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Found 10 results

  1. From the album: My Car

    Had to remove the rear tires to install GM splash Guards. So I took the opportunity to clean the wheel wells with All Purpose Cleaner and then use the Undercarriage Spray on them. Also cleaned the wheels, both inner and outer sides, with All purpose Cleaner and Deep Wheel Cleaner. Then treated the tires with Super VRT and the rims with Paint Sealant.
  2. Hey Everyone! This will be the first of many regular detailing technical write-ups from me, in a similar style and format that our friend TheWolf has done in his excellent and very informative Raptor thread here on our forum! The vehicles used in these write-ups will be either mine, friends and family members of mine that have given me permission to post up the photos, or maybe even some forum members if any of you guys and gals live nearby and would like your ride featured...and maybe get some free Adam's products in the process too! Adam's Polishes Winter Preparation on a Brand New 2016 Toyota Tundra Products Used in this write-up: Adam's Can't Touch This Winter Kit Rupes LHR 75E Mini Random Orbital Polisher Adam's 4" Orange Foam Pad Adam's Paint Correcting Polish​ Adam's Detail Spray Flex 3401 VRG Dual Action Orbital Polisher Adam's 7" White Foam Pad Adam's Paint Finishing Polish Cyclo Model 5-Pro Mk II Polisher Adam's 4" Gray Foam Pads Background While I was outside assessing my house for any wind damage Saturday morning from a nasty storm that went through when I was out of town at Adam's HQ last week, I noticed my neighbor across the street was repairing some damage to his fence. I walked over to see if he needed any help with the fence, and before I could even ask him about detailing his brand new Tundra for him, like he had mentioned to me a few weeks back, he said "Hey, do you still have time to wax my truck before winter gets here?" I said "Absolutely!" The timing worked out great, because this would be a perfect vehicle to show the Winter Preparation process that Adam demonstrated in our most recent video release from about a week ago. I told my neighbor that my whole weekend was free, and after I had a late lunch, we pulled this super nice truck into my garage! He had already washed it earlier in the morning before I even woke up...I slept in just a bit since I didn't make it home from the airport until 3am due to a delay in Charlotte...but it did have some water spotting on it from the wash. Visual Inspection and Waterless Wash Wipe-Down I start each detail by doing a full visual inspection of the vehicle to identify and note (with camera) any imperfections that will need to be addressed. My neighbor only requested for the exterior of the vehicle to be detailed, so I spent all of my time on the outside, in order to be as efficient as possible and get the vehicle back to him quickly. There was only one minor imperfection on the vehicle that he pointed out to me before I even began to look it over - a nickel-sized scrape in the paint at the front of the bed on the passenger side, that was there where he picked up the vehicle. You can see it right near the center of this picture: With that scratch noted, I walked around the rest of the vehicle. The truck only has a few thousand miles on it, so it was in great shape other than the typical dirty tires and plastic areas on the rear bumper and wiper cowl - after all, this is a work truck that sees construction sites on a daily basis. So the first thing I did was give the majority of the truck a wipe down with Adam's Waterless Wash and one of our Adam's Microfiber Waterless Wash Towels. For those not familiar with either product, Waterless Wash is a spray-on car washing solution that provides a safe way to clean a slightly dirty or dusty vehicle without having to use a hose and water, and the accompanying Waterless Wash Towels are premium microfiber towels with a waffle weave pattern that work excellent with Waterless Wash to clean a vehicle without creating any new scratches or swirl marks in the finish.
  3. Can you tell what side has the Super VRT. What a difference!! Thank you Adams Polishes!!
  4. Finally used some Brilliant Glaze on my truck! While mentally preparing for a new round of paint correction, I decided to put some on after washing my truck today. This stuff goes on so easy and wipes off just as quick! I did my whole truck (in the sun) in about 20 minutes! If this stuff is THIS easy, I can't wait to use my Paint Sealant (on the way)!
  5. Welcome to the 3rd week of Ask The Shine Doc! This weeks question is one we've actually been asked a lot by customers and some of our marketing partners like Local Motors, makers of the Rally Fighter - and thats "How do I dress the aggressive sidewalls of my off road tires?" As anyone with a truck or SUV rolling on a Mud Terrain, All Terrain or similar tire knows it can be REALLY hard to get dressing into all the details and it usually shreds your applicator in the process. Even newer sport tires have lots of ribbing and things that trap excess amounts of dressing or don't take dressing at all. This weeks video includes a set of basic tips and tricks that will take your tire dressing routine from a pain to painless! Enjoy and remember to submit your video questions to shinedoc@adamspolishes.com and if we answer it in a video you get a $25 adamspolishes.com gift card. IN THIS VIDEO: Tire Shine | Microfiber Applicator | Trim & Lug Nut Brush
  6. Hey everyone, I am first time customer and user of Adams. First item I ordered was Super VRT and applicator block sponge. I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived Thursday! I couldn't be happier with the ship times, time it took to get a tracking number, packing and ULTIMATLEY the product. I have used Armor All (I know I know) and various other dressings but never liked the end result (too greasy, too shiny, doesn't last, etc) So, I got home from work and opened my order immediately. Went outside and started applying it to the cowl on my car. I know its recommended to clean it before use, but I couldn't wait. Even the quality of the bottle is nice! SO here are the results! WOW!!! This has beyond sold me on buying more and more product from Adams. You guys have gained a life long customer!!!
  7. It started raining as i un reeled the hose so I lack before photos. We have had the car for over two months(2013 Yukon XL Denali) and it was quite dirty- it probably sat on the lot for a bit. I was, and still am, nervous using water under the hood so I realize I could have done a better clean especially under the engine. I washed under the hood itself and it was covered in a soundproofing material. A word to the wise, dont use water to wash this. lol. i spent a lot of time trying to dry it out! I covered the alternator in a plastic bag. I should have also covered the foam liner of the air filter and probably should have done the same for the battery, but this was a learning experience. So i gently sprayed the bay down with water via a firehose sprayer(not the adams but good enough). I then sprayed All purpose cleaner everywhere that wasnt electrical in nature and scrubbed with the board hair brush (20"). I also used an edgless adams mf to wipe down most of the surfaces.I didnt use the lug nut brush but will next time. I then washed off the apc with a gentle rinse. I then read somewhere to turn the car on to help with the drying process. I ran it for five minutes or so then took it around the block. I then came back and let it run for at least 5-10 mins more. after I shut it down I used my blower to help dry out the soundproofing board and all the nooks and crannies, especially near the battery. once things were dry i used waterless wash with the blue waffle on all the painted surfaces under the hood. Then I pulled out the super vrt, applied with the block sponge and went to work. Everything that I couldnt get to, I used the In&out spray. I love that stuff but used at least half the can. (not sure if that is due to me being new or it just needing a lot). Once that was all done I still had some nooks on hoses such as, the air filter and steering column, so I used one of the adams foam swabs with a drop of vrt or two. I then went back to the waterless wash to touch up in the engine bay and around the interior. I also had to use the wash on the exterior. This is a massive engine area and there is no way to avoid leaning on her. the job took roughly two hours give or take. that was impacted by periodically checking back on my newborn and her mother. ha. Im sure it will take less time in the future but I just kept finding areas that needed attention. my ocd makes things interesting. haha.
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