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  1. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    Should I do that now or wait until the dealer tries to make me pay for it?
  2. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    The 3/36,000 is expired, but it was CPO so I'm hoping they cover it under that. I guess I'll find out for sure next week.
  3. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    Talked to a local Ford dealership today. I said I was having some problems with my rear window defroster, and when they asked what the problem was I said I turned it on and a few minutes later it shattered my rear window. Unfortunately the earliest I can get it in is next Wednesday, I need a service-loaner and they didn't have any available until then.
  4. Unless someone else tries it unsuccessfully, I'm going to see how the Black Trim Restorer works on tires in the spring.
  5. New Meats For The FX4

    I hate winter
  6. New Meats For The FX4

    Had them installed today but it was too dark for pics when I got back from the dealer. They look much more aggressive in person than they do in any pictures I found. They're noticeably noisier than the big car tires that I replaced, but I was expecting that. The ride is stiffer, which I was also expecting going from a P-metric to a D-load LT tire. I didn't get a chance to see what pressure the dealer left them at, though, which could make them feel stiffer than they should. I'm working in Canada now so they'll definitely see their share of snow in the coming months.
  7. New Meats For The FX4

    Yeah they need it bad, I have no idea what UPS did with them but the sidewalls are filthy. Unfortunately I don't think I'll get a chance to any time soon with this ridiculously cold weather
  8. New Meats For The FX4

    Stock size for now, once they wear out I want to pick up a set of Raptor take-offs. I'll post more pics when I get them mounted on Friday
  9. How well does G&G stand up to road salt? I don't have anywhere indoors to apply it so the less time I have to spend outside in the winter the better
  10. Forum Upgrade

    Not feeling the round avatars.....
  11. VRT

    Tires are the only thing I use VRT on anymore. Underhood plastic looks great naked or with some Interior Detailer if you want a smidge of sheen and any trim just gets H20 Guard & Gloss with the rest of the exterior.