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  1. Nope. Glass is just too hard. Adam's polishes will not touch it. Make it shiny, though!
  2. When you start to think "Should I replace this?" you should replace it.
  3. ...than a rainy-day, indoor, rinseless wash on a beautiful car. Thanks Adam's.
  4. I usually do a Rinseless Wash after clay. Only takes a few minutes and I'd rather not polish over the residue.
  5. No. Don't use it. It's crap. Send it to me so I can dispose of it properly. (I think you'll be fine.)
  6. Treating the trim with VRT is a good idea. Taping it off is a better idea. You do not want to get LPS on your trim. It will come off but it takes a bit of effort.
  7. I live in Texas. We have our dirt blown in from New Mexico.
  8. Not much you can do. It's static electricity that makes the dust stick to the car. I use a grounding strap on my car in the garage and it helps a bit but it still gets dusty when it's out.
  9. When in doubt, throw it out! (It rhymes so it must be true.)
  10. This is SO not true..... (This statement is NOT directed at Chris but is about ideas in general.)
  11. I know they say it's OK to let the soap dry on your paint but I never do. It's just too easy to grab the foam gun mid-wash and give it another spray-down. My water here in rural Texas is VERY hard and I just don't want to risk it. I think the soft Colorado water might act differently.
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