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  1. New member from MO

  2. Checking in from PA....

    Welcome Dave. Lots of good info and people here.
  3. Saying hello from Plano, Texas

    Welcome aboard. Glad to see another person from Texas on here.
  4. New Member from Lake City, SC

    Welcome Austin.
  5. I love me some brilliant glaze. Gives that extra pop.
  6. Checking in from NH

    Welcome Tad. Put a sealant or coating on and should make it easier in the future.
  7. Newb from houston

    Welcome aboard.
  8. Hello from Sarasota, FL. too.

    Welcome Chris
  9. Sorry I bought some a couple weeks back.
  10. Coated My Mom's Car This Weekend

    Looks great. Got to love Adams products.
  11. my new toy

    Nice car Anthony.