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  1. I think we need a good counter to the "what did you wash, shine, and or polish today" thread
  2. Yeah, even Walmart carries a few Chemical Guys products now. I wouldn't mind a parts store carrying some basic Adam's products. Not anything fancy like a Coating kit or Swirl Killers, but it would be nice to be able to run out real quick to buy some Tire & Rubber Cleaner or something if you run out in the middle of a detail.
  3. If the "topper" is what prevents the water spots, what's the point of the ceramic coating in the first place?
  4. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa..... I can apply CB2.0 to a wet vehicle and dry as I go
  5. Not that it makes up for customer service blowing you off, but I think Strip Wash is the only Adam's product that needs any kind of "special" bottle.
  6. I had to quit using those for exterior work because I couldn't stop dropping them every couple of minutes I'm sure you're right, but someone always seems to come up with an "off-label" way of doing things around here
  7. Not the tire applicator, the red wax applicator one.
  8. I wonder if you could spray it onto a hex-grip applicator like the "alternate" method that we used for Quick Sealant way back when? The hex-grips are a couple bucks cheaper than a single-soft and I'd feel much better about having to throw away a hunk of foam every time instead of a nice microfiber.
  9. Does it need to be polished off like their traditional ceramic coating?
  10. Nah, I'm in no rush, I was just curious if it was still going to be a thing. I've seen that too, but I've never really been wowed by the W&W. Of course that could be because I've never used it on a coated car.....
  11. "DO NOT UNCAP AND SMELL THIS PRODUCT" Because they know that's what every single one of us does as soon as we get a shipment
  12. I wonder if they're still working on the car shampoo that was specifically for coated cars
  13. Ceramic Coating topped with Ceramic Spray Coating Topped with Ceramic Boost = You car is now bulletproof Price is reasonable for the product and longevity, I'll definitely be trying it out in the spring. Did anyone else read the description in Adam's voice
  14. I've never used Clutch, but just reading the manufacturer's website it sounds more like Ceramic Boost to me.
  15. If that's the case it makes sense to me that CB is still required. Not that I'm complaining, just thinking out loud. Either way, I can't wait to try out this and Tire Armor in the spring
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