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  1. GXPaycheck

    Drying techniques

    Metro Vac has a fix for that. Call them for the updated nozzle.
  2. Welcome! Glad to see you spell your name correctly 😁
  3. GXPaycheck

    New member, first time detailing

    Welcome! You might find your posts edited since forum rules dont allow links to competitors websites.
  4. Yup. There is a YouTube video on the process but it’s on a competitors website.
  5. Use a razor blade with a long handle (like the one mechanics use to remove stickers from the inside glass) and some glass cleaner. Hold the blade at a 45 degree angle and scrape the crud off. Like clay, use plenty of lubrication. That should get the big stuff. Follow up with 0000 steel wool and/or clay. Don’t forget the lube!
  6. Bringing up an old thread. Where did you get that hose? I did find a 20 amp remote. This is the one I found: https://www.amazon.com/PSI-Woodworking-LR110-3-110-Volt-Collector/dp/B00004S9AI/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1545066082&sr=8-3&keywords=remote+control+switches+20+amp Only issue with it is the base unit circuitry is very fragile, so don’t drop it! First one got replaced because of said gravitational issues 🙄
  7. If you told them not to wash it and they did, then they should fix it.
  8. GXPaycheck

    Drying techniques

    The less you touch the paint, the fewer swirls/scratches you will have. I use a Master Blaster or Sidekick on the good cars. Good clean drying towel with Detail Spray or HGG treatment on the DDs. Aussie Big Boi blowers are coming available in the US now although Adams doesn’t sell them (yet).
  9. GXPaycheck

    Tire Armor

    I always do this when the temp drops. Compressor works wonders. It’s especially fun when someone is standing by the other end of the hose 😱
  10. GXPaycheck

    Tire Armor

    I wonder how this product would work on PlastiDip.
  11. GXPaycheck

    Plastidip Wheels

    I’m assuming your wheels are dipped from the title. What color? PlastiDip can be wet sanded, Fonzie has a video on it.
  12. So it will stain clothing then? That’s the more important question.
  13. GXPaycheck

    Towel cleaning question

    And vacuum that floor more often!
  14. GXPaycheck

    Detail Clinic @ the Warehouse December 1st

    Dang. Just rolled into town tonight. Wish I had time to stop by.