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    Pic test

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    Video Cameras

    And a video from the above pic
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    Video Cameras

    Here is my gopro mounted on the outside rear window
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    Video Cameras

    I have the gopro hero2 and I'm quite happy with it. Takes vid in 1080p. I bought it last summer and have taken a lot of videos withit. The gopro black comes with a remote control which would be nice. Here's one video I took with the fam suction cup mound on my windshield
  5. Thank you kindly, Dylan! However I'm still wondering why the label on the Brilliant glaze states "apply glaze over a coat of wax for that WOW factor"."
  6. I'm going to detail my car and I am going to apply both the Americana wax and briliant glaze. I am wondering which one I should apply first and which one second. In the past I have applied glaze, then wax. But in reading the lable on the glaze, it says "apply over a coat of wax for that WOW factor". Wash Americana Briliant glaze OR Wash Briliant glaze Americana What say the forums?
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    Drive your Vette around Talladega superspeedway!

    Cool...post a link to your vid
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    Drive your Vette around Talladega superspeedway!

    The pacecar leads all laps in the range of around 70 ↑ mph but everyone spaces out and sandbags so to get a run (without passing) Look at the vids on youtube. Search CORVETTES TALLADEGA. Some guys get wayyy into triple digits, though briefly.
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    Drive your Vette around Talladega superspeedway!

    Gents, this event is open to all sportscars, not just Corvettes. Sorry, no bumpdrafting
  10. There is a charity called vettes4vets and they are holding it in Talladega Al the last weekend of May 2013. Entry is $100 and you get to run your Vette or sportscar (no pickups or mini vans) around the track 5 laps twice for a total of 10 laps. I just spoke with Jeff Williams who organizes this event anually and he said there are 100 spots available as of 4-8-13. If these spots don't fill up we may not see this event happen next year. Convertables welcome and helmets are NOT required. http://vettes4vets.org/ For some pics and vids look here; Drive your car around Talladega superspeedway! - Corvette Forum EDIT: Add the word sportscar in title. This event is filled with primarly Corvettes, but is open to all sportscars
  11. Sorry, I have no engine pics. But will snap a few more exterior pics in the sunshine when the weather allows...which at the rate winter is sticking around should be in a few long weeks at best.
  12. Thanks gents. Man what a world of difference from my days of using turtle lard and armor all grease. I can't get over how user friendly Adams products are. Easy on easy off.
  13. I spent close to 8 hours detailing this weekend. I did shampoo wash, quick sealant, glaze, and Americana wax, as well as some VRT on tires. I did the sealing and polishing inside so I don't have a good sunshine reflection pic. I passed the sammich bag test so I didnt clay (car has only 27 miles on the clock). This is my first experience with Adams products and I'm very happy with the results. I just became a life user of Adams made in the USA products!