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  1. Beemer

    Trim protection

    I used Trim Coating on the black trim on my F150 well over a year ago and it still looks FANTASTIC. Just car wash soap since.....
  2. Mmmmm….. Peanut butter.....
  3. Beemer

    Tiny dents

    Yep. Sounds just like hail damage. A good paintless dent guy will get them right out.
  4. You don't have to dry the car after washing and before claying. Just clay while it's still wet. I usually do a Rinseless Wash after claying to remove the residue but since you're going to H2OGG next you might want to rinse it off. H2OGG likes a wet car. Depending on how bad the paint is another full wash is not a terrible idea and should go pretty quick. I wouldn't use H2OGG on the glass if I'm going to use glass sealant. Redundant.
  5. Beemer

    Final Detail Step

    I almost ALWAYS finish up with a round of Detail Spray. Whether I do a full wash, Rinseless Wash, Wash & Wax, H2OGG. Doesn't matter.
  6. Beemer

    Revive and Briliant glaze Oh MY

    It's not crazy at all. Revive is a polish. Use it after clay. I would use Paint Sealant next. Works best on bare paint. Add Brilliant Glaze as a topper to make it really POP!
  7. Is it actually two lights? One on each side? Or do I have to order two to get that arrangement?
  8. Beemer


    The Ceramic Trim Coating is FANTASTIC! Used it on my Camaro a couple of years ago and it still looks GREAT!
  9. Beemer


    You have a STUNNING Camaro there! Don't be afraid of the Strip Wash. It's necessary every once in a while if only to keep from getting too much product build-up on your paint. Plus it will make the claying process work much better to get any wax and/or sealant off the paint (or at least most of it) first. Your plan is solid. There really is no reason to put another wax on top of the Ceramic Wax but it wouldn't hurt anything if you did. You can put some BG on anytime to add a little temporary "pop". You can use any or all of your other products - Rinseless Wash, Waterless Wash, H2O GG, Details Spray, Ceramic Boost - whenever you want. You'll probably get to where you come up with a combination that works best for you. Don't be afraid to try things!
  10. Beemer

    Wash mitt extension

    I think i got them on sale for $20 each a year ago or so. Keep your eyes open for them.
  11. Beemer

    Wash mitt extension

  12. Beemer

    Wash mitt extension

    I've got two platforms for washing my F150. Works great and can reach all the way across.
  13. Beemer

    Lsp for unpolished paint

    Paint Sealant maintained with H2O Guard & Gloss. Or if you really want it quick and easy just use H2O after washing with Wash & Wax.
  14. Beemer

    Paint Sealant Longevity

    Beautiful Camaro! Yes - you should use Strip Wash to remove the H2OGG and then clay before applying Paint Sealant. The Paint Sealant works best on bare, clean paint and should be the base for everything else you apply. You can top Paint Sealant with wax right away and maintain with H2O. Whatever you like. I wouldn't worry about washing the car again after claying but make sure you remove all the residue if you aren't going to polish. I usually use an Iso Alcohol wipe to remove residue.
  15. One bottle is WAY more than enough for one car. Youi shouldn't have any trouble at all unless your vehicle is HUGE.