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  1. Finally used up my stash of grey machine sealer that required 24 hour cure in between that and wax. Looking at the new bottle, no cure time is mentioned, so my question is: can I machine seal it and go right to Americana? thanks
  2. Thank you, I’ve been keeping up, still ordering through GPC. doing the old 3 step for this year, next year I think I’m gonna make the jump to Ceramics. I’ll have lots of questions, lol.
  3. Been away from the forum for awhile, little German love, so o thought I’d check in. getting did of scratches on the wife’s dd!
  4. Volvos rock

    ANOTHER Shooting!

    it was some sort of domestic issue....thanks for the support towards LEOs
  5. Off duty I also carry a 27, Bianchi carrylock paddle, strong side. does a reasonable job concealing (although I'm sure for a girl it is harder). For sweats and stuff I throw it in a cheap Bianchi inside the waistband holster. I carry a smith airweight 38 on my ankle at work and when I have to, off duty (think suits w/out belts), this may be an option for you to. Little awkward, but as someone above said, practice is key, to include draw and aim excercises.
  6. Glad your OK, carry on person is the best....IMHO open carry is a mistake, the element of surprise is worth it's weight in gold. Never leave it in a vehicle unless you get a vault installed, they get stolen to often. Good luck, take an NRA course and check out the SW bodyguard series handguns. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I have a sno Brum and have not seen any damage from it, but am sure it causes minor scratches. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. More PA and Volvos...welcome from north of Atown Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Kubaton with the Adams logo...just sayin
  10. IMHO They are junk, don't do it. Also abused daily. The 4.6 liter is a joke.. I drive one at work and would not waste my money.
  11. Volvo s60 newer t5 awd or last gen t5...
  12. I carry a Glock 27 off duty, our on duty guns are 22/23, all are 40 cal, so my practice/carry ammo is through work. I also carry a SW airweight 38 on my ankle at work with plus P ammo, perfect gun for deep concealment and reliable revolver action. As a side note, please do not leave guns in your vehicle if it can be avoided, you would be amazed at how many get stolen that way.
  13. The Passats are nice cars, I always try to park next to other nice/well cared for cars, less chance their going to ding your doors.
  14. Our VW just went in and my standard NO WASH, went with it. Problem is my brother in law works there as the head detailer and while his wash technique is fine, he spray waxed it, I wanted to strangel him (but he gigantic and did let me use his truck to go home while the VW was in)....Oh well more reason to play with my Adams toys.
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