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  1. 2017 Camaro ZL1

    Love the color congrats! Looks FANTASTIC!!! Awesome
  2. New Adam's Team Member

    Welcome aboard great company!!!!!
  3. Don't feel bad I did the same thing before , but I realized it right away . I still freaked out and felt like a dumb *** as well. It will be ok.
  4. Tire Hex Grip Cleaning Tips?

    Never get all the goo out. Just clean the best you can and replace with another one.
  5. Newbie in PA

    Welcome to the forum Dave
  6. The product you've been waiting for...

    Can I spray the H2O G&G directly on the waterless wash and then wipe dry with a microfiber?[with know consequence] Will it have any affect on G&G or does it have to be activated with only water
  7. The product you've been waiting for...

    If I did the dry method panel by panel can I spray the panel with waterless wash first then apply the H20 G&G ?
  8. Welcome aboard nice to have you
  9. Checking in from IL

    Welcome to the forum I'm in Wauconda Il
  10. New member from New Jersey

    Welcome Amy beautiful car!!
  11. Hello from Pa

  12. Hi!

    Welcome to the addiction and madness!!
  13. Wicked Wagon

    Love to see more pic's when all done don't forget to post some. Thanks looks great