explain that test to you? It’s the best way to make sure you got all the contamination out. Now you’ll have to do an update thread down the road 😉
  11. Changing things up a bit so I’m selling my Flex XC3401VRG and Rupes Mini LHR75E. Both are lightly used and in excellent shape. Flex comes with a carry bag. I’ll toss in some pads, and polishes that need to get used up (full bottles, opened and used a little bit). Flex: $300 Rupes: $200 Might sell my Nano as well. Still thinking it over but am open to offers. I would prefer to sell locally (Raleigh area) to avoid shipping costs, otherwise shipping will be added to price. I don’t mind driving a bit to deliver. I have new cordless Flex units on order, the XCE 8 125 18v-EC Cordless Beast and PXE 12v-EC cordless mini. Got to try them out locally and like them. Maybe I’ll use them a bit more than these were👍
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