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  1. Thinking out the heard some and looking to trade. All have been stored inside since I got them. Not Looking for anything specific just seeing what's out there. Worse I can say is no. 1- Quick Sealant (Full can) 1- Trim Coating (3/4 Full) 1- Coating Prep (3/4) 1- Liquid Paint Sealant (1/4) 2- In & Out Spray (Both Full) 1- Revive (1/4) 1- Paint Correcting Polish (Full big bottle) 1- Butter Wax (1/3) 1- Fine Machine Polish ( Full big bottle) For sure Not Looking for: CS,GC,UCS,CC, Coatings, ID, DS, polishes, waxes. If any questions feel free to pm me. I can also send pics if needed.
  2. Natch02

    Griots Garage 3" Random Orbital

    $55 bottom dollar. Let's get it sold.
  3. Comes with the box. Not used very much and includes the backing plate. 65tyd. I can send pics if needed.
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  8. I love me some brilliant glaze. Gives that extra pop.
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    Welcome Tad. Put a sealant or coating on and should make it easier in the future.
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