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  1. Beemer

    scuff marks on Vinyl stripes

    All you can really do with vinyl is "dress" it with VRT or the Matte Detailer. It's really hard to fix blemishes in vinyl. If it's bad about all you can do is replace it.
  2. You could try licking it. Sorry. Couldn't help myself.
  3. Beemer

    Dust Removal

    Rinseless Wash. Wonderful stuff!
  4. Beemer

    Iron remover

    Nope. Use it on the whole vehicle. Let it dwell for a few mins but don't let it dry. Hose it off. Could NOT be simpler. I would NOT use it in the heat of the day under bright sunshine.
  5. You should absolutely coat all of that trim. Other than the soft, rubbery window seals. I coated the trim on my Camaro a couple of years ago and it still looks FANTASTIC! Plus - what Shane said......
  6. I apply Paint Sealant first because it is designed to adhere to bare clean paint and will last much longer when used that way. Brilliant Glaze can be added any time because it won't build up. Paint Sealant can't. Makes sense to me to put Brilliant Glaze on top. Best advise I can give is for you to try it both ways and do whichever works best for you.
  7. Yes, of course, you can. But most here would recommend you remove the polish residue with at least an IPA wipe.
  8. Beemer

    Procedure check...

    If you put the PS down first it will last longer.
  9. Beemer

    Random Thoughts

    No blog. That was the extent of my deep thoughts.
  10. Beemer

    Random Thoughts

    Why does "duh" mean the same thing as "no duh"?
  11. Beemer

    Candy Stuck in Carpet

    Carpet knife? Sorry - couldn't help myself. This is why I don't detail for other people. Yuck!
  12. Beemer

    Random Thoughts

    That's a very eclectic family. God bless America.
  13. Beemer

    Trim protection

    I used Trim Coating on the black trim on my F150 well over a year ago and it still looks FANTASTIC. Just car wash soap since.....
  14. Mmmmm….. Peanut butter.....
  15. Beemer

    Tiny dents

    Yep. Sounds just like hail damage. A good paintless dent guy will get them right out.