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  1. Interior Detailer instead of VRT in the engine bay.
  2. 6 weeks ago I did a strip wash and applied H2O G&G. Truck sits outside 24/7 and hasn't been washed since. Today I decided to stop by the carwash just to blast off the crud. https://youtu.be/odgbIQ56odo https://youtu.be/Y7vKfVl1vQI
  3. The only place I've ever used WW is on doorjambs and under-hood. I especially love the look it leaves behind under-hood.
  4. zw470

    eBay: Adams collection 😳😳😳

    Someone's wife is pissed 😂
  5. zw470

    Got My Rear Window Replaced

    As an update to THIS thread, I finally gave up and turned it into my car insurance. Now I just need to apply some Trim Restorer to those nasty looking rubber pieces on the roof 😡
  6. zw470

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    H20 G&G everywhere but the wheels and tires, they got Paint Sealant and Tire Shine respectively 😗
  7. 5 times. I scrubbed my K02s 5 times with T&RC and an Adam's Tire Brush and the suds were still coming up brown 😪 I probably would have kept going but I ran out. Later when I was doing my strip wash I hit them with the Tire Brush again and the suds were still brown.
  8. zw470

    Matte Wheels

    I use H20 G&G. Tried the matte detailer and found it left them looking kinda dry.
  9. zw470

    Finally Got Myself A Tool Chest

    I've had my eye on these machined aluminum ones for a while. http://westlingmachine.com/ToolHolders.html Each one isn't too terribly expensive but it adds up fast when you want one for every single socket.
  10. zw470

    Finally Got Myself A Tool Chest

    These inserts are really cool but man do they waste a lot of space 😧
  11. zw470

    Finally Got Myself A Tool Chest

    Been trying to talk myself into one for a while now, and I found this at a Sears that was closing. Regular price was $2,000, it's available online for $1,460 and I paid $1,000 😎 I got this 300-piece Kobalt tool set back in February for $150, it's just been sitting in the box in the box in my garage since then 🙄
  12. zw470

    Firearms Thread

    I'd use the money to turn your 19 into a Roland Special 😉
  13. zw470

    Firearms Thread

    Here's my latest acquisition, a Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Operator. I've already added an S&A magwell, hyena brown VZ Gunner grips and a SureFire X300U-A.
  14. I don't understand what their is for them to "consider" about selling it in gallon sizes. The product itself already exists. The gallon size containers already exist. Put the existing product into the existing container and charge people money for it
  15. zw470

    This Beer Tastes Like....

    Adam's Wheel Cleaner 🤢 I'm at a craft beer festival and tried a cream ale. Tastes exactly like Wheel Cleaner smells 🤮