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  1. Strip Wash

    In my experience APC isn't strong enough to completely remove a quality wax/sealant.
  2. Easter detail spray??

    Peep-scented Detail Spray would probably taste better than actual Peeps
  3. Easter detail spray??

    Would it be ham-scented
  4. Matte Protectant

    It's just sold out. I noticed it disappeared out of my cart while shopping for the 18th sale, then when I went to check my wish list it said "this item is sold out"
  5. No, do you also apply the Ceramic Boost when you use the Ceramic Wheel Coating on matte black wheels.
  6. Wow, that actually looks like it has less sheen than my wheels with G&G on them, I wish I'd have seen this while the 18th sale was still going on... Do you still use Ceranic Boost after the coating is applied?
  7. The product listing for Wheel Coating warns that "This coating may add undesirable amounts of gloss to matte and satin finish wheels" plus I don't see how you could ever polish it off to reapply in the future. I'm actually not a fan of the Matte Detailer on my wheels, it leaves them looking dried out like trim that needs a coat of VRT. Liquid Paint Sealant would probably add about as much sheen as the H2O G&G, if you feel like waiting for the results I'll be applying LPS to my wheels this spring
  8. H2O G&G definitely adds a bit of sheen to matte black wheels. I think it looks very good, though.
  9. Can Anyone ID These Wheels?

    Based on the tires I'm going to assume those are the factory wheels
  10. Can Anyone ID These Wheels?

    Disregard, they're Race Relations RR2 https://www.relationsracewheels.com/collections/ford-raptor/products/rr2-17x8-5-6x135?variant=45189796553
  11. Can Anyone ID These Wheels?

    Bolt-pattern is 6-135.
  12. Can't speak to the convertible top, but I have matte black stripes and wheels on my F-150 and Wash & Wax adds no noticeable gloss to either of them.
  13. Pulled the trigger, hopefully 1 bottle is enough
  14. Nope, no steelies here I don't know what it is about the finish on them, but VRT just sticks to it like crazy. Unless someone comes forward and can tell me flat out "black trim restorer doesn't work on tires" I'll probably end up trying it. Worst case I'll just get one of those shields or go back to painting VRT on with a brush haha.
  15. A little pricey for what it is, but nonetheless interesting.....