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  1. Leaf blower $100. Leaves me with more $ to buy more Adams
  2. Hands down CS3! I have used it on the windows, paint, trim, and engine bay. Works great everywhere.
  3. Oh man what haven't I done yet!? I washed the wife's car and her engine bay. Used CS3 on the inside. Her car had no wax/polish/sealant on it so I decided to spray it with CS3 to see how it did. It is AMAZING! CS3 is my new favorite product, water falls off the car now. Also did her window with glass sealant. I did the entire ceramic process to my daily. I washed, clayed, paint corrected (my first time using a polisher) fixed rock chips (my first time doing this) then ceramic coated it. I also used the aerosol can glass cleaner for the first time. I have to say I really like it. You have to be careful not to overspray but it does a great job! No I just need to figure out what next. I am painting the hood scoop grilles since they were peeling and then will use undercarriage spray. Maybe I will clean the SS.
  4. I am lucky to have a 2 car garage so they both sit inside. I have been thinking about selling the GP as well. I have been kicking the idea round of getting a S6. I have a 2nd kid on the way and the wife wants me to get a 4 door car and a new car because she thinks the GP isn't safe. Can't argue with a pregnant woman.
  5. To cover, or not to cover? that is the question. I just think it looks so cool in the garage when both my cars are cleaned and covered. I am not sure it has happened in this house yet. This might be the only time. Maybe just once for a nice pic I do agree though. A cover will cause more damage then if it wasn't on the car. I have used one for years and never had any issues. Guess I can see both sides. I do wash them every year before I put them on the car. They are in a storage bad when not used.
  6. Dan said the same thing. I have never had any issues with covering the car. But now you guys are making me thing twice.
  7. It did a great job! better than anticipated. Here are some pics. You can still see the huge chip in the hood but you have to really look for it. It was hard to get on camera lol. Super happy with the end result. Most chips required only 1 application. The one on the hood was so deep it required about 10.
  8. Thank you everyone! I am sure I will love it once I wash it. Unfortunately, that won't be for a long time. I am not going anywhere with the COVID cases so high. If I do go anywhere it will be in the wife's car. So I will cover her tonight and then start the other car this weekend. Not ceramic since the other car is a garage queen.
  9. Is this for ceramic coated vehicles then? Oh man please say no. If it is then I smell another Adams order coming up. Crap! I have spent over $200 in three weeks.
  10. First let me say a BIG thank you to everyone on this board for your help but a Special BIG thank you to Dan@Adams. He was able to help me behind the scene and gave me the extra confidence I needed to attempt this. So I did it. After washing, claying, paint correcting, touch up paint,, then the ceramic process I am done. I will say this, When I first finished I was a little disappointed. When I was paint correcting I used too much compound and it exposed a lot of rock chips that were not as visible as before because of the white compound getting in there. No big deal a oft of those came out when I used the spray prep. The ceramic was not as hard to apply as I thought. It smells horrible though. I did it in my garage and it was very humid. Took about 3.5 minutes to be able to wipe it off. Once I was don, or so I thought, I pulled it outside. This was the best thing I did. I saw immediately all the spots I missed when removing. Some were easy to get off others were not. Took a long time to get it right. Not sure if I did it right but I would try and buff them off and if that didn't work I reapplied ceramic and wiped down after about 40 seconds to a minute. My initial thought was I wasn't going to like the end result. I was sure I messed it up in a lot of areas. I pulled it out this morning to apply the boost and was really happy with the result. all the areas that thought were going to be bad seemed to have disappeared. There are a few small areas that I will follow up with BG to address. The beading is amazing! I haven't touched it with water yet but while spraying the boost on it dripped right off the car. I had to spray the towel and then wipe for the boost to stay. I would say the ceramic only part took me a little over 5 hours. The car looks amazing don't get me wrong, just not sure I would do this again. I will have to wait to see how long this last. Some helpful tips and tricks that I learned: I started with the roof and worked my way down. Found this helpful so I knew were I was going. I also used a stopwatch. I timed how long the roof took to cure to wipe then timed each other section accordingly. I figured if I messed up the roof who cares The stop watch helped me a lot because after a minute I wanted to remove it because it felt like 3 minutes Don't put ceramic on the pad while standing over the car. A detail cart would have helped big time. Get your bucket to sit on. I used three applicator pads. Well really only 2 but I dropped one so I threw it away. I turned the applicator every section. Best thing I did was move it into the sun after I was done to see where I missed. Let me know your thoughts Last two pics are after the ceramic was applied and was in the garage. First 5 are from after the 2 hours plus boost.
  11. I have had the same electric leaf blower for 20 years. It is a craftsman 215 MPH leaf blower. Well there is nothing wrong with it but using the extension cord is a pain. I was thinking of getting a Milwaukee one. My question is the Craftsman is 215 MPH and 430 CFM. The Milwaukee is 120 MPH and 450 CFM. I am guessing the MPH is more important right?
  12. Ok first congrats on the baby girl! I love the name Madelyn. The wife and I are expecting our 2nd girl in July and trying to come up with names. 2nd, Glad everyone is doing good. Hope you are getting some sleep. 3rd, I love how we can't remember people's names but we know what they drive
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