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  1. This is how I wound up removing it. Still took some elbow grease as well but Im sure not as much as it would have if I just used a towel.
  2. Im detailing a coworkers car.. she attempted to wax it herself the other day but when she applied the wax she never removed it, so its just caked on. Whats the easiest way to remove it? APC and Elbow Grease?
  3. I dont even see a box to enter the code. edit.. I found it... not the most logical place to put it.
  4. You need to put a center in TN. That way when I retire from the Navy next year I will have a place I can apply to work at after I move back home.
  5. I dont remember that happening on my Bezel.. and I have the same car.
  6. The title says engine compartments, nothing about having an actual engine in them.
  7. Yes my car is filthy. Been raining here to often to keep her clean the past few days. Hopefully ill get to wash her tomorrow. Co worker thought this would be cute.....
  8. I just ordered 2 I&O and 1 QS from them. edit, I typed in the Letters Q S and the forum automatically typed out Quick Sealant.. thats cool
  9. Yep. I have to do that too. kinda defeats the purpose of having the link..
  10. I like the mobile site on my phone but sometimes I have to go into the Full site while on it.. The "view mobile site" link to get back into the mobile page doesnt work. At least on my phone... Galaxy SIII.
  11. Will be better for my S10 I still have some scratches the SSR couldnt get out.
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