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  1. Your plan and order of application is perfect. You'll be very happy.
  2. How 'bout those little hair-elastic things! My daughters cars are full of those stupid things. And French fries..... smh
  3. Beemer

    Adam's Online Car Show

    Stunning Vette, Dude!
  4. Besides that: If the ceramic coating can't keep a carefully applied indoor car cover from swirling up your paint then what's the point of a ceramic coating?
  5. This argument comes up from time to time with sides taken immediately. (Kinda like the whole "California Car Duster" argument.) I cover my Camaro often. Only in the garage when it's just been washed and I'm not planning on getting it out again for a while. It's over 10 years old and looks better than showroom. It really depends on the quality of the cover and how you use it.
  6. Read the info on the Amazon page. Dan probably can't talk about it much here yet. But - yes. It's for coated vehicles.
  7. No problem. I'm not a pressure wash guy but I know A LOT of your customers use them. I also haven't gone fully ceramic yet (I use the Ceramic Paste Wax, Boost and CS3 - and I just ordered new wheels for the pickup along with the Ceramic Wheel Kit) but I know I'll be there before long. I'm perfectly happy with the current Rinseless Wash. It works just fine with my current regiment. Keep it up!
  8. I was hoping this would be a ceramic version of Rinseless Wash but apparently not.
  9. If you "hate" washing you car you might be in the wong place. Maybe some great products and sound procedures will help change your mind but most of us LOVE washing and detailing cars.
  10. Honestly - your regiment (seal, glaze, wax) was the "go-to" procedure for a Show Car Finish recommended by Adam for a long time. In fact - I used this exact same procedure on my Camaro for YEARS. Of course - it's garage kept and not a daily driver so it didn't see as much of the outside world as yours does. I have changed up the LSP to Patriot and now use the Ceramic Paste Wax but, to be honest, I'm not sure it's any better than old trusty Americana. They ALL look fantastic on my car but I think Americana was the easiest to use but the differences are slight and need a more discerning eye than I have. As far as maintenance products go I have tried a few and been happy with the look of all of them but some are easier to use than others. I have never had a problem with any (other than the 1st version of Boost which streaked a little) and they all look great! It's hard to beat Spray Wax for ease of use. It's like Detail Spray on steroids. Looks fantastic over Americana. H2OGG takes a little more work but it lasts longer and you can use it as a drying aid or apply already dry. Looks fantastic over Americana. Your best bet it to get both and try them out. See which works best for you.
  11. I've used mine twice. I put about 3 oz of Mega Foam in it and filled with water to about the seam in the tank. Worked great. I did have to pump it with the air compressor a couple of times before I finished the pick-up but it's a lot better than hand-pumping.
  12. My last order was right before you released the hand sani - but I have the other two products. Great stuff! God bless you guys for doing this. And God Bless America.
  13. Beemer

    Adam's Online Car Show

    I have no shortage of pictures of my car.
  14. Beemer

    Adam's Online Car Show

    Here's another...
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