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  1. It's not something I would participate in but if the marketing people think it's a good idea I wouldn't gripe about it. I prefer to purchase what I need when I need it. But then - I don't buy Mystery Boxes either so maybe my kids are right and I'm just a "fun hater". Bah.
  2. Beemer

    Iron Remover then Clay?

    Just because you can't see the iron fallout doesn't mean it's not there.
  3. I think spraying Odor Neut on any suede (or any leather, for that matter) would be a very bad idea.
  4. Beemer

    This Beer Tastes Like....

    I don't care for beer myself but that's horrifying.
  5. Beemer

    Tire and Rubber cleaner

    I use it for every wash.
  6. Paint Sealant will last up to 6 months (depending on a lot of factors). Buttery Wax will last a couple of months. Recommended layering is to put the Sealant down first and the Wax over top. That way you get the protection and longevity of the sealant as well as the deep look of the wax.
  7. Beemer

    Upcoming sale?

    You won't have to wait very long.
  8. We need to keep a little mystery in our relationship.
  9. Dude. That's not funny. That's disturbing.
  10. Beemer

    Engine detailing

    sVRT is SOOOOOOO much better than ArmAll. You gotta ditch that greasy stuff.
  11. Beemer

    Engine detailing

    Is there a motor in there?
  12. Beemer

    Is the Foam Gun Worth It?

    I use my foam gun every time I wash. Don't know about saving time because I try to not be in a hurry. I typically will hose down with just water. Foam it up. Let dwell for a few minutes while i fill my wash and rinse buckets. Wash a couple of panels. Foam the vehicle again. Wash a few more. Foam. Wash. Foam. Wash. Rinse it all off. Foaming during the wash keeps the soap from drying on the car. I have two bottles for my foam gun and I use them both.
  13. You can turn the fan to any angle you want but I don't believe you can adjust the fan width. And it's pretty wide.