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  1. So this weekend I had to clean the inside glass on our fireplace. It was really nasty and I went over it 3 times with windex and even tried a kitchen scrubber. No dice. I went out to the garage to get something else to try and decided to give the Adams glass cleaner a shot. I assumed since it's for car glass it wouldn't be as strong as windex and would be a waste of paper towels. But the second I sprayed it on it cut right through everything! I wiped it ONE time and it was clean, hell, it looked brand new. Reminded me of those old oven cleaner commercials. I don't know what's in this stuff but count me impressed!
  2. Hello all. I'm a long time Adam's man...and never knew this forum existed! I've been detailing for many years and have found these products to be outstanding, just like their customer support. I'm sure I'll learn a few things here!
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