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  1. The maximum time is forever 😁 minimum time depends on what you want to accomplish.
  2. I’ve had UV film on the inside of the windshield before and it works great. Some folks might see a slight distortion especially when heading into the sun. Does keep the interior a bit more comfortable.
  3. Inclement might be an understatement. Glad I’m not working this week. There’d be that one guy that just HAS to go to Aspen🙄
  4. You could ask your local window tint guy for a clear UV film to be applied to the inside of the windshield. I’ve done that on previous cars to cut down on the heat. Might help with the reflection.
  5. Most pressure washers require a 14mm to 15mm male to male adapter. Once you have that any QD fitting will work.
  6. Don’t forget their chocolate cake!😁
  7. GXPaycheck

    Picking A TV

    Visio is good and cheaper to replace if it goes bad.
  8. Either one will work, but the dip tends to hold onto the smell for a while. Start with the Eco Cleaner and see how that goes. Once you get them clean, some preventative maintenance will make them easier to keep clean. Make sure to use Dip Coat. I don’t know if Tire Armor will work on Dip or not.
  9. Hendrick Chevy in Cary, NC has a bunch of the limited edition sprays if anyone is looking.
  10. NEW PRODUCT ALERT!!! Adam’s Toilet Brush, you can even use it on the toilet 🤙
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