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  1. 69supersport396

    Adam's At Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

    I wish I could have bought some of them.
  2. 69supersport396

    Adam's At Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

    Wearing it right now! Thank you Eric! Generally, compliments regarding vendors and sponsors at the auction are not brought up at our driver meetings, as it is not something that affects us. However, the Adam's team was brought up at our Saturday morning meeting for their awesome effort during "dry-a-thon".
  3. 69supersport396

    Adam's At Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

    This was a fun one to drive over the block. It was great to talk to Adam, Dan, and Eric. The entire team did a phenominal job drying cars on a rainy Friday night. What a huge difference between a former company and the folks at Adams. Hope to see you guys next year! I added more photos to my online album. https://onewaystreet.smugmug.com/Barrett-Jackson-Scottsdale-2017/i-RcV8b76
  4. 69supersport396

    Adam's At Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

    Tired tonight! Will a link to my album be OK? https://onewaystreet.smugmug.com/Barrett-Jackson-Scottsdale-2017/ Click the thumbnail for a larger view.
  5. 69supersport396

    Adam's At Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

    Sans Charger
  6. 69supersport396

    Adam's At Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

    One, so far, from today.
  7. 69supersport396

    Adam's At Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

    Just got back from driving at the BJ Auction. This is my fifth day in a row and have six more to go. Anyway, between my car driving and video-ing duties, I did manage to hit the Adam's tent a couple of times. Enjoyed chatting with (sorry if I got your name wrong, suffering from cool car overload) Calvin from Ohio(?). When I get a chance, I'll be by to purchase some products. I'm loving those cool blue shirts! Each day, Adam has taken some time to say hi to me either at the tent or at the DIY tent. Anybody want to see some Adam's tent photos? I'll shoot them tomorrow. Got lots of cars photos.
  8. 69supersport396

    Wishlist Update Is Now Live!

    Love the wishlist.
  9. 69supersport396

    Barrett - Jackson Auction

    No problem. Quite honestly, I didn't see you, and I'm sure if you were around, Adam would have introduced you. I agree with you on the sensory overload.
  10. 69supersport396

    Barrett - Jackson Auction

    I think it was right before the "talking to". But yes, we were standing by Quicksilver. My assigned car was two aisles over. I heard about that "talk". If a vehicle owner wants to use a completely different car care product than what is on premises, no one can stop that owner. And if that vehicle owner has the benefit of that company's owner making his detail products available to that vehicle owner and personally assisting with detailing, no one should question it. And should a large company hassle a small company? Barry Meguire isn't out there detailing cars. I mean, what difference does it make whether I detail my car or if Adam and Dan detail my car with Adam's Products?
  11. 69supersport396

    Barrett - Jackson Auction

    Here's Adam in action. Shot this while i was in prr-staging. Great to chat with you Adam! Love the new la labels.
  12. 69supersport396

    Big thanks to Dan

    Dan recently assisted me with a damaged WW container issue. He's a great guy and an asset to Adam's Products.
  13. A buddy shot this while we were driving over to a local cruise. Look to the right of my knee. These air fresheners are awesome.
  14. 69supersport396

    Nice Ornament!

    Sorry about the sideways photo. Seems to be a Galaxy S6 issue.
  15. 69supersport396

    Nice Ornament!

    Can you see the Adam's ornament? It'seems a very cool piece! My wife insisted I post a photo here on the forums.