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  1. SS LeadFoot

    Carpet Protectant

    Is there a product that protects your carpet from spills? Kind of like polishes/sealants protect your paint but for your carpet?
  2. SS LeadFoot

    Just a few questions

    Thanks for the replies. I will read up on the ceramice coating first. I have watched a few videos but guess I need a little more research.
  3. Getting ready to do a full detail this Monday and I have a few questions. Using the foam cannon for the first time and I was wondering do I still need to wash it down after I foam it up or just spray on and off? Guessing the foam is just an extra step for protection. Will use the swirl killer for the first time. How to avoid doing damage like those crazy swirls I see all the time. Will end with ceramic coating. Do I add polish on the car and then ceramic coat? Will the ceramic coating stick to the polish? That is all I can think of right now.
  4. SS LeadFoot

    Items for trade/sell

    Sorry should have been more clear. I don't want cash. All I would do with cash is buy more Adams stuff. Might as well trade it and help others. I got a lot of messages. I replied to you all. I am going on a first come first deal basis.
  5. SS LeadFoot

    Items for trade/sell

    Make offers. I am interested in ceramic boost 2.0, Ultra foam shampoo gift cards, ON, APC, Wheel cleaner. Just make offer I won't use this stuff. If you live in th MD area I would be more flexable. I even have mints
  6. SS LeadFoot

    Pressure Washer Help

    Thanks! I ordered mine yesterday. I will get that attachment for sure. Thanks again for your help.
  7. SS LeadFoot

    Pressure Washer Help

    Thanks editguy. How long have you had your spx3001? Have you had any problems? Do you use it for house stuff also?
  8. SS LeadFoot

    Pressure Washer Help

    I am looking to get a pressure washer and set my budget at about $120. I was searching and I found this. I was also thinking of getting something to deep clean the carpets a little later. I see a lot of videos online about how people get all this dirt out of seats. I was orignially thinking of this https://www.amazon.com/Sun-Joe-SPX3001-Electric-Pressure/dp/B00LX8Z03K/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1537709601&sr=8-5&keywords=electric+pressure+washer&refinements=p_89%3ASnow+Joe|Sun+Joe But then I found this. https://www.amazon.com/Joe-SPX7000E-1750-Max-Electric-Pressure/dp/B077SFC5MM/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1537709041&sr=8-14&keywords=electric+pressure+washer&refinements=p_89%3ASnow+Joe|Sun+Joe I know the pressure washer part will work good with the adams foam cannon which I already have and the main reason I am getting a pressure washer. My question is how will the wet/dry vac part work? I would ue that for the car and the house. Wondering if it will clean the carpet really good or shold I just get two separate machines? Thanks for any advice.
  9. SS LeadFoot

    Detail Spray and Shampoo

    Anyone want to trade?
  10. SS LeadFoot

    Detail Spray and Shampoo

    I have three detail sprays and a car shampoo. I would like to trade for a new Ceramic boost and a eco all purpose cleaner but open to other offers.
  11. SS LeadFoot

    Adam's in the News!

    I have only been to this event once with my car. So many cops giving out tickets for front plates I will never go back. Lots of people acting stupid which drawls the cops in. Can't say I blame the cops 100%. Wish it was a more civilized event. Everyone uses Adams I am not surprised to see itt in the video.
  12. SS LeadFoot

    Did Adams drop the ball? ( ODOR BOMB)

    Now that is funny! I haven't tried it but I love the Odor Neutralizer
  13. SS LeadFoot

    Went to Visit Adam

    Yes it was hard to leave. I promised the wife I would only be there 2 hours. Our 6 month old had started teething and was fussy all day. Well I was there over 2 and a half hours! The time flew by so fast. Adam is super nice, but it's not just him. Everyone there was amazingly nice! The whole time I was in Denver I was like wow I could live here. 10 minutes after arriving at Adam's and I was like nope I couldn't live here. I would spend all my time there. I would have to get a job there for sure. If it wasn't for the baby I think I might still be there! LSX Maestro I think you have my dream garage in your signature! How do you keep them all clean?
  14. SS LeadFoot

    Went to Visit Adam

    This place was amazing! You can see it from the highway and it is huge! Everyone there was really nice and willing to answer any questions. Adam even took time out of his busy day to say hi. I got to watch a video shoot as well! I really can’t express how grateful I was to be able to drop in and take a tour. Went to Colorado to visit the wife’s family, but really I agreed because they were only 15 minutes away from Adam’s. I have been a huge fan of Adam’s products for years and this just solidifies that bond. It is a good thing I don’t live in Colorado or I would go broke! I would have to work there for sure. Here are a few pics that I snapped while I was there.
  15. SS LeadFoot

    Does Adam's Give Tours?

    Man I have to find out how to set this up!