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  1. Nope. But I'll be driving through this Saturday on the way to visit family in Illinois. Welcome to the forum
  2. Welcome from a Harford County cornfield.
  3. Welcome. Know the area well I'm originally from Carlock.
  4. Or as those snooty Chicagoans and suburbanites dismissively refer to as downstate. I grew up just about an hour straight north of you.
  5. Well, Howdy neighbor. I'm in Forest Hill
  6. Why would you risk leaving the house at all on delivery day?
  7. My sweet spot on the scale is a little to the easy side of center, because then I am more likely to actually use the product. No matter how tough or long lasting a sealant or coating is, it isn't doing my car any good if all it is protecting is the inside of the bottle it came in.
  8. Well what are you waiting for? Welcome from Harford County BTW.
  9. Oh sure... After I'm all stocked up
  10. OT. But he got that song just as he was about to go on and that was his first performance of the song after just a quick run through. You can tell in the recording, but that just makes it so much better.
  11. Cheaper to just google folding instructions.
  12. Those are three words I never thought I'd see together.
  13. 195 HP Corvettes thanks to fuel economy concerns and engineers still grappling with emission controls without the benefit of EFI and computer controls. Mustang II. Watching gas lines on TV a couple years before I was old enough to get my drivers license. Thinking the fun was over and I missed out. Odd/Even days for buying gas. It's hard to believe how bleak the automotive scene was at one time. If you would have told me in 1979 that Chevy would be making 600 HP Vettes and 500+ HP Camaros in 2014, I would have thought you needed to be commited.
  14. Just saw your post. No I don't work at APG, but it seems like every other person I know does.
  15. Welcome from a Harford County cornfield.
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