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  1. blcksilv08

    What did you do today?

    Reminds me of the last one I did. It was pretty seized in the sink base so I just shut the water off, cut the supply and drain lines and smacked the sink basin with a sledge hammer until it all came out and got everything new šŸ˜‚. Looks good!
  2. blcksilv08

    Food Thread

    Oh my.....šŸ˜³
  3. blcksilv08

    Adam Pitale to be in Bellevue, WA?!

    It's a good thing Adam has a sweet tooth šŸ˜‚
  4. blcksilv08

    Adam Pitale to be in Bellevue, WA?!

    Bianca has been working customer service the past couple years, spends a lot of time on answering phones but like Dan she does a lot of other stuff behind the scenes. She's one of the reasons Adams customer service is the best!
  5. blcksilv08

    Adam Pitale to be in Bellevue, WA?!

    There's a pretty good group of people there that I have met. Should be a good clinic to attend!
  6. There's a chance they are clear, to test just take a small amount of metal polish on the corner of a towel and rub the surface in a hidden area and see if it turns black. If it does they are raw metal and you could polish them out with metal polish. If they are cleared then you could treat them like paint, from the pics they appear to be pitting. In that case, polishing may make it worse. The suggestion of getting them coated in Line-X is not a bad idea either, I know several people that have done that.
  7. I'm guessing those are clear coated?
  8. blcksilv08

    Gas or Electric Pressure Washer?

    I agree with what Mariner said, I own both but 9/10 times I get the electric one out. It does all my car cleaning needs and will clean most household surfaces(concrete, brick, wood, etc). I also have a small Greenworks unit from Lowe's that has worked great for the last 3 years and was less than $200. My gas one was used once last year to do the entire driveway but I ended having to drain gas out of it at the end of the season which is a pain. The electric one requires almost no maintenance. As far as budget goes you could get something like the Greenworks units for under $200 or some of the lower end Karchers fall in that price category. If it were me, I'd get two Greenworks and the job done faster šŸ˜
  9. blcksilv08

    Hello from Reno, Nevada!!!

    Okay, my first thoughts are you most likely aren't using too much soap, it's more likely that the hard water is what you are fighting. The good news is the soap did it's job and helped keep water spots from forming. The soap can always be cleaned off, water spots is a different story. The cold dry air can also let the water/soap dry a bit faster in my experience, also were you in the sun? I'm glad the Leather conditioner worked out well for you, it really does leave a perfect finish behind!
  10. blcksilv08


    Always a good feeling to have a clean truck for once in the middle of winter! Very nice looking truck and sounds like one heck of a plan for a garage.
  11. blcksilv08

    Hello from Reno, Nevada!!!

    Welcome! Car washes definitely can do damage to your paint quickly. After you've washed and clayed the paint, start on a small test area(normally the back right for me), run a pass of Finishing polish and see if that removes all of your damage. If not step up to Correcting polish and see if that takes care of it, if so do a pass of Finishing polish as well. Always try the least aggressive method first. Most likely you'll need to do at least one pass of Correcting polish followed by Finishing polish. Whatever method works for you on that test spot should knock out most issues all around the truck then. Just make sure to seal, wax or coat the truck with some type of protection when done! On another note, there is a detailer in Truckee that works several shows with Adams including hot August Nights.
  12. blcksilv08

    I baked my phone

    That's a pretty good one! I wonder if it heated and expanded a contact that was broken or loose enough that you were able to regain power.
  13. blcksilv08

    Should I have done this?

    I wear Redwings at work and at home. Whenever I clean them, I use Adams Leather and interior cleaner followed with Adams Leather conditioner. Two pair get a protectant put on after that. Great way to maintain boots!
  14. blcksilv08

    YouTube Interest

    I like that idea rich!
  15. blcksilv08

    15mm Swirl Killer

    Definitely give Adams a call on that one.