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  1. You should not use paint sealant on the glass. H2OGG works fine on glass but your best bet is the glass sealant and/or glass boost.
  2. Beemer

    Clay bar after sealent

    Clay will remove the sealant. You'll need to reapply the paint sealant after you clay.
  3. Beemer

    Door Jambs

    Waterless Wash. Unless there is a lot of grease or other nasty stuff - then All Purpose Cleaner.
  4. Beemer

    Waterless Wash

    If you like Waterless Wash you owe it to yourself to check out Rinseless Wash as well. I don't remember the last time I did a traditional wash on my Camaro. Should work fine on your Mustang, too - but I don't know anything about those things....
  5. Your writing skills are just fine. No need to apologize. Good points, too. Never considered that pH neutral soap wouldn't get off the road grime. I try to strip every year and rarely drive the Camaro in the rain (although it still happens) but I try to strip and clay even if the car looks "clean" and feels smooth.
  6. Beemer

    What to use on all weather floor mats?

    Don't use VRT on your mats. Makes them way too slick.
  7. Beemer

    Adam's Trim Restorer

    I've never used the Restorer. I was suggesting the Coating because it worked very well for me. You might try re-applying the Restorer to the affected area, letting it cure and then topping it with something that will last - like H2O Guard & Gloss. Maybe someone with more experience with this product will chime in.
  8. Beemer

    Adam's Trim Restorer

    The Trim Coating will last a lot longer. Should withstand the touch for a long time.
  9. Beemer

    The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    Actually - if you have WAY too much, you're toast.
  10. You're going to get like 50/50 on this. I personally apply paint sealant first because it just makes sense to me that it will last longer when applied to bare paint. Plenty of people say it works better to put bg down first and the sealant lasts fine. Your best bet is to try it and see for yourself which process you prefer. No sense arguing.
  11. Beemer

    Am I Using Enough??

    Just be sure you remove all the polish residue (I use an IPA wipe but there are other options) and then you can go right to sealant. If you were going to clay you should do it BEFORE polishing.
  12. It's a really good idea to clay both cars before you polish. Even the new car needs it.
  13. Beemer

    Paint sealant or ceramic wax

    "Better" is very subjective. Sealant will probably last longer but the wax might look a little better. I always do both - sealant first and top with a paste wax. Looks great and lasts several months.
  14. H2OGG is very hard on any towels. It's best to have towels dedicated to it's use. I even wash them separately. I use borderless greys and they work GREAT. But they are not much good for anything else.