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  1. Jay2puff

    Full detail: '08 Lexus RX330

    great job Chase
  2. Jay2puff

    Lexus LFA

    Really nice Car
  3. nice new thing to buy:rockon:
  4. Jay2puff

    I Just Got My Adam's Garage Banner!

    Receive mine yesterday just waiting for my new house to be finishe to installe it
  5. Jay2puff

    Grand Cherokee SRT8

    Really Nice job guys
  6. Jay2puff

    SRT Meet at Quebec (pictures)

    Nice Pics Steve next year i will be there with mine
  7. Jay2puff

    Finally Getting Around To It

    Wow Great job!
  8. Jay2puff

    NEW & IMPROVED 4" Backing Plates!!

    that looks sweet
  9. Jay2puff

    For Plumbers

    I am a plumber and there is no problem as KicktoTheJunk said just plug the of the toilet you should be ok and its just for the smell
  10. Jay2puff

    Correcting headlights...

    Wow great job guys:rockon: