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  1. I use the cannon and the 2 bucket method. Depends on how dirty the car is. Sometimes just a foam and a rinse will work. You can use one bucket (for dirty wash media) if you use multiple wash pads. Just foam and wipe. Sometimes you have to foam/rinse/foam before grabbing the wash mit. All depends on the car and your mood. I use grit guards in ALL my buckets, even the wheel/tire one. It’s cheap insurance and it helps the brushes dry after emptying. You can always use a foam gun instead of the cannon if you want to save money, and there are newer foaming pump sprayers on the market that may one day replace the cannon. And blow drying the car afterwards will get you some strange looks from your neighbors 😆, so get a Master Blaster!
  2. After seeing the videos I’m reminded that the BEST way would be to have Ashley do it for you. Alas, she has moved on from Adams ☹️
  3. I cover the alternator. Blow dry then let it sit for a while before starting just to make sure the bay is dry. You can also used distilled water since it doesn’t contain the impurities that can cause electrical issues. Worx Hydroshot with the 1 liter bottle adapter is great for engine bays.
  4. Welcome from just east of Raleigh!
  5. I’ve haven’t seen a coated car that water doesn’t slide off of. Using a pooling rinse will help as it leaves less water on the car to start.
  6. Picked one up with the sale and saw it comes with an extra orifice. I thought the 1.1mm one came installed. If that’s the case, what size is the spare?
  7. Only problem with the laundromat is you don’t know what washed in that machine before you got there. It gets pricey when you do an empty load to clean the machine prior to loading your MF items.
  8. Yes. I corrected the original post. My bad. Tire shop could use something to remove the coating from the weight area, but that would be a waste of product.
  9. I suggest applying a strip of tape over the area where weights will go (usually the outer part of the barrel behind the face of the rim) the apply the coating. This will give the weights a place to stick and will be easy enough to clean down the road. A 1” wide length of tape will do. Had a bear of a time getting weights to stick on my SS after coating. I will use tape next time.
  10. Like I said, it’s a general rule. Some products specify a particular type of towel. Sorry for any confusion.
  11. As a general rule, waffle weave for wet stuff, plush for dry.
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