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Found 37 results

  1. 2019 Chevy Suburban LT RST I’m getting closer to the finish line... 18 hours!!! Day 1 - 4 hours 1. Strip Wash 2. Iron Remover 3. Wash with Mega Foam 4. Dried with Master Blaster Day 2 - 7 hours 5. Rinseless Wash 6. Clay bar all surfaces 7. Finishing Polish with white pads Day 3 - 7 hours 8. Wash with UltraFoam Shampoo 9. Dried with Master Blaster 10. Ceramic Surface Prep 11. New Ceramic Spray Coating - final wipe with suede microfiber towels 12. Wash and clean all windows, sunroof, headlights, fog lights & tail lights 13. Ceramic Glass Coating Any final advice? If not, it’s time to chill out and enjoy the fall with a cold drink and some college football. Jeff
  2. Hi guys! Finally made a account on here! Hope to be pretty active!
  3. What would be the best Adam's product to clean door jambs?
  4. I used butter wax on my cars last week. Applied with a machine buffer. I noticed after driving trough a heavy rain the surface of the cars lost their "slick" feel. Is that usually what happens during a heavy rain? And if so is there a better Adams product that holds the "slick" feel longer? Thanks in advance
  5. If I had to just pick one. The original detail spray brings a smile to my face every time I spray that bottle. Can’t wait till they make an Interior cleaner with the detail spray scent!!!
  6. New member here. Kind of new to detailing cars. Have a new GMC Yukon Denali and want to keep it protected forever the right way. Really like what I see with Adams Polishes compared to other products. All the videos are super helpful. Really looking forward to detailing.
  7. Best Adams product to spot treat stains on cloth seats?
  8. anyone here ever purchased a adams bucket dolly?? wondering if they come with the 2in or 3in casters and if they carry the the bucket connector plate? are theres different from grit guard or is it pretty much the same product.? ?? THANKS ??
  9. Hey guys I would like to know if anyone here is familiar with Griot's Poly Wax which is a sealant and if so how does it compare to Adams paint sealant? I've been reading that it does last much longer than the Adams Paint Sealant. Would I be able to use the guard & gloss over Griot's Poly Wax? I'm trying to decide whether I should go with Poly Wax or Adams Paint Sealant under Adams G&G. Thank you
  10. For sale is a used black Adam's foam cannon. It works perfectly but has fallen to the ground a time or two so you will see some scrape marks in the plastic and bottle. Asking $60 plus shipping. Only thing I'll accept for trade is the adams fireman's nozzle. * Also for sale locally
  11. This is my car that I drive daily, haven't really cleaned the car for about a month. Temperatures are dropping more every week here in PA so I knew I had to get the rig dialed in before it gets too cold. I have maintained it very well so I didn't do anything out of the ordinary from what I usually do. Little back story into the car, I got this car around March of this year. It's a 2007 Trailblazer LS. I wish I was there from the beginning to upkeep the paint as well as the rest of the car but I am here now doing my best! I ordered a Adam's box awhile back that I really never got to use but it contained the Buttery Wax that I couldn't wait to use. Happy I got the wheels/tires and exhaust tip dialed in. I love making sure the exhaust tip is dialed as it's one of my favorite parts on the car. Most trailblazer have that ugly trash can resonator and take a lot of pride in my tip. Excuse for the bad lighting but I hurried the car into the garage as it began to drizzle as I was just finishing up washing the car. This is the car after detail spray and the buttery wax have been applied. The Buttery Wax has been by far one of my favorite Adam's products I've used as well as waxes. The application process was very simply and went on like butter, hence the name I guess! Removal was by far the most eye opening for me, even in the garage the temperatures were around 40 degrees Fahrenheit the wax came off effortlessly! I absolutely love the shine and reflection it gives! I'm happy to say the she's already for the harsh colder weather of PA and she protected as well! Thank you, Connor @WallinShine EDIT: Spelling
  12. So I know what I did. I coated my car with a non Adam's coating. I had an $80 bottle that was laying around about to expire, so I said what the hey... I should probably use it. The product I used is amazing stuff. Has a 2 year life with proper maintenance of the coating. I still have well over 1 year left on it. What did I do to my car? With the coating that I installed, I can't use waxes/polishes/glazes. Anything on top of the coating will effect the hydrophobic properties of the coating itself. The advantage of the coating is low maintenance (i.e. no waxing and easier washing), but this disadvantage is NO WAXING. I thoroughly enjoy waxing on a bi-weekly/monthly basis. I am missing out on the loving touches to my car. I must live vicariously through everyone else on this forum on all the new products. I REALLY want to try the new Patriot wax, but I can't justify polishing all my hard work off the paint. I spent 14 hours washing, claying, polishing, and coating. I love the look of the coating, but I dislike that I can't use anything over it. What other products are a must try? I don't have the waterless wash. Is it fairly good? I do have almost every Adam's exterior product including a lot of the interior products. Does anyone else have any experience with a non Adam's coating and products that work well with it? I don't need detail spray as a drying aid because the coating works that good. The glass sealant I could try. Any recommendations from my fellow Adam's connoisseurs?!
  13. Is there a reason to use the Adam's strip wash? I have always used dawn typically for stripping before paint correction. What benefit is there to buying a dedicated strip wash vs other methods like APC/shampoo or dawn?
  14. I just did a 2 stage paint correction and machine polish using all Adam's products followed by application of the new Ceramic Coating. I previously had applied CQuartz UK about a year ago and was very happy (been using Cquartz for about 4 years), but now that Adam's has a coating I thought I would give it a try! I can't speak to any of the water repellent or longevity properties over CQuartz yet as I have literally had it on the car for less than 2 hours. But, I can speak to the application process. So far I am in love with new ceramic coating. The application process was so much easier and much less time consuming (there's no getting around putting in the prep time, though). Loved that there was an obvious flash, or rainbow effect to let you know it was time to wipe off. When it was time to wipe off, it was a much, much easier process. I have very high hopes for this product! It's going to be a tall order to out perform CQuartz, but I'm hopeful it will do it! My dog decided it was time for a sun bath also. I need to get him a red bandana...
  15. I belong to a Corvette club here in the Detroit, MI area with the membership being comprised of about 80 different families, not just individuals. The club has existed for 40 years, and offers a variety of different social activities for the members throughout the year. We are a NON-PROFIT club, so everything we do which raises money, gets donated to the Leader Dogs for the Blind, another GREAT organization based here in our area. We have annually put on a car show for the past 12 years, at Olde World Canterbury Village, in Lake Orion, MI which is a pretty unique and special venue to display show cars, as you will see in the photos which follow. Rather than just post photos of the cars on display, this is an attempt to allow you to actually feel that you were in attendance during the event, using a wide variety of photos, all with descriptions below them. Participants entering the Village, being directed to their parking location. Some Corvettes on display. Additional Corvettes lining the streets of the Village. Show cars parked along the street in front of the various shops in the Village. Show cars parked throughout the Village. Show cars parked throughout the Village. Show cars parked throughout the Village. Show cars parked throughout the Village. Show cars parked throughout the Village. OK, the main attraction at our show is the Silent Auction tent, where there is every time imaginable for sale. Each and every item is donated, and all of the monies raised through this Silent Auction is donated directly to the Leader Dogs for the Blind. Silent Auction Items Silent Auction Items Silent Auction Items Silent Auction Items Silent Auction Items Silent Auction Items A huge THANK YOU to all of the sponsors and donors for their contributions, as we raised a little more than $5000.00 from these Silent Auction Items on sale at this show! Now, what were people to do during the show hours, it should be more than just walking around and talking to one another. We provided a live band again this year, Rock Fest, and they play for 3 hours during the day of the show. Now, for those of you who may have heard the song "Dancing in the Streets" originally done my Motown Recording Artist, Martha & The Vandellas, and re-recorded by more contemporary artists including Mick Jagger, here is Ms. Martha Reeves in attendance as a spectator, and she interacted with the people in attendance at this event. Next is a Future Leader Dog, many don't realize that the costs associated with raising and training this pup is approximately $38,000.00 and that once they are ready to assist the individual who needs the service of this dog, the Leader Dogs for the Blind provide them to those individuals at NO cost at all. Finally, some of the vehicles that attended and participated in the "judged" section of our show were selected as nominees for the 2016 Motor City Corvette Concours show, to be held later in the fall here in Michigan. This concours show consists of 30 of the finest Corvettes selected from a larger number of nominees from various other shows. Nominees typically are not only from vehicles in the Detroit area, but also from bordering states, and Canada. These are the Corvettes which were selected from our club's show. 1956 Orange C-1 Roadster 1959 Blue C-1 Roadster 1960 C-1 Roadster 1966 Blue C-2 Convertible 2000 Green C-5 Coupe 1998 White C-5 Convertible - Veterans Tribute Vehicle 2001 Red C-5 Coupe 2001 Red C-5 Coupe 2004 Lemans Blue Z06 Commemorative Edition Hardtop 2007 Black C-6 Coupe Thank you for taking the time to read and view this thread. THANK YOU for all of the donors and sponsors whose generosity made this event successful again this year, and for providing our club another opportunity to support a very worthwhile cause, Leader Dogs for the Blind.
  16. Hey guys! Ive been using Adam's product for the last few months and love everything I have tryed and everything I have heard. I just joined the forum but have actually been here plenty of times looking for info since you guys are extremely knowledgeable and seem to be a great bunch of guys! Adams really is addicting and gives me a better outlook on detailing. Anyways the weather here in Canada is kinda crappy and cold so havent done much detailing latley so here is a throwback picture after using adams for the first time. Paint correction with 4" drill attachment with orange pad and paint correcting polishes topped with a coat of buttery wax on 18 year old truck paint!!!
  17. I have to say, I've only been around the Adams product line for less than a year and I'm amazed. Everything is easy to use, and everything does what its supposed to do. It all has a precise purpose, and executes it flawlessly. Now the HGG is out and holy crap. The wet method is fast and easy to use, and the dry method is also as good as you'd expect. The gloss, the beading of the product is unmatched. This is an easy way to get that Adam's Shine!!
  18. Hello Everyone, I had the pleasure of traveling to Reno, NV for Hot August Nights about two weeks ago. It was a great time and there were so many great cars. We had some amazing cars in our booth and were able to help some of our friends polish up their customs. Adam was able to head down to the Eldorado and help the Top 25 Barrett Jackson Cup Nominees shine up their cars. Overall it was very busy but was great meeting new people and making some cars look amazing. Enjoy the video coverage from the event. Look out for a Photo Gallery early next week.
  19. Hi, I have been using Adams products on my two cars for three years now. I have a 1959 Ford Thunderbird and a 1967 RS/SS Camaro. In fact some of the guys I go to the car shows with use Adams products also. Recently I saw an "Adams Die Cut Decal for $4.99+ tax. While I am proud to use Adams products on my cars...I won't pay $4.99 for a decal to advertise for Adams Products! I feel that if the Adams Products line wants these put on people's vehicles they should include a Adam's Die Cut Decal with each purchase made. So if you want to send me a couple of these decals in white, I will proudly put them on my cars. My mailing address is 1240 Lake Road Ottumwa, Iowa 52501 Thanks, Gene Coombs
  20. I only hope that the forum members here like LONG stories, with a lot of photos, to see what the results of using Adam's products, and proper equipment sold by them can lead too? If you check out some of my prior posts, you will see that I wrote smaller detailing articles about a 2004 Magnetic Red II C5 Corvette Coupe and a 1996 Sebring Silver C4 Corvette Collector Edition Coupe. This 2007 has replaced BOTH of them, as it was too difficult to decide which one I should sell, so I sold them both! That happened due to the fact that the subdivision I live in also has an homeowners association, where we are not supposed to park vehicles outside of the garage, and having (2) Corvettes in my garage, meant the daily drivers had to be parked outdoors. I didn't have an issue with the majority of the neighbors, but there was one retired person who made a major issue out of it for whatever reason he thought may be important. I fond this 2007 which had 2 previous owners, the last one a collector who stored it in UNCOVERED in an old industrial warehouse, and drove it a total of 700 miles in the past 5 years. The car had 6520 miles on it when I went to look at it, and after driving it and sealing the deal, and driving it home, it now has 6700 miles. Spent the last month or so, in my garage, being made "whole" and into a show car. The reason I choose to show it is because my 96 Collector Edition was a Concours Show Car here in the Detroit, MI area, and award winning. Had to replace that, that was my thought and goal. OK, on to the photos of the "as started condition" and I will say that I spend between 2 to 4 hours per panel, to correct, and finish polish over a 15 day or night time period, as I do have a "day job" and other responsibilities to attend too. Left Fender Start Left Door Front Area Start Left Door Area Start 2 Left Halo Start Left Quarter Start Left Quarter Start 2 Left Quarter Start 3 Decklid Hatch Area Start Decklid Hatch Area Start 2 Right Quarter Start Right Door Start By looking at the pictures above, you can see this car was pretty scratched, swirled, and abused during whatever method they used to wipe it down. The hood and fenders were in similar condition, and to limit the length of this post, I didn't add those before shots here. Now, here is the GOOD NEWS part, corrected using a Cyclo, Adam's Paint Correcting Polish, and the Adam's White Finishing Polish. Only the final photos show the results after Liquid Paint Sealant and Americana were applied. Left Fender 2 passes Adam's Correcting Polish w/ Cyclo Left Door Corrected Left Halo Corrected Left Quarter Corrected Decklid Hatch Area Corrected Rear Fascia Area Corrected Right Quarter Corrected Right Quarter Corrected 2 Right Door Corrected Right Door Corrected 2 Now for the final photos, taken outdoors last evening. Notice the license plate frame. Right Front Side View Right Rear Side View Left Rear Side View Left Front Side View License Plate Frame Rear View Car will be going to it's first show this weekend in Canada, and then next weekend at a show where the Corvette club I belong is putting on. Those who saw it last night were amazed to say the least. The interior and underhood engine area were also cleaned and detailed using Adam's products, and look just as good as the exterior. Thank you to the Adam's team for their products and support!
  21. Writing my thoughts on a few different products: Long handle wheel brush: worked very well, created suds/ bubbles when used with green wheel cleaner, got rid of the dirt inside lug-nut areas also. Paint Sealant: Easy to apply, easy to remove after hazing properly. As a result, the paint looked event better than with what I normally used. New blue clay bar: After using the first generation clay bar compared to the blue one, I am convinced that the blue clay bar is more efficient than the older material. The older material had stuck to my hand and was way more time consuming (three times more time used than the blue clay bar) although the results were practically the same. Rinse and wash label buckets: easy to remember which was used for soap and rinsing. good idea! Adams is still my number one car product in my book, the results are the proof as to why!!
  22. Ever have one of those days where you believe that the flood-gates holding back every unexperienced or oblivious driver had been opened without a care in the world? You're probably not the only one. Hell, maybe you were even the culprit of being one. Whether you feel like ranting or fessing up, I want to hear about it. Do me the favor of telling me about your story by clicking the link below! Thanks in advance, folks! http://jalopsalot.kinja.com/your-worst-bad-driver-experience-is-my-new-favorite-sto-1687629132?rev=1424748574428
  23. Hey all, Ive noticed that I am quickly running out of room and it is hard to organize my car cleaning products. Ive convinced my dad to help me clean part of the garage and install a new storage system. Heres what I'm looking for: something in the $200-$300 range, durable, can hold a lot of weight on the shelves, preferably two doors. GO GO GO GO!!!!
  24. Hey all, May seem like an off topic, yet simple solution question, but the family has a dog and she likes to play around with towels. I've told pops multiple times to let her have the towels that she has in her cage, but no one listens and my towels end up full of dog saliva, dirt and unfortunately a few bite marks. Now, I really can't blame the dog. She's honestly very good and of course towels to anyone, even a dog, can be fun to play around with. Unfortunately for the dog, these are MY towels and they are AMAZING towels. what do you guys recommend? maybe just spray dad with the hose and tell him "no more murder of towels!" ???
  25. I picked up some Adam's Rinseless Wash at the Toys for Tots detail clinic last weekend. It finally warmed up outside enough for me to give it a go today. Both of these products are very solid. They both have a bit of wax in them, and can be diluted as a waterless wash/detail spray, more on this later. I also picked up some of the border-less blue towels as well while I was at HQ. I REALLY like these towels for rinseless washing, and keeps them visually separate from my single soft towels. I will be picking up more of these for sure. The test car is my 09' VW CC 4motion. The car currently only has a coat of QS on it. I took it to a spray wash to knock off all of the bigger stuff that was still on it from the snow/mag-chloride on the roads before washing. Half of the car was done with Adam's Rinseless and the other half was done with Pinnacle. Different wash media for each half so there was no cross contamination for the review. Smell: The Pinnacle Rinseless has a light mango smell to it and is nice to work with. Adam's has a berry/lemonish scent to it, and is a bit over powering for me, especially at a waterless wash ratio. I am giving Pinnacle the edge on this one. Big time. Lubricity: Adam's is the winner on this one. In the bucket Adam's Rinseless was noticeably slicker (This isn't to say that the Pinnacle isn't slick. It is.). Streaking: Both products performed very well and didn't have streaking issues, even in 45 degree weather. The remaining product after drying flashed off quickly and left nothing behind. Surface Slickness: This is a close one. They both leave a very slick finish with no need to follow up with a dedicated detail spray to take care of streaking. I feel like the Pinnacle Rinseless was just a touch slicker on the finish. Concentration: Pinnacle's dilution ratios are 1oz per 2 Gallons of water for a rinseless wash and 3oz per 32oz of water for a Detail Spray/Clay Lube. Adam's is 2oz for a rinseless wash. I assume most people don't fill their buckets to the 5 gallon mark. I usually fill mine to 3-3.5. It is probably safe to assume the Adam's is a bit more concentrated. Waterless Wash dilution was 1oz per 16oz of water. Again probably indicating that it is more concentrated. Color: Adam's is a blue, Pinnacle is a yellow color. Side notes: Since Adam's Rinseless can be mixed up into a bottle for waterless wash I gave that a try on a small section of a friend's car the other night. It tends to stick to vertical surfaces really well and soaked into the mag chloride pretty quickly. I tried the Pinnacle as a waterless as well just to try it out (hey, it isn't my car, right?). It soaked into the mag chloride the same, but tends to run a bit more. I mentioned earlier about the smell of both products. Adam's at a waterless wash dilution was unbearable for me. My friend wasn't too keen on it either. Conclusion: Both products are great. I feel like the Adam's wash a bit safer to wash with due to the higher lubricity, but the smell is something I can barely stand. It isn't so much the scent itself, but how strong it is. Makes my nose twinge a bit. Maybe you guys can tone it down on the next batch? Both products leave a streak free shine and a slick finish. You really can't go wrong with either of them. I will keep using the Pinnacle for now. Mostly because I don't want the half gallon I have left to go to waste. I will probably alternate between the two every time I wash. Hopefully I get used to the smell of Adam's Rinseless.
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