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  1. I'm a guy and have a sewing machine...used to make Cornhole (bag toss) sets in college for extra income. The aprons were nice but honestly I liked the detailers helper belts better, just my opinion.
  2. Not a mobile detailing cart but I use the Milwaukee packout tool storage system to move all of my stuff when going mobile. Works amazing! https://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-22-in-Packout-Modular-Tool-Box-Storage-System-233663/303038736
  3. Great idea for a thread! Honestly surprised it hasn't come up until now. I've been playing golf since I was 4, only slowed down a few years ago when I hurt my back. I really need to get back into playing more. I'm lucky enough to have grown up with a dad that plays every week and a great uncle who is still a Southern Ohio Senior Pro. Played 3-4 times a week through middle school and high school. I was also a caddy for 5 years at Clovernook Country Club in Cincinnati. Had a hole in one my freshman year, hole #11 147 yds at Clovernook. Favorite course in Ohio I've played is probably Maketewah Country Club. Out of state is Nags Head Golf Links in the Outer Banks mostly for good memories of playing with my dad on vacation every year. Always looked forward to that when I was younger. One of my goals for 2019 is definitely to get out and play more especially with my dad and great uncle....he's 74 and still shoots his age. Lots of good memories caddying for him and several other local pro's.
  4. You can use any of those products but you'll get the water beading/sheet characteristics of that product and not as much the ceramic. None of the listed price it will harm the coating and may temporarily add some gloss or depth but honestly not much more than you will after having corrected and coating your truck. If you like how ceramic beads/sheets water then I would stick with Boost or Ceramic paste wax. If you'd like to wipe it down with Detail Spray that's fine as well, you'll just have reduced hydrophobic properties in my experience.
  5. Thanks Chris! Not as bad as many places here in Cincinnati but as a heavy truck tech I spent a lot of time outside today in the 0 degree before wind chill weather getting trucks running. Not my idea of a good time. My only solace is we have a drain inside the building so I try to wash my truck at least every couple weeks.
  6. Or when you ceramic coat the tiles in the shower 😂😂.....I have problems
  7. I'm glad they were able to get you sorted out with the polisher you needed! That's quite the collection you have, I'm partial to the 68 Firebird but the E55 AMG cars are a ton of fun to drive. And you're right about the polar blast, I live 1.5 hours from Columbus and it was -25 F with the wind chill today.
  8. Welcome! I think I remember talking to you at Goodguys, were you the person trying to get a swirl killer in 230 volt? We actually had several people from New Zealand at that event.
  9. Welcome Steve! Thanks for coming and seeing us at Barrett Jackson, hope you enjoyed the show! Adams is there usually for Goodguys a couple times a year if you need to restock 😎
  10. Wait till you ceramic coat them so it's easier to clean 😂
  11. If I'm looking to buy a used vehicle and they claim it to be well maintained, I open the hood and it's dirty....not well maintained. How can you ever see if you have a fluid leak or issue if it's always dirty under there?!?! As a full time dealer tech I appreciate a clean engine bay. Nice work!
  12. I really hope to make it back out there soon! Just need to make it happen! I'm sure me taking almost 7 weeks(6 of that for shows) off last year didnt thrill my manager 😂
  13. Hey everyone 👋 haven't had a chance to be on here in some time. Hopefully I'll be able to check in regularly while I have down time the next couple months. Lots of new names on here! Today I did some stuff around the house, sharpen my EDC knives, clean and lube a couple new guns, reorganize/inventory my detailing arsenal and lastly condition my newest addition to my boot collection. Cleaned with Leather & Interior cleaner, conditioned with Adams Leather Conditioner and sealed with Red Wing Leather Protector. My Red Wing Heritage 1907's.
  14. You could clean the towels that way if needed, not necessarily the preferred method but it would work. Just make sure you rinse them as clean as possible because anything left in the towel will degrade it's performance. I'd suggest using the Adams Microfiber Revitalizer and rinsing a few times before drying on low/no heat.
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