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  1. blcksilv08

    Adam's at Barrett Jackson

    That's the Adams show rig, it's a very nice setup!
  2. blcksilv08

    Firearms Thread

    It depends, if the 19 is a great fit in your hand then why get a larger frame gun? I say go to the store and handle/shoot a 17 and if it's worth the difference. There's nothing wrong with a 19 for owb and for use during classes. The last couple classes I've done were with my 19 Gen 4 running pmag Glock 17 mags. I tend to have better control of the 19 frame for shooting at distances above 25 yds. Currently I still have a Glock 22 which is the same size as the 19 just in .40. Great gun just not my choice for taking a class. I actually shot a 34 a couple weeks ago and they are definitely nice if you can swing one!
  3. Very nice to meet you! Thanks for coming by the booth. We definitely went through a ton of product, having perfect weather Friday and Saturday helped for sure! They broke attendance records on Saturday for the fairgrounds.
  4. Look forward to it!
  5. Unfortunately not, he's been pretty busy back at HQ and spending some well deserved time with family! We'll do our best to fill in for him!
  6. Well the show special on polishers is awesome so we can talk about that Friday for sure!
  7. It sure would be nice if we could make more shows unfortunately the drive time moving the rig around takes a lot since we don't have one dedicated driver. It came from Connecticut for Barrett Jackson last week to Cincinnati to get prepped and ready for this week's Columbus Goodguys. Hopefully we can find a way to get closer to you guys, definitely haven't forgot about you!
  8. We'll make sure you get a good deal, tell Calvin or myself (Eric) you talked to me here on the forums and we'll take care of you!
  9. I've done various types of protection on enclosed trailers, for ease of use and adding quick protection H2O Guard and Gloss works well. If the opportunity is there I recommend ceramic coating it, less work in the future.
  10. blcksilv08

    Adam's at Barrett Jackson

    Great, well either day make sure to stop by and say hello.
  11. blcksilv08

    Adam's at Barrett Jackson

    Generally it's 15-20% off most items and then we do various show deals on commonly used product with some bundle deals. Not trying to speak for Dan but this is what we do at almost every show. Also, we don't have every single thing in the Adams product catalog but 90-95% of it 😎
  12. blcksilv08

    How to get this off my truck?

    If none of the above suggestions work, Isopropyl alcohol diluted at least 50/50 with water and a microfiber towel should remove it. Just make sure to reapply sealant or wax after.
  13. blcksilv08

    patriot wax storing

    Not really going to hurt it, better than a hot garage. You may deal with some condensation when you go to use it, but no worries! Mine stays in my laundry room, as do all my chemicals because it stays in the low 70s year round.
  14. Boost can be a little tricky to remove sometimes compared to say Detail Spray but there's a lot more going on with Boost than Detail Spray. Humidity and temperature can be a huge factor using Boost. Some guys actually spray it on, spread it with a microfiber applicator and then wipe off with a clean towel. I go with the mindset that less is more, you really don't need to use much because after the first couple wipes there is plenty of product in the towel. I almost treat it like using H2O Guard and Gloss.
  15. blcksilv08

    2017 Silverado interior plastic

    My preference on plastics is either Leather Conditioner or VRT. As far as hiding scuffs either of those will help minimize them but not completely hide them. If it were me I would try VRT on one plastic section and Leather Conditioner on another and see which you prefer. I will say the new Leather Conditioner has more protection and a better, longer lasting look. Either way, congrats on the new truck, I'd like to have a new high country!