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  1. The first time I used the new updated detail spray formula was the 20 yr anniversary . My son and I used it as a drying aid. Both of us thought it had a tendency to "push around" alot more than the original formula. Outside temps were in the low 50's. Also, stained our white drying towels permanently. I ordered the new Frost detail spray because it was the new formula and white or light colored (yea). Used it yesterday back to back as a drying aid and on a dry car, right next to the original detail spray. The new formula is definitely harder to wipe off ,much more streaking to get a clean finish. (new Frost color does not stain towels though). Both my son and I think the original formula still will be our go to detail spray at this point. Sometimes the old standby is the best!
  2. What a surprise when I sprayed it on my white Shelby! Was not expecting BLACK! My son dried his car with a white Adams towel using the new detail spray ,and this morning after I washed them they are stained at this point. With the regular red detail spray the color washes out the first wash. Not sure I'm liking the black! The smell is great, easy to wipe off, will have to do a side by side comparison of the two.(old vs new). And the bottle is great looking. Just hope that Adams might switch up to a more neutral color if this is the one and only detail spray.
  3. I would take all the pieces out of all the containers and put them in the single container you are are going to use, I am assuming it is an Americana container). Then put the container in a pan of warm water and slowly heat the water up till the wax all melts together. I would not add water to the wax.
  4. So far I have got 3 Mustangs done (1 twice)out of a 12oz bottle of Ceramic liquid wax. I guessing at least 2-3 more cars out of it. A little goes a long way!
  5. Has anyone heard if they will ever bring back the Adams storage crates? They are still listed but always show out of stock.
  6. My guess the one on the right is mis-packaged.
  7. So the official word from Adams is, the towels you use are no longer usable because of the ceramic coating drying on them.....correct?
  8. Where did those 32oz Detail spray and Waterless wash bottles come from?
  9. I really agree with this statement. I am almost scared of ordering gallon sized product because of the possibility of a newer version being released. I do think its great to come out with a better product but it does seem to come out a little to soon. For instance Ceramic Boost.
  10. I sure hope they have not changed their spray heads again! The current ones have been the best ones for quite a while now.
  11. Probably so, but this is what the forums are for. Its been pretty tough lately to get them on the phone.
  12. That would be a "BIG IF" if Adams team chimes in! And I'm guessing you have the inside track on that information.
  13. So is anyone from Adams on here that can answer the question about the percentage of make up of materials of the border-less grey towels?
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