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  1. According to the "BOILING YOUR TOWELS" section FAQ: "How do I take care of my microfiber towels?"... Over time your microfiber may become contaminated past the point it can be completely cleaned using traditional methods. Typically this will present itself during use - drying towels will begin to feel less absorbent. Plush towels may lint slightly or smear products more than remove them. This is an indication that the fibers are 'full' either from residues deposited during use or things like fabric softener accidentally introduced during cleaning. In any event, if your towels begin to loose their performance or just don't feel as good as they did new boiling is the solution, the last resort, to bring them back. NOTE: this process applies only to towels and microfiber without foam cores or backing. Never boil pads or applicators. - Fill a large cooking pot approximately 2/3rd full of water and bring to a boil - Add approximately 1-2oz of distilled white vinegar per gallon of water and stir - Place a few of the towels to be treated into the pot, maintaining a slow boil - Stir continuously with a large spoon, avoid letting the towels rest against the bottom or sides for too long - After about 60-90 seconds in the boil, remove the towels using tongs and rinse under cool water - Wash using the "Regular Cleaning" guidelines outlined earlier and they should be as good as new. NOTE: Should boiling fail to bring absorbancy to a towel or the towel continues to lint then you are most likely dealing with a towel at the end of its lifespan. Retire the towel to less important tasks and replace with a new one for future use. FWIW, it's worked as advertised when I've boiled mine. I usually wash in hot water, but my water heater is set to ~125-130 degrees.
  2. Vinyl stripe cleaning

    Which is funny, because your car doesn't even have stripes. Good advice, though I'm surprised by the Brilliant Glaze result on your Mustang, because it works well on my GT500.
  3. Wetsanding My Shelby-part 2

    Beautiful job on the wet-sand, Jimmy! How do I sign-up for you to do mine, which i consider to be good, but not great?!?
  4. Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires (2) - 285/35ZR20 (104Y) - Both tires have ~7/32" tread remaining - One tire is flawless, the other was professionally plugged/patched due to single drywall screw Asking $225 Picked Up from 80921 Zip Code ($250, Shipped within CONUS). No Trades. Serious Inquiries from Cash/PayPal Buyers Only, Please.
  5. Vinyl stripe cleaning

    Welcome, Cervin! Recommend you check out and for lots of great info on how to care for your vinyl stripes. Matte Detailer was released after the video was made but it's a great addition to the lineup. (I find it works great in concert with VRT.)
  6. The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    Mine arrived today. Didn't realize you were so close to my childhood home. I pushed a little something your way via PayPal for shipping. Thanks, again, for your generosity is "paying it forward" to so many others!
  7. A couple of us had the very same thought. Enjoyed a couple of visits with Adam and his team, who were pretty busy detailing cars, doing product demos, and answering questions. There were some bargains, but there was also a lot of over-payment for both cars and "automobilia." I walked the grounds and looked at all 1700+ vehicles, spending a bit of time on several of them. There were some nearly flawless specimens, but there were also a lot of them that looked great from 50ft away and not so much when you got closer to them (e.g., paint defects, body panel alignment, etc). I took way too many pics to post here but, for anyone interested, they're at https://www.facebook.com/708108782583007/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1711473018913240. (Should be available to anyone with a FB account.) I was privileged to accompany a friend on stage during the sale of his '14 GT350, which was a pretty neat experience...
  8. Enjoyed visiting with my friend Adam this evening. He and his team of professionals are here, at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2018, all week.
  9. The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    I'm in for some blue shampoo, if any is still available. Thx, Jim!
  10. Fall clinic at HQ?

    Wish I'd known a little sooner too... Would like to have attended, but probably can't make it work.
  11. H2O GG vs Ceramic Boost

    Is that a trick question...? Buying more Adam's products is always a good answer!
  12. Porsche Detail

    Nice work, Jimmy!
  13. Carbon Fiber Polishing Help

    You can treat CF like paint. As always, start with the least aggressive correction and work your way up. FWIW, my CF intake was a little tired when I bought it (used). Correcting Polish made it look new again.
  14. Welcome and congrats on your wise choice of Adam's products! 1. I don't usually spend a lot of time/effort inside the doors, rocker panels and painted areas inside door jams where the sun doesn't hit. I generally just wipe them down with Detail Spray. IMO, inside wheel wells are best served by periodic cleaning and treatment with Invisible Undercarriage Spray. 2. Wash & Wax and/or H2O Guard & Gloss are perfect for use between sealant/wax treatments.
  15. More than "a thing" - RECOMMENDED by Adam's former Shine Doctor.