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  1. Thorsager

    Windshield Glass issues

    Have you tried machine polishing it?
  2. The Iron Remover helps with decontamination but you did clay the paint so most of the contaminates should be removed. The Iron Remover targets the iron particles but is still a chemical and may effect the sealant longevity. I would wait until Spring and add it to your process then.
  3. Thorsager

    Got a Swirl Killer... Have a question now

    That is the correct order of the products to use. Use an orange pad with the Paint Correcting Polish not red. The Red pad is used with the Brillant Glaze.
  4. I have a ceiling mounted Hot Dawg propane heater. The tank is outside. My garage is insulated. I have had it now going on 3 years and like it. It came with a wall mounted thermostat. I usually have it set a 55 F.
  5. Thorsager

    1981 Mercedes 380SL Roadster

    Nice work and write-up!
  6. Thorsager

    2019 Tahoe RST

  7. Thorsager

    Adam's HQ Sticker Wall!

    Thank you for posting this! I saw our stickers (mine and my wife's).
  8. Thorsager

    Labor Day Weekend Labor; 2017 BMW X3

    Nice work and great write up!
  9. Thorsager

    AFTER Corvettes at Carlisle

    Here are pictures of some of the Corvettes that came through the tent.
  10. Thorsager

    AFTER Corvettes at Carlisle

    I was great to see you both again. We really did have nice weather!
  11. Thorsager

    New from philly suburbs

    Welcome! Any pictures of your Challenger?
  12. Thorsager

    Adam's HQ Sticker Wall!

    It had the wall and the address to send the stickers to.
  13. Thorsager

    Adam's HQ Sticker Wall!

    That was a great idea! I saw it on Instagram and sent ours a few days ago.