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  1. Hey Jacob, Thanks for writing. I'm looking to amp up my Griots collection or Ammo NYC if you have products from either? Chas
  2. Hi, I'm looking to trade the below products all of which are brand new and never used. The H2O Guard and Gloss looks off in the picture only because of separation, just needs a good shake. Open to trades, but only for non-Adam's products. - Wheel and Tire Cleaner - Iron Remover (3) - H2O Guard and Gloss
  3. Ceramic WW might be my favorite product from Adam's right now. If I wasn't such a hack for some of the special edition DS I could see using this as a multipurpose WW and DS given the added safety it provides.
  4. VRT and polishes are gone! Still looking to trade away Paint Sealant and Brilliant Glaze. I also have a full bottle of H20 Guard and Gloss.
  5. HI All, Just recently did an audit of my garage and found a few duplicate or minimally used products. I'd be looking to trade for Waterless Wash or Detail Sprays, but generally open to offers. Here is a list of what is shown: 1. Paint Sealant: never used, just needs to be shaken as the product has sat and separated a bit. 2. Brilliant Glaze: 50% remaining. 3. VRT: never used. 4. Paint Finishing Polish: 75% or greater remaining 5. Paint Correcting Polish: 75% or greater remaining.
  6. I don't get caught-up in too many of the limited edition items, but for some reason, pumpkin spice gets me every time. I love this stuff as does my wife.
  7. My vote too. After having watched that video, I'm surprised Adam's even put their name on this machine. I really appreciated Adam (himself) providing his insight on here recently as to the current state of the company and his own honest thoughts, but this might be the product that has me rethinking things. I'm very accustomed to an Adam's that focused very much on quality, but this and other recent products just no longer fit that mold from outside view looking in. I still love many of the chemicals, but I just don't know... My intent is not hijack this thread nor to start another "feels" thread, sorry.
  8. I think Harbor Freight sells some variation of a dent-pulling kit, but have heard mixed reviews on its effectiveness.
  9. I bought it not having any expectations and legitimately enjoyed it when brewed through a traditional coffee maker.
  10. I agree with Chase, upgrading isn't necessary if the machine itself is still in good working order. Porter Cables with the right pads, backing plate and polishes can be an incredibly effective. Especially if you're using it so infrequently, not worth upgrading unless the machine is toast.
  11. I’m obsessed with your garage! Love your content and organization skills!
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