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  1. Welcome from Selinsgrove, PA. I used to eat at Stop 35 when I worked over there back in the day!
  2. Nice Scat Pack! The wheel coating will add a little gloss. One option is to use the wheel coating just on the barrel of the wheel. I was getting a white/grayish build up on the barrel of my Hellcats wheels. After applying the wheel coating I no longer have it.
  3. One coating of glass sealant would be enough. I would leave the wiper blades alone. Clean your pad with whatever detergent you use to clean your microfiber with.
  4. Do you have any Adams Brillant Glaze? If you do apply that to the areas that appear smeared/streaked. Like Parad0x said less is better. I have a black truck that is coated. I use only 1 spray per panel.
  5. Welcome to the forum! What kind of MOPAR do you have?
  6. Beautiful car! If you think the paint is original stick with the least aggressive polish. If you polish at all. Have you tried using Brillant Glaze and a wax (Patriot/Americana/Buttery)? You can also use Brlliant Glaze on the chrome.
  7. I used the Ceramic Spray Coating on all the plastic trim on my Hellcat. It may have made the trim slightly darker. I am really happy with the results! I would say if your plastic is faded use the Trim Restorer first followed with Spray Coating.
  8. I use either the Matte Detail Spray or Ceramic Boost after I have dried my ceramic coated truck. I also use the Ceramic Paste Wax over top of the coating from time to time. Since your truck will be coated you do not have to use carnauba based products anymore.
  9. Welcome to the forum! Any pictures of the Rebel and Scat Pack?
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