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  1. Thanks. And nice ride back at ya...
  2. If you are applying machine super sealant with the PC, what do you think is best for those hard to reach areas: Apply the machine super sealant manually or apply the quick sealant?
  3. I've just started using the Adam's products and what I've used so far are excellent. I bought my Z new and want to keep it looking that way. Post some pics after you've detailed.
  4. My 370z - just finished with the In and Out spray. I think I'm gonna be a fan of this product. Now if I can only keep it this clean...
  5. Hood underside sealant

    Thanks for the input...
  6. test image attach

    Try another post
  7. Hood underside sealant

    My taurus has some but also some exposed metal. I can't check right now but I think my 370z is mostly metal. I will verify though. Does anyone use a sealant or protectant for the hood underside?
  8. test image attach

    let try from photo bucket I like this better....
  9. Hood underside sealant

    yes - the hood itself. I've seen vids on the engine compartment using vrt and in and out but the underside of my hood is mostly metal and I was thinking a sealant might make it easier to keep clean.
  10. Does anyone add a sealant to the underside of their hood? I was thinking that the quick sealant might work for this. Whats your opinion? Thanks, Mike...
  11. New guy from South Texas

    ok - i'll try again
  12. New guy from South Texas

    Tell me about it. I attached a pic in the testing area but when I tried to attach the pic in this thread, it told me I had already uploaded the pic and I don't know how to attach it here. I am waiting on some help to find out how I attach the same pic here. Mike...
  13. New guy from South Texas

    Is the following order OK? Wash, dry, quick sealant, glaze, americana wax. Any detail spray recommended? Maybe when drying? Thanks, Mike...
  14. test image attach

    ok - this image worked ok but when I try to upload and attach this same image to another post, it says the image is already attached to another post - this one. How do you post the same image in different posts? Thanks Mike...
  15. New guy from South Texas

    Thanks for the tips. I have watched the videos and understand your suggestions. Next I guess I need to submit an order.