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  1. The Colorado Shelby Club partnered with Adam and his team to organize a Spring Detail Clinic at HQ (8225 North Valley Hwy, Denver, CO 80221-4810) on Saturday, 6 Apr, following Lafayette Cars & Coffee (around 9:30AM). All years, makes, and models are welcome! Get your rides ready for the upcoming car season! Please RSVP here if you plan to attend, so Adam's can staff appropriately.
  2. Stored in my cool, dark basement since they arrived, I've somehow amassed extra gallons of H2O Guard & Gloss and Detail Spray (one of each). Pics available on request. About the only things I need are Car Shampoo and Tire Armor, but I could probably use a Grit Guard Wash Board and Black Trim Restorer. I'm willing to consider other items, but I'm NOT looking for Polish, Buttery, Americana, Patriot, Paint Sealant, Glass Cleaner, Waterless, Rinseless, Ceramic Boost, VRT, Clay, or Coatings.
  3. Thanks! I've used PS for years, and I'm happy with it. It provides a good shine and excellent durability (several months, depending on driving habits, weather, care, etc). FWIW, I usually apply it twice-a-year - in the spring and fall. For best results, wash, clay, and polish the paint before applying it. You can help it last longer with good wash habits (2-buckets, pH-balanced shampoo, etc) and the use of complementary products like HGG. As I said, this was my first time using CPW. It shines as well (or better) than PS, and provides great beading action - also as good (or better) than PS. For me, the jury is still out on it durability compared to PS. The bottom line is that I think you'll be happy with PS. Make the time to apply it before winter is upon you!
  4. I prepped my Tacoma for winter last weekend. Thanks to my friend, @falcaineer, I got to choose between my normal PS and his recently acquired CPW. I decided to try CPW for a change. It went on and came off as quickly and easily as PS, which was nice. (Thanks, again, to @falcaineer for his help in applying it!) It shines as well (or better) than PS does. (Silver is a difficult color on which to judge!) It provided great beading action in today's precipitation. I look forward to learning how its durability compares, but I suspect having some Ceramic Boost on-hand won't hurt...
  5. Apologies for the thread revival, but has there been any update on the "much more robust soap that may or may not contain an increased amount of SiO2"?
  6. Thanks to EVERYONE who attended this morning's Detail Clinic at Adams Polishes! Thanks to our friend, Adam, for hosting the Clinic, sharing his knowledge, and offering great discounts for attendees! Here are some of the great rides and expert tutelage from the event...
  7. Those of us who worked with Adam to organize the event did so on behalf of the Shelby Breakfast Club and Colorado Car Addicts. We look forward to any shine enthusiasts in the area joining us, along with members of area Cobra, Corvette, and Challenger Clubs, to learn more about how Adam's can help perfect our cars' finish.
  8. Bumping as a reminder about this weekend's Detail Clinic, focused on Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating, at Adam's HQ. We're tracking RSVPs spanning area Shelby, Cobra, Corvette, and Challenger Clubs. Assuming the weather cooperates, should be a good turnout. Join us to learn how Adam's can help you perfect your finish!
  9. Thank you, both! Liralen is correct - Thornton is the listed address on Adam's site. Ironically, however, Google insists it's in Denver. (See atchd screenshot.) This discussion did, however, remind me that Google doesn't do well with abbreviating North. (Note the map marker in the middle of the Interstate.) To get accurate directions, you can use Thornton or Denver as the city, but you need to spell out North...
  10. For anyone who missed the new HQ Grand Opening last week, we're working with Adam on a follow-up event (focused on Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating). The plan is to meet at the new HQ (8225 North Valley Hwy, Denver, CO 80221-4810) at 9:30AM on Saturday 5 May, following Lafayette Cars & Coffee. Please RSVP here if you plan to attend, so Adam can staff appropriately. Photographic credit to falcaineer.
  11. According to the "BOILING YOUR TOWELS" section FAQ: "How do I take care of my microfiber towels?"... Over time your microfiber may become contaminated past the point it can be completely cleaned using traditional methods. Typically this will present itself during use - drying towels will begin to feel less absorbent. Plush towels may lint slightly or smear products more than remove them. This is an indication that the fibers are 'full' either from residues deposited during use or things like fabric softener accidentally introduced during cleaning. In any event, if your towels begin to loose their performance or just don't feel as good as they did new boiling is the solution, the last resort, to bring them back. NOTE: this process applies only to towels and microfiber without foam cores or backing. Never boil pads or applicators. - Fill a large cooking pot approximately 2/3rd full of water and bring to a boil - Add approximately 1-2oz of distilled white vinegar per gallon of water and stir - Place a few of the towels to be treated into the pot, maintaining a slow boil - Stir continuously with a large spoon, avoid letting the towels rest against the bottom or sides for too long - After about 60-90 seconds in the boil, remove the towels using tongs and rinse under cool water - Wash using the "Regular Cleaning" guidelines outlined earlier and they should be as good as new. NOTE: Should boiling fail to bring absorbancy to a towel or the towel continues to lint then you are most likely dealing with a towel at the end of its lifespan. Retire the towel to less important tasks and replace with a new one for future use. FWIW, it's worked as advertised when I've boiled mine. I usually wash in hot water, but my water heater is set to ~125-130 degrees.
  12. Which is funny, because your car doesn't even have stripes. Good advice, though I'm surprised by the Brilliant Glaze result on your Mustang, because it works well on my GT500.
  13. Beautiful job on the wet-sand, Jimmy! How do I sign-up for you to do mine, which i consider to be good, but not great?!?
  14. Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires (2) - 285/35ZR20 (104Y) - Both tires have ~7/32" tread remaining - One tire is flawless, the other was professionally plugged/patched due to single drywall screw Asking $225 Picked Up from 80921 Zip Code ($250, Shipped within CONUS). No Trades. Serious Inquiries from Cash/PayPal Buyers Only, Please.
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