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  1. Thanks Chris, appreciate it! I'll try to frequent more!
  2. It most certainly is, especially this time of year with our weather! Thank you, I am fortunate to get to work on them!
  3. Sorry Ray, haven't been on here in a while! Sorry I missed your post, I am just below Ft Myers.
  4. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the pics!!!
  5. Thanks Rich! Nah, no worries there bro, all are welcome!!!
  6. This is by far the best show in the area (IMO) and has a terrific venue and variety of vehicles! A GREAT show!
  7. ^^^^^LOL, the first I'm hearing of this! OK...I may have to strike while the iron is hot! Thanks for the heads up!!
  8. Thanks again all. Much appreciated. What you talking about Mike? Bubba truck? That's new to me! LOL
  9. Thanks everyone. Appreciate the support and responses! As Rich said, I'm just happy that everyone is ok. We will be back to 'normal' soon enough and put this behind us! Thanks again!!
  10. Just an update: we just got power restored last night after 10 or 11 LONG, hot days after hurricane Irma. A lot of damage down here but we are OK. Some home damage, but nothing I can't handle and it's still live able so that's a bonus. Naples was in the direct path and the eye literally went right up our ***. It was the craziest thing I've ever witnessed! The power is unbelievable. I'll try to post up some videos sometime. I have a lot of work ahead of me and can't wait to post up my next job sometime soon!
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