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  1. Wetsanding my Shelby

    Isn't a lot of the "orange peel" actually UNDER the clear coat? Interested to see if this actually gets rid of the "orange peel" effect.
  2. Nope. Will not dry out your trim. Great stuff! I wouldn't let the soap dry on the car, though.
  3. Ceramic Trim Coating on tires?

    Just considering the cost of trim coating it strikes me as a bad idea.
  4. The problem is a matter of terminology. In the Adam's Polishes ecosystem the term "polish" refers to an abrasive product that, when used with a machine polisher, actually removes a tiny bit of clear coat in order to level, clean and shine the painted surface. It does not (generally) include protection. Just removes defects from the clear coat. Protection in generally added after polishing in the way of sealants, waxes and coatings. This is in order to protect the just corrected paint and help the paint stay nice longer. The problem is that many other products are billed as "polish" when they are not really removing any blemishes. They are just shining up the existing surface. I'm not discounting the satisfaction you have with that other product - I'm just trying to clear up the terminology used with Adam's products. I started out years ago with Zaino products and it was never clear to me what product was doing what. I switched to Adam's because the whole line just made more sense to me. If you watch all of the Adam's videos you will get a real nice idea of what the products do and how they fit into an overall detailing plan.
  5. The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    So we can't add any "Do-do" here. Got it.
  6. Best way to get dirt from vents

    I usually just cut the end of my finger off and stick the bloody stump in there. Works every time!
  7. APC will work fine. Strip wash is just easier. Only takes a fluid ounce or two in your bucket so if you have a full 16 oz bottle you'll have enough.
  8. I can't help with your question but I just want to say - as one red Camaro owner to another: I am SUPREAMLY jealous.
  9. Adam’s pin

    You had me at Cookie Day.
  10. Adam’s pin

    All of them.
  11. Stop it - I'm beggin' ya.
  12. This discussion is going in circles.
  13. That's only half right.
  14. This was not -- WAS NOT! -- made up "on the spot". I thought about it for a long time.
  15. Scientific studies have shown that people who hand wash their cars on a regular basis are 14% LESS LIKELY to have a massive heart attack and die while doing something else. You can look it up if you don't believe me!