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  1. There was a bit of extra bling though.....
  2. If you like cars, go! If you hate swirls, don’t go or wear blinders! I cringed every time one of their “cleaners” touched a car. BMW, Mercedes, and Volvo didn’t show up. Afraid of a little snow, I guess.
  3. Best light for swirl detection is sunlight. If you use a hand held hold it at an angle to the panel in a dark garage.
  4. I would say Guard & Gloss. Goes on the same, removes the same, I think it lasts longer.
  5. Welcome to Adams from a fellow Holden owner! That RPG is sweet👍
  6. you mean the big knob on top? It adjusts a needle that in turn adjusts the amount of soap being drawn from the canister. If that part is plugged it can cause issues.
  7. If those are stock wheels they are most likely clear coated. Don’t see many OEM chrome wheels anymore.
  8. Don’t forget Portillos chocolate cake 😁
  9. All of them 😁 Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah Profitable Xmas Colorful Kwanza Fancy Festivus Best Boxing Day Happy Holiday Pay Bah Humbug & Hoppy Newt Yeer!
  10. I think green was for heavy correction. Is the foam firm or pliable?
  11. How much are you using and what type of cannon? Do you clean out the canon after every use?
  12. Hopefully stay on/rinse off SiO2 coating. We have it locally and it would be a good addition to the Adams line.
  13. I’ve been told German clear is on the hard end of the scale. Test sections are a good start.
  14. Microfiber is more aggressive than foam. Mini uses the same pads. Great for smaller areas. I know where there’s a lightly used Rupes Mini (and a Flex 3401) for sale in NC😉
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