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  1. Beemer

    Which Side of the Towel??

    I like to use the front of the towel on the front of the car and the back of the towel on the back of the car. But sometimes I switch it up just to keep things interesting.
  2. Beemer

    Windshield Glass issues

    Are they tinted? Maybe it's inside between the tint and the glass?
  3. The problem is that most of what you're asking is subjective. There are so many variable that it's very difficult to tell someone which is "better". Either application or appearance. You said it yourself - some people HATE H2Ogg and some LOVE it. It depends on the user experience, the paint color, the paint condition, the weather, the amount of time available, preferred process, expectations, etc. Too many variables for absolutes. People on this forum are not afraid to make recommendations / suggestions and share experiences / impressions. I think that's the second best way to learn - following personal experience.
  4. Since I started using Adam's products (about 10 years ago) the catalogue has expanded a lot. One of the things I appreciated about Adam's when I first started was the simplicity of the product line. However - Adam's has developed lots of new and improved products over the years. Many times an improved product will completely replace an old one and there is NO END of the complaining from users/fans of that product. Some times they've even offered "throw-back" versions just to please these customers - which just snowballs the product line. Most of the NEW products do not replace an existing product and thus are added to the lineup. Do you want them to discontinue Buttery Wax because Americana Paste Wax is "better"? No - give the user the choice. Sometimes the "better" product is not the "best" product for you. I think Adam's does a pretty good job explaining what each product is used for. It's really up the user to determine how it should fit in to their process - or even if it will at all. That's what these forums are good for. You'll get all kinds of opinions regarding which products will work best for each application. As an example: there is still no consensus (even among Adam's employees) regarding whether to apply Sealant before Glaze of vis versa. Your best bet is to try it yourself and see what you like. (BTW: It's been proven that the better looking detailers prefer Glaze on top of Sealant.)
  5. Beemer

    Air compressor for drying

    I'm no expert but - in my experience - compressed air is more about PRESSURE than VOLUME. I don't think it works NEARLY as well as a Sidekick or MasterBlaster (or even a leaf blower) for drying a car,
  6. Beemer

    Leather Seats - Help needed please

    People are idiots. Present company excluded.
  7. Beemer


    Ceramic Boost would work fine on your wheels.
  8. Beemer


    No. Buttery Wax on top of Americana would not be worth it. Americana is a better quality wax than Buttery. After a month you may want to top it with Buttery if your Americana has thinned out but the H20gg should keep that from happening. And using Clay Bar on your wheels will not coat them. It will just clean them. You'll need the Ceramic Wheel Coating to do that. Or just use H20gg on them. Works great.
  9. Beemer

    Drying techniques

    Wow. That has to be the first negative review I have ever seen of a Master Blaster. (Admittedly - I haven't LOOKED for negative reviews....) I love my Sidekick but have never been able to swing the high cost of an MB.
  10. OK. Just trying to help. Seems to work great for the rest of us....
  11. iron Remover won't hurt your trim unless you let it dry on there.
  12. Maybe it wasn't iron deposits contaminating your paint. Also - the bleeding is only visible on white or very light colored paint.
  13. Beemer

    Tire Armor

    Use an old rag to wipe them down with RW. They should clean up pretty well with Tire Armor on them.I
  14. Beemer

    Adams Spray Wax

    I used it on the Rocket after a Rinseless Wash last week. I probably won't have the car out in the wild for a while but the application was just like a Detail Spray wipe-down. I already have a pretty solid base of sealant and wax on the car but it looked fantastic after the Spray Wax. Is it expensive? Maybe. Not too expensive to buy a bottle and try it out for yourself. So far I'm quite happy with it.