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  1. What did you do today?

    Oh yeah! Extreme green!
  2. How to remove dog hair?

    I have good luck with pumice Stone and a dog hair removal brush followed close behind by a vacuum.
  3. Holiday Wish List - Just For Fun

    1. 21 mm Swirl Killer with pads 2. 5 Gallons of most things offered 3. A warehouse to keep all of it in 😁
  4. More new goodies coming soon!

    The Kindig collaboration is cool but I want to know where the accident was on Central Point road, just south of somewhere. 😁😁😂
  5. Generally I reach for the tough glass towel after a road trip or on a vehicle that hasn't had the glass cleaned and sealed for some time. At Barrett Jackson Las Vegas a few weeks ago I used them a ton. We cleaned several coaches and large tow vehicles that had traveled significant distance including the Adams Polishes Freightliner Sport chassis. Spray the windshield down with aerosol glass cleaner, walk away for 5 minutes, quick shot of cleaner again and wipe bug guts/crud right off with that towel. I've used it at home on the inside of several windshields that have a film on them before wiping with Brilliant Glaze. So how that fits in to your regimen is up to you, if you find yourself working to clean glass normally then step up to the tough glass towel. It finishes down fairly well, only a count times I've had to follow it with a standard glass towel. 👍
  6. Suggestions for winter prep

    Other than stepping up to a ceramic coating it sounds like you're set for the paint protection. I might add glass sealant and glass boost to that list. Easy to clean windows are very underrated in the winter in my opinion.
  7. Brushes

    The short handled blue brush should be used for tires, not soft enough for wheels. http://adamspolishes.com/shop/accessories/brushes/adam-s-brush-kit.html This kit is great all around for the cost. The short handled red brush is awesome!
  8. What did you do today?

    Got bored at the end of my shift, both of my Snap on boxes are ceramic coated so I wiped with Waterless wash and then topped off with Ceramic Boost.
  9. Noob in the house

    I've had good luck using a polisher with a microfiber pad and heavy correcting polish to remove spots on glass. When I polish an entire can I tend to do at least one pass on all glass.
  10. Dan Tyger is definitely a good guy, very helpful every time I talk with him!
  11. H2O Guard & Gloss | FAQ's | Discussion

    Chris said it well! It does a pretty good job, during the winter here in southern Ohio they use quite a bit of salt. My black Silverado quickly turns gray/white. I pressure wash my truck at least once a week during the winter, even if it isn't a full wash. If you were to wash every other week, I'd apply it every month or 6 weeks. The biggest thing is to have an initial coat of paint sealant down for a base layer. So lay down some Liquid Paint sealant, top it with H2O Guard & Gloss every few washes and you'll be set.
  12. Pre wash

    I always soak down bug guts with either waterless wash(diluted rinseless) or a car shampoo water dilution and let it work while I do the rest of the car. If it dries, not going to hurt anything.
  13. Anyone else get this?

    I get that quite often or the old, "you're going to wash the paint off that." Lately I just put my headphones in and ignore it, sounds rude but they ignore me pretty often.
  14. Definitely worth going to anyone that can. I've been to a few Lingenfelter events and the crew there always does a top notch job. The collection is phenomenal and worth the trip itself. Wishing I could go but I'll be assisting with another Adams event Saturday!
  15. Echoing what was already said, more polish than needed can be difficult to remove, try a bit less. If you are going to use Cinishing polish, most of the time I use it right over the top of Correcting without wiping it off. If you do need to remove Correcting polish though, a shot of Detail spray or Brilliant Glaze will make it easier.