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  1. zw470

    Firearms Thread

    Here's my latest acquisition, a Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Operator. I've already added an S&A magwell, hyena brown VZ Gunner grips and a SureFire X300U-A.
  2. I don't understand what their is for them to "consider" about selling it in gallon sizes. The product itself already exists. The gallon size containers already exist. Put the existing product into the existing container and charge people money for it
  3. zw470

    This Beer Tastes Like....

    Adam's Wheel Cleaner 🤢 I'm at a craft beer festival and tried a cream ale. Tastes exactly like Wheel Cleaner smells 🤮
  4. zw470


    Yeah, I'm sure the guys from Zubaz and JNCO thought their brands were gonna be around forever, too 😂 Someone above pointed out that gallons of Odor Neutralizer still aren't available. That's an existing product that just needs to be put into a larger container than usual, and isn't available because of reasons? But they have all the time in the world to formulate different scents and colors for asinine "colabs"?
  5. zw470


    Except those "new consumers" are only here so their obscure clothing brand matches their even more obscure car detailing supplies, and they'll be outta here the minute it's time to move on to the next fad. Then you're left with a bunch of long-time, repeat customers you alienated to make a handful of extra sales to some clowns in ugly sweatshirts and skinny jeans.....
  6. zw470


    The labels don't say what the product does because it doesn't matter, it will never get used. It's just so people can post pictures of it on Instagram.
  7. zw470


    If a handful of people don't buy it all right away, they can't turn around and put it on eBay for big $$$ to sell to all the other hypebeasts 🙄
  8. zw470

    Engine detailing

    No, only sadness 😔
  9. zw470

    Black trim restorer

    I love G&G on trim, it keeps it looking good much longer than VRT and eliminates the extra step of separately dressing the trim. Trim Coating would last even longer than that, but its application is more involved than the wicked-easy G&G.
  10. Am I crazy or was there talk recently about Adam's releasing a wash specifically for cars with their coating?
  11. zw470


    Well yeah, how else are they going to buy the cleaning products they'll never use to take pictures next to shoes/hats they'll never wear?
  12. zw470

    ph number

    Pretty sure someone from Adam's said the reason Strip Wash comes in a different bottle is because the pH is so high.
  13. In my experience... Full strength APC wouldn't completely strip Americana or Quick Sealant, nevermind using it diluted in with car shampoo. Full strength Eco APC won't completely strip H20 G&G or Liquid Paint Sealant, nevermind using it diluted in with car shampoo. Strip Wash completely strips everything from the car short of a coating, even black plastic trim is hella-dry afterwards and will drink a ton of VRT.