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  1. Just got a new bottle of Paint Sealant and it's quite different than my previous bottle. This one has a consistency almost as thin as water.. where as my last bottle was closer to a toothpaste thickness. Is that about right? I'm assuming it's been reformulated since, because my old bottle smelled like coconut candy wheres this one smells like a vanilla coconut frosting.
  2. Making sure I have this right.. For trim and headlights you need to use the trim cleaner first and follow up with the surface prep. And for painted surfaces you would clay/polsih as normal and then finish with only the surface prep? Whats the process for glass? Thanks!
  3. In hard to reach areas like lug nuts or behind the wheel, can you spray then wipe with the microfiber sponge?
  4. Many years ago Americana used to be white and came in a bigger 5 inch diameter jar. The cap would get stuck so Adam's changed the packaging to the smaller jar used today. I'm not sure if the chemical makeup/color/scent changed immediately with the jar or if it stuck around for awhile until they turned it blue.. but I loved that old smell! I am curious if there's any way to buy an unused jar of the old stuff? Thanks!
  5. Is there anyway to buy gallon sizes of the USA DS? It smells really good and I'd love to stock up on the scent.
  6. Good problem to have Welcome!
  7. It does have a gradual start up like most polishers. I just saw the video posted above, and I think Adam's explanation of the lineup is spot on. This was not available when I bought the polisher, so I thought it was something I could do a full correction with. If you found batteries that work then I think it would be a great polisher to work with once you get enough to flow seamlessly. Working without the cord was a dream compared to latter.
  8. After abut the 4th time running them completely dead I charged one overnight. This finally got a full charge. From then on they were able to reach a full charge in 1-2 hours. The real drawback was they never lasted more than 30 minutes of polishing. And that was not "under load" it was with breaks in between to wipe, inspect, re-apply polish, or go inside to grab something. So with no option to purchase more than 2 batteries, and only 30 minutes of work time but needing 1-2 hours between charges.. you're not able to seamlessly switch when one runs dead. I guess it could work out if y
  9. This bottle was signed by Adam so I wanted a display case to keep it pristine. Thought you guys might appreciate this here :)
  10. I tried the wipes and missed some spaces. I thought I might need to remove some areas before or after to deal with overlap. Do all ceramic coatings eventually wear away on their own or do they just lose their protective qualities and still must be polished away?
  11. I know you have to polish out or use brilliant glaze with ceramic coatings on paint, but that doesn't seem like a good idea for black plastic trim. How can you remove it from trim? Does doing a strip wash remove it?
  12. Yes, my hope was to have the second battery charged within a few minutes of the other one dying and be able to continually switch off. When I tried that alternation this morning, I only got 11 minutes of total charge before it died. Its around 1.5-2 hours of charge time to get ~30 minutes out of them. Maybe it's my charger? It also has never turned from red to green light. Sometimes it will flash green but go right back to staying on red. Hopefully an Adam's rep can chime in on if this is all normal or not. Edit: another thing I noticed is when the battery is dead, the indicator wo
  13. Update: So I'm on day 2 of polishing, and neither of the batteries fully charged to the 4th bar. I'm not sure if they ever were supposed to or are able to? The fist battery lasted me 27 minutes TOTAL on the default 3rd level speed, but that was not continuous use of 27 minutes. There was several minutes of downtime between panels/sections etc. The second battery lasted me 30 minutes total before it died. 27 and 30 minutes of TOTAL battery charge time before it runs out is a little surprising when the site claims 35-45 of use time "under load". I feel like I'm only doing about 2/3
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