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Found 4 results

  1. I pulled out my new 15mm Swirl Killer this evening after washing my 2003 Blue Eurovan with strip wash using my foam cannon. I only used the polisher on the front hood and took my time. After claying the hood I started with the heavy correcting polish and blue pad, then I used the correcting polish with the orange pad, then finishing polish and white pad. I ended with sealant and the grey pad. I plan on using buttery wax to make it really shine. So far it looks great, and fun to do. My questions are- Should I take every step that I did above? Can I go from heavy correcting polish to finishing polish, and skip correcting polish? Should I make more passes with different polishes? How many passes should I make? Should I apply pressure to the polisher with any of the polishes? Thank for the help, Kevin
  2. connorwallin

    Trailblazer Winter Prep

    This is my car that I drive daily, haven't really cleaned the car for about a month. Temperatures are dropping more every week here in PA so I knew I had to get the rig dialed in before it gets too cold. I have maintained it very well so I didn't do anything out of the ordinary from what I usually do. Little back story into the car, I got this car around March of this year. It's a 2007 Trailblazer LS. I wish I was there from the beginning to upkeep the paint as well as the rest of the car but I am here now doing my best! I ordered a Adam's box awhile back that I really never got to use but it contained the Buttery Wax that I couldn't wait to use. Happy I got the wheels/tires and exhaust tip dialed in. I love making sure the exhaust tip is dialed as it's one of my favorite parts on the car. Most trailblazer have that ugly trash can resonator and take a lot of pride in my tip. Excuse for the bad lighting but I hurried the car into the garage as it began to drizzle as I was just finishing up washing the car. This is the car after detail spray and the buttery wax have been applied. The Buttery Wax has been by far one of my favorite Adam's products I've used as well as waxes. The application process was very simply and went on like butter, hence the name I guess! Removal was by far the most eye opening for me, even in the garage the temperatures were around 40 degrees Fahrenheit the wax came off effortlessly! I absolutely love the shine and reflection it gives! I'm happy to say the she's already for the harsh colder weather of PA and she protected as well! Thank you, Connor @WallinShine EDIT: Spelling
  3. I will start off by saying there are sooooooo many products available that figuring out what I want has been a daunting task. I have spent some time reading and reading and reading and this is what I am thinking right now, but I want to run it by some other people first. Looking to do the same thing to my daily driver and my fun car. Both cars are white with black wheels. The fun car is garage kept while the daily driver gets exposed to the elements here in Illinois (Rain, Snow, Ice, Humidity). Does this order of events sounds ok? Wash with Car Shampoo Clay car with Detail Spray Rinse car off Clean wheels with Wheel Cleaner Clean tires with Tire and Rubber Cleaner Apply H2O Guard and Gloss to wheels Apply Tire Shine to tires Seal car with Paint Sealant Wax car with Buttery Wax Rinse car and followup with H2O Guard and Gloss I am really looking to understand whether the Paint Sealant/Buttery Wax/H2O Guard and Gloss combo on the car is going to give me that wonderful shine and protection. Perhaps step 10 should be done just during maintenance washes? Also, it there a way to remove all products after application if things go terribly? I was thinking Dawn dish soap?
  4. I used the grey sealant pad with the buttery wax. Went on and off super easy! My question is how to clean the pad? When I was done I sprayed the pad with all-purpose cleaner and then rinsed it in water. This does not seem to work as the wax was not washing out. I may have ruined my pad. Any suggestions?