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  1. Undercarriage Wash

    Turn one of these upside down https://www.pressurewashersdirect.com/power/pressure-washer-water-brooms.html
  2. Adam's HQ Relocation

    Closer to Centennial airport so I don’t have to drive so far, I hope!
  3. He said move, not movement
  4. Interesting. That guy needs to get the pistol grip though.
  5. Holiday Wishes

    Merry ChristmasHappy HanukkahProfitable XmasColorful KwanzaFancy FestivusBest Boxing DayHappy Holiday PayBah Humbug and Hoppy Newt Yeer!
  6. Back to school today!

    The new cordless Flex 15mm throw DA was a blast to work with. Kept trying to step around a cord that wasn't there! Battery life is 30 minutes and it comes with two batteries, each with a 20-30 minute charge time so you don't have to worry about running out of juice. It's very well balanced and not heavy at all. Doesn't stall when going over curved surfaces. We used a retired uber black Escalade for practice and the tool did a great job (always good to practice on someone else's car!). Got to do some wet sanding on a poorly coated hood and work on my basic Flex skills with a pro looking over my shoulder. All in all a good day. We have a new detail training center here in Raleigh and I'm looking forward to some more learning. Dylan was here with Rupes a couple months ago and I missed him, so hopefully he will come back through again. Flex rep said they will have a cordless version of the 3401 VRG out soon. That should be fun! BTW, the new gen wool pads are awesome!
  7. Back to school today!

    Love the new cordless tools!
  8. Back to school today!

    Get to attend a day long seminar on Flex polishers with Renny Doyle. Maybe I’ll actually learn something! Now if I could just find a place big enough do actually work in............
  9. What kit should I buy first?

    Welcome! All depends on how much you want to spend and how OCD you are when it comes to swirls, especially with all that lovely black paint!
  10. Mold smell

    Gotta take it down to bare metal. I did it this summer with my truck. Couldn’t replace the carpet for less than $800, so while it was out I had it professionally cleaned and put down some Dynamat.
  11. Mold smell

    They probably didn't replace some padding or clean the surfaces well. May need to get the new carpet out before it gets contaminated and clean it better. Spray a ton of Concrobium all over in there.
  12. Blue oval is welcome to my Bowtie coral...

    I want you’re garage
  13. Scratches in plastic trim

    Some folks have used a heat gun to fix those. Check YouTube.
  14. Master Blaster > Rain

    I do it every now and then when the car gets stuck out in the rain. Works fine!
  15. There’s a dedicated thread in here somewhere on microfiber care