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  1. Easter detail spray??

    Actually - the wheel cleaner smells a little like Easter Eggs. The ones you find in the yard six months later....
  2. I coated the steps on my F150. No problem at all. Much better than sVRT on the steps. That could be slick!
  3. Is it just because the wash mitt becomes too heavy when loaded? I have had shoulder problems as well and understand the discomfort you're experiencing.. Any of the plush microfiber towels would work fine but you'll need to be sure to rinse it even more often than you do with the mitt because it won't hold the dirt as deeply. I really think you should consider a foam gun. This allows you to get a lot more soap on the car without having to carry it yourself. The combo of a foam gun snd a plush MF would work great.
  4. H2O G&G Cleanup

    I wash my h2o towels separate from other towels. I found that my other towels become less absorbent when washed with the h2o towels.
  5. Oops! My mistake. It looks like the foaming and non-foaming pressurized spray bottles are completely different products.
  6. There's a video on the retail site that shows Adam using this pressurized spray bottle with several different products. Non-foaming products. I'd be willing to bet that it's a different tip that causes the foaming action (like the tips in the foam guns). I agree - it would be nice to know for sure if these can be used for foaming and non-foaming applications. Maybe by just changing out the tip.
  7. I don't think you can compare the two. The foam gun connects to your water hose and is designed to get your entire car soapy - more than once. This little bottle would need to be refilled a few times to cover your car. The pressure sprayer would work better for soaping smaller areas of the car or for other products like detail spray, waterless wash, APC, etc.I
  8. Question for my wife

    I only spray the ON into the footwells and let the vehicle's circulations system dissipate it. I would not spray it directly on ANY surface that would have direct and extended contact with the passengers - especially children. Not saying the stuff is poison - I just use it more as an "Air Freshener" rather than for surface contamination. I think something like Fabreze is better for what you have in mind.
  9. Detailing steps

    Your plan is solid. This is a GREAT place to start. As you gain more experience you may try adding/subtracting/reordering steps but there's plenty of time for that later. This is a great approach and you'll be very happy with the results as long as you take your time. Don't rush! No extra points for speed.....
  10. It's amazing! I come out to my garage in the morning and it has all of my swirls taped off and ready for correction. Did it all in one night! Best flashlight ever! Seriously - it's a small, bright, handy light that allows you to inspect your car while inside. However - the best Swirl Finder light source is the Sun.
  11. You lost me at "without being a smartass".
  12. Wetsanding my Shelby

    Isn't a lot of the "orange peel" actually UNDER the clear coat? Interested to see if this actually gets rid of the "orange peel" effect.
  13. Nope. Will not dry out your trim. Great stuff! I wouldn't let the soap dry on the car, though.
  14. Ceramic Trim Coating on tires?

    Just considering the cost of trim coating it strikes me as a bad idea.