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Found 38 results

  1. Needing some help with what to do on these. The trim pieces on a few of my cars always seem to spot/streak pretty badly. Even if dried well, the streaks always pop up. Is there anything I can put on them to keep it from doing this?
  2. The next in my series of FAQ threads where I open up a discussion on a common concern or problem people face when detailing. An area of confusion for many people is the process of "stripping" their car as part of the detailing process. No, this isn't a process where that lovely college co-ed trying to put herself thru medical school comes over and washes your car in the nude. A strip wash, or stripping the finish, is a way to remove all the previously applied waxes, sealants, and/or dressings that have been applied. Removing or weakening these coatings makes for an easier detail in terms of claying and polishing. WHY SHOULD I STRIP WASH? When it comes time to do a full detail on your ride, whether its one you've been maintaining for a number of years, or a fresh off the lot car, there will be some layer of buildup on all the exterior surfaces. Waxes, sealants, glazes, dressings, and things like tree sap will have accumulated. Without strip washing these layers are then pulled up by your clay bar and/or your polishing pads. This clogs them up prematurely and, in the case of polishing pads, can lead to reduced performance. A clay bar clogged up with wax will be messy to work with and deteriorate quickly. A polishing pad clogged up with wax will be less effective and require frequent cleanings to finish a detail. DO I HAVE TO DO A STRIP WASH? No. Its not required, but does result in a dramatically easier detail by helping remove or degrade existing coatings on the car. If you choose not to strip the exterior surfaces of your car simply be prepared to adjust your technique to compensate. WILL STRIP WASHING HURT MY CAR? As long as its done in moderation and done using the appropriate chemicals and follow up there really is no concern. Some 'old school' guys will claim things like it will dry out your paint, which is not true. Strip washing is a perfectly safe way to prepare your exterior for detailing, and in all honesty the chemicals used are less harsh than those used in your average drive thru car wash. METHODS FOR STRIPPING YOUR FINISH There are a number of ways to go about performing a strip wash, each with their own merit and benefits. The various processes are outlined below: A.P.C. + Car Wash Mix - this is the method most often recommended by the team at Adam's Polishes. By adding a few ounces (typically 3-4oz) of APC (acidic) to your wash bucket along with your usual amount of Car Wash Shampoo (neutral) you get a mixture that has a slightly acidic pH. Still plenty safe for washing, but strong enough to weaken and/or remove most waxes or sealants while washing. By using a 2 part mixture, ultimately you get control over how strong or weak the mixture is. Add more APC for a stronger strip wash, less for a mild wash. The 2 products both foam very well so using this application with a foam gun or foam cannon is also great. The suds are very thick and sustain well thru an entire wash. Perform your wash like usual, the only thing to avoid is allowing the mixture to dry on the finish. Since you are no longer working with a pH neutral bath water spots can occur if allowed to dry. Dawn Dish Soap - Wait! What? I've been told never to use dish soap! Correct... dish soap is never ideal for washing IF you want to keep your wax intact on your car. For removing waxes and sealants from your finish it great. Simply replace your Adam's Car Wash Shampoo with the same amount of dish soap and wash like usual. Use only Original BLUE Dawn dish soap. Other soaps are not going to be as effective and may also contain moisturizers and lotions to prevent 'dish pan hands'. The drawbacks to dish soap are a lack of sustained suds, it will go flat much faster and doesn't perform nearly as well in a foam gun or foam cannon to produce a thick lather. The lack of sustained suds decreases the dwell time of the soap and ultimately its effectiveness. Additionally it limits your control over the concentration. Unlike the APC/Car Wash method you can't control or tweak your concentration for different tasks. Panel by Panel Stripping - Sometimes you may not want or need to strip the entire car. Maybe its perfect, except that one panel where someone accidentally rubbed up against it. In situations like this you can use diluted isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, otherwise known as IPA, to strip a small controlled section for repair. IPA is available at almost any grocery or drugstore and is typically sold pre-diluted to 70%. Cutting that at least another 1:1 with water will give you a great panel by panel stripping mixture. After cleaning the area to be worked on with waterless wash, simply spray the diluted alcohol mixture onto the areas to be striped and wipe clean with a plush microfiber towel. AFTER THE STRIP... A couple of final tips to make sure your strip wash is a success and helps make your detail process that much better. Try to wash out of direct sunlight, in shade, or early in the day before sun is too harsh. Because the strip wash mixture will be slightly acidic it will be easy for the mixture to cause spots if its allowed to dry. If your car has severely sun damaged or oxidized trim avoid strip washing as it can accelerate already damaged or trim parts. Make sure to rinse very thoroughly when the process is done. Strip wash mixture left pooled in door jambs or other areas can potentially dry out surfaces. Rinse your wash media (mits and buckets) out very well before returning to your usual car wash routine to avoid cross contamination. Be sure to dress all exterior trim that is exposed to the mix with a quality water based trim dressing like our Super VRT. Restoring moisture to these surfaces will be important after they've been heavily cleaned. And there it is... the ins and outs of strip washing as a part of your detail routine. Remember that this process is designed for use just a few times a year, when you intend to do a FULL and complete detail from start to finish. Stick to just your mixture of Adam's Car Wash Shampoo for your in between washes and upkeep. By stripping the finish before big details not only will you make the process faster and easier you'll prolong the life of your clay as well as keep your pads working better for longer! Happy Detailing!
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Mike. I purchased my 2015 M5 back in February and for a while I allowed a mobile detailer to care for Grace (Hence my name Grace_the_M5). He did a good job, but there came a point where I wanted to start caring for her the way I knew she was worthy of. I don't remember how I stumbled upon Adam's products, but man o man am I glad I did. Great products, great customer service. How long has Adam's been your go-to for car care? Am I the only one who has named his car? Please share photos and names of your car! Haha
  4. Hey folks! Brand New to this high end washing/detailing/sealing world and all it took was buying my first dream car to make me not want to take it to any detail shops but do all the care myself. My question for you folks, is what is your preferred washing, detailing, sealing order from start to finish. I believe I have a good idea of each individual process from watching videos, but not the whole process start to finish. Here's my Adam's products that I've bought for reference. Premium Foam gun car shampoo 2 (5) Gallon buckets with grit guards H2O Guard and Gloss Interior Detailer Visco Clay Bar + Detail Spray Liquid Paint Sealant + applicators (hand) Glass Boost + Sealant Brilliant Glaze Premium wash pads, utility microfibers, premium dry towels All purpose cleaner AND access to my brother in law's Adam's Tire Kit I drive a 2018 Chevy Silverado 4x4. How do you all think I should order my wash and detailing process? HELP! Jonathan
  5. 2 Adam's Rep's will be on site at the event. Giveaways!! Raffles & Discounts Lingenfelter Cars & Coffee Saturday, May 19th 8am - 10am Lingenfelter Cars & Coffee @ The Collection 7819 Lochlin Drive Brighton, MI 48116 We will have several designated lots for Cars & Coffee parking. Look for signs!! We will also be hosting an event the same day for Brighton High School Seniors from 10am -2pm in which the collection will be open. They will be raising money and taking donations at the door for the I will Right Now Foundation. Hope you can make it out!! Kristen
  6. Hello! I can’t wait to start using my first real detailing products! I’m ordering my first mystery box ! Hope it’s good stuff. Here’s a picture of my Jeep
  7. I have my trim ceramic coated. The paint wasn't done because the detailer didn't feel comfortable applying it with the paint condition and didn't have the time to correct if fully(friend detailing, not shop). My question is, if my trim has a ceramic coating if I use strip wash to do a paint correction, will it pull off the ceramic coating on my trim?
  8. I saw the video of Adam saying that ceramic boost can be used on non coated cars. So I have a few questions. 1. How often can you use Ceramic Boost? 2. If I do use Boost can I still use H20 Guard and Gloss? 3. Can I use Detail spray? I'm not fully committed to ceramic coatings yet, but I'm still looking for some of the benefits that Ceramic Boost may offer. Or do I just stick to the traditional Wash, Polish, Wax, Guard and Gloss, Detail spray routine? Any help would be appreciated!! There's so many options just trying to find out what the best one is for my paint and ease of use.
  9. Welcome to the AUGUST 2017 Photo Contest Congratulations to Falcaineer for winning last months contest Feel free to submit a photo of your personal vehicle relating to the months "theme" The Theme: "Sunsets" The last day to enter your photo is Friday, August 25. The Rules: 1) Photos must be of YOUR car, truck, or motorcycle. You can not use somebody else's car. 2) Photos must be taken by YOURSELF. That means it can not have any visible watermarks. Using other peoples photos will get you disqualified and possibly banned from future contests. (Having "rights" to a picture, does not necessarily mean you took the picture) 3) Each picture must be related to the current "theme." 4) Only one picture is allowed. If multiple photos are submitted, a random photo will be selected for the vote poll. Please use the forums uploading tools to submit your picture. HERE is a link to instructions to uploading pictures. If you have any further problems please ask any staff member for assistance or PM me and I will try and help you out. 5) The winner will choose a "Theme" for the following months contest. 6) You can not win two contests in a row. If you win one time, you can still submit a photo for the next contest, but it will not be included for the voting poll. 7) No solicitation of votes allowed! If it is known that someone is "persuading" others to vote for them in any type, the contestant will be disqualified. 8) Photoshop must be kept to a minimum. Extensive photoshop can result in disqualification. You can use photoshop to crop images and minor adjustments like blocking license plates, adjusting brightness, etc... 9) Participants can not vote for themselves. 10) No animated images or videos allowed. 11) Submissions after the noted date will not be accepted. 12) A public voting poll thread will be posted after submissions close, with all the contestants photos. Everyone will be allowed to submit one vote, and the on the last day of the month, the contestant with the highest votes will be the winner. 13) In the event of a tie, a "Tie-Breaker" poll will be added with the tied contestants. The poll will stay up for three days, and the one who gets more votes during that time will win. (until a better method is found) 14) Keep it civil and clean. Even though at the moment, this contest isnt carried out by staff, it must still abide by all Adamsforums.com rules. Any post that violates any forum rules can be deleted. If things get out of hand, Adamsforums and its staff have the right to end this contest. Here are links to the rules in case you arent sure if your picture might be in violation; Keeping It Clean and User Registration Agreement 15) Nobody in this forum takes any responsibility or liability for your pictures or posts. Please protect everyones privacy and be safe when taking pictures. Themes that are considered too dangerous or "unattainable" can be denied. Remember, its just a game, meant to get people more involved in showing off their clean rides. HAVE FUN!!!!
  10. Hello, I am new to the site and the product. I just recently purchased a 2016 Range Rover Evoque. I'd like to detail the interior, but the dashboard and door surfaces appear to be some kind of faux leather. I want to make sure I use the right chemical on them. Any recommendations on what would work best? Keats
  11. So I just have to brag for a minute. I've used so many high dollar waxes on this car. $130 Dodo Juice Supernatural, CG white wax, CG 5050 paste wax, and many others. I thought that the Dodo juice was worthless and that the 5050 was alright. I ordered the Brilliant Glaze and Americana along with my mystery boxes. The day before it was due to arrive I clayed the car to prep the surface. Within 2 hours of receiving my order I had completed the glazing and topped it off with the Americana. I've used many paste waxes and liquid waxes. The paste wax in general is more difficult to apply and removed when compared to a liquid wax. I read many reviews on the Americana PASTE wax and didn't really know what to believe. I just HAD to try it out for myself. WOW!! I was left speechless as I drooled over the perfect paint that was before my eyes. It all wiped on and wiped off as easy as all the reviews had said. Such a unique paste wax experience. I'm a detailing fanatic and have spent well over $2,000 trying out MANY, MANY products. My Accord is a 2016 Touring edition with a white pearlescent paint. I was unimpressed with how little of a pearl effect I was getting with the other high dollar products. I swear that no other product has made this paint literally change colors. As you can see in the pictures below (No camera filters were applied or altered) just how different my paint appears on the lighting conditions. It went from the brightest white it has ever been to the softest pearl at sunset. The pictures don't even do the paint justice, but you can see the color change. I am a FOREVER customer of Adam's Polishes and have no need nor desire to "shine chase" anymore. You knocked this product line out of the park! Enjoy these pictures!
  12. Hey folks. I typically take all photos during my details. I decided to try something new, and record the whole thing. What are your guys' thoughts? Is it a good idea, anything you would change about the video? Video (about 4 minutes long): https://youtu.be/P4Syu9qv59E Process followed: I started by washing the tires first. I used Adams All Purpose Cleaner for the most part. I used a diluted solution since my tires were not bad (recently done). Once the tires were done I gave the car a rinse, then used a Foam Gun to give the car a nice bath using Adams Car Shampoo. I then rinse this off and put down a little more foam for some extra protection during the wash. Next, I used a two bucket wash on the vehicle. This was then rinsed off and I left the water on the car so I could use Adams Guard and Gloss. This is super easy to apply and leaves a crazy shine. I got rid of excess water in crevices using a Blaster Sidekick. Since Guard and Gloss was applied, the water flung off in captivating beads. Next, I used Adams Brilliant Glaze which is super easy to apply. Due to weather, I could take it off almost instantly. Next was Adams Buttery Wax. Like Brilliant Glaze, a pleasure to apply. Last step was Adams VRT on the tires. She is all ready to get dirty again Questions, comments?
  13. Week 5 of Ask The Shine Doc actually answers a question that resulted from last weeks video. We covered how to care for perforated leather, but there were a ton of questions related to cleaning/care of suede or faux suede interior accents. This week we cover the basics of suede care, including daily maintenance and discuss light cleaning techniques. Enjoy! IN THIS VIDEO: Cockpit Brush | Edgeless Utility Towel | Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
  14. Hello everyone, I wanted to finally post the writeup on the 1940 Ford Coupe that was brought to us about a month and a half ago. The story of this amazing car is pretty incredible. Enjoy the story and the pictures to go along with it. The customer pictured above brought his 1940 Ford into us to see if there was anything we could do for him. He told us that the car had survived a fire inside of a garage that had been struck by lighting. He two other cars in the garage and they didn't make it. This Ford is a car that he has put a lot of work into and was crushed that it was threatened by the fire. The car was covered but the night before the lighting strike the gentleman went into the garage, opened the trunk to air it out and left the cover pulled back towards the middle of the car. This caused the distinct char line on the back of the car pictured above. Now, as you can see the car looks destroyed and let me tell you, if I had a link for you to be able to click and smell your nose hairs would burn from the terrible smoke smell. After a little bit of discussion we gladly accepted the the car and drove it over to wash in our washing area. The gentleman drove off with high hopes but still pretty bummed with the current state of his precious car. While I took advantage of snapping photos of before and after, I didn't get much of the process. But, I did get a lot of video footage of the revitalize/detail process which I'm editing into a short video that I took a break from to deliver this write up. So I will post a response to this topic with the finished video link. The video has Adam working a lot on the car and a few of our other team members. So, as you can see the '40 Ford turned out perfect! A lot of the char and smell came off after a two bucket wash. The interesting thing was Adam added about six ounces of Rinseless Wash to the normal two bucket wash. It helped with lubricity and smell. The big job and the thing that took up most of the char and smoke damage was the Clay Bar. Adam and two of our other team members clayed the car twice for good measure. They clayed everything excluding the rubber. It was amazing how the clay grabbed all the nastiness right off the paint. After claying the whole car the men started to polish the paint of the car. Using our two stage polishing system they started with the Cyclo Polisher paired with the Orange Microfiber Pads and the Paint Correcting Polish. That did some great work but they then moved on to the White Microfiber Pads and the Paint Finishing Polish. You all should have seen the pads. They were very wasted from the smoke damage on the paint. Next the fellas moved on to the Orange Foam Pads and the Paint Correcting Polish still with the Cyclo Polisher. They were near perfect and finally finished the job with the White Foam Pads and the Paint Finishing Polish. This made the paint look perfect. Not only did the two step polishing system take away all the smoke damage it also fixed all the swirl marks in the paint. After polishing the paint the fellas put a nice coat of Brilliant Glaze on the paint and sealed it with our amazing Americana Paste Wax. The metallic look in the paint was sparkling like new! After the polishing of the paint, Adam and our other team members moved on to the chrome accents. They used our two stage metal polish system using our Metal Polish 1 and Metal Polish 2. While working on the chrome accents Adam, being the detailer he is, didn't want to miss the engine. So as the two guys finished the accents Adam moved on to the engine using All Purpose Cleaner to take off all the nastiness and then they all went at it with the metal polish system. The engine looked amazing after the detail as you can see from above. As you can see here our customer came back to pick up his beautiful classic and was very surprised how the Ford came back to life. You could see the instant gratification he was feeling and even gave Adam a hug in appreciation. It was amazing how our product took to the fire damaged coupe. I have to say as the guy taking pictures and video I was very amazed how well the car came out and am very impressed with the result. I hoped you enjoyed this story and write up. Please stay tuned for the video on this classic due to the candid nature of the video and how much fun the guys were having detailing this car. Thank you for your time. Joe Trigeiro joe@adamspolishes.com Cinematographer/Photographer Creative Design
  15. A little back story, I won't try to make this a novel. I've been working for a property management company for 20 years now and love the job and the perks that come with it. Last year I thought I would've had the chance of buying the company from my boss, but a friend of mine got it before me. Now that friend is my boss. It's not so bad, but I feel that I should getting paid more for what I have and been doing for the company. I've been getting paid the same amount for over six years now and been askig for a raise for quite some time, but it's just not cutting it eventhough the company pays for my cell and health insurance. I do more of the grunt work for the company than I do of the logistics (i.e. talking to customers, putting in bids, etc.) I take care of getting equipment to and from properties, making sure employees are doing what they are supposed to, making sure the job is getting done right and efficently, things like that. Love my job, but like I said, my pay isn't showing it. Now, on top of that, I have a little side business. Dream Workz Automotive Detailing. Granted, it's not an "officiall" business, but it does bring in some money. You could call it a hobby, because the money I get from it, I'll spend it on detail products here at Adam's of course. I mainly have done friends and family vehicles, and on a rare occasion a person that heard from word of mouth. I love doing it because of the satifaction I get when I see the customers eyes when they see their vehicle from when they had it to after I get done with it. Okay, now on to something that may change my life and my families. I got a message on Facebook from a guy who owns a mechanic shop in the cities and it was out of the blue. He saw my work with Dream Workz and was very impressed. His shop works on BMW, Range Rovers, Astin Martins, Ferrari's, Benltey's, etc. High end vehicles. On top of that business he has a detailing business detailing the said cars and more. Both are very successful, but the detailing business isn't really a company, it's a "doing business as" the mechanic company. He wants me to come in and restructure the detailing company to the way he forsees it and how I think it should be via marketing and possibly expanding it. Right now there is only one guy doing the detailing, answering customer calls and concerns, and making appointments as well. So I would be basically doing the logistics and detailing on top of it and possibly being co-owner of the detailing company. Mind you, before yesterday, this guy (the business owner) and I have never met. He seems like a really nice, down to earth person that I could possibly see being a partner with. But... I have been running these ideas in my mind and wanting to try and get a grip on what I want/should do to better my life and more importantly my family since I have a wife and a 5 year old sons. My family comes number one in my life and I really want to provide and set them up with a life that they can enjoy and have fun. Right now, we are struggling to make ends meet due to the fact that it's the off season for my current job and my wife isn't making as much as she was. We eventually want to buy our own home and get out of renting, which we have been doing for the past 5 years. I just want to get everyones opinion on this. Should I stay at my current job that is stable and in hopes of getting a pay raise to what I should be getting in the next few years. Or, should I take a risk, quit that job and take the reins of the detailing company and make it bigger without knowing if and when I will have money coming in to support my family and I. That is one thing that I haven't discussed with the mechanic owner is money. It's a lot to think about since this is huge for me. Let me know and thank you for reading and sorry it's so long. ~Nick
  16. It's been a little over due (okay a lot) And I bring greetings from St. Charles, Missouri! I'm currently 19 and have been detailing since I was about... 3 or so (according to my parents). It started with my moms' 1994 Chevy Corsica (which has been better days, replacing a damaged piston) and I would wash her car with an old terry cloth and use the two bucket system, and they thought I was nuts for using two buckets back then! Pfft! showed them! And then using a plush sock using applying the trusty turtle wax wax. Which, in all retrospect, I'm surprised the car doesn't have many swirls because of the old terry cloth i used to wash it ha ha. And then I used to wash my bikes the same way. Now fast forward to when I was about.. 12, My mom acquired another car from my grandpa, BEAUTIFUL car, 1995 Buick Roadmaster with 23,000 original miles. It now has 78,000 miles thanks to me. Which is still low, but since it has a cast iron engine it needs to be driven or it will rust from the inside out. It hasn't had anything major except for a heater core and a water pump, general maintenance, synthetic oil, K&N oil and air filter. She gets treated well. Anyway, after being on Camaro5 since the 5th was peaked, I learned of Adams, I knew their products were good but I just wasn't a believer. Well a few months ago I finally dropped ship and spent a few hundred dollars on some simple products. APC, car shampoo, carpet cleaner (which works amazing for the inside too) I am now here... almost a thousand dollars later and buying everything I can. The only thing I don;t have, is a cyclo polisher yet... But I'll get one... soon. Well, since then detailing has been my thing, much like Adam his self. I'll detail my friends cars for the heck of it because I just love doing it. Cars are an emotion, a passion, something for me, larger then life. You get to know a car when you wash them, you feel the work put into them. Something I like to do day after day. It never gets old. I'll spend 12 hours on a detail just to make it right and perfect. I guess you could say Adam himself is a bit of a role model to me... I hope one day to be a dealer of Adams products and be a professional detailer. Sorry for the life story and all, but even thinking about it brings a smile to my face. I can go on for hours but I'm afraid everyone will get bored ha ha.
  17. "What is the difference between wax and sealant?" "Should I use a wax or a sealant on my car?" "Can I use a wax and a sealant if I want to?" "Does Adam's have a synthetic or polymer wax?" And here it is, the next in my series of FAQ threads that answer the questions we get asked most on the forums, emails, and over the phone. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WAX AND A SEALANT? Its a question you've no doubt seen posted here or on any other number of forums when a newcomer to detailing is feeling out their first purchase or trying to make the best choice for their car. Given that there are so many products and product types on the market its certainly easy for someone to get confused. Lets start with the basics - THE DIFFERENCES - Both "wax" and "sealant" are designed to do essentially the same thing, that is to serve as a sacrificial barrier between your paint and the elements. Both products provide a microscopic coating on the surface to prevent, or at least slow, the effects of the elements. Secondary to this is their ability to enhance or impart some aesthetic change/enhancement to the paint. How they go about accomplishing this task and what they're comprised of (ingredients) is where they begin to be different. Its that composition that allows them to have different strengths and weaknesses. WAX begins its life as part of a particular type of palm tree. Carnauba wax comes in a variety of grades and purities. Its blended with oils, other wax types (like bees wax), and in some cases even some polymers to create car wax. Carnauba in and of itself is a hard crumbly substance - so don't believe the hype of any product claiming to be "100% Carnauba" it would be virtually impossible to apply to your car if it were. Without blending carnauba is not car wax. While blending all these components together can give you virtually an infinite number of varieties and types of car wax there are some limitations. "Wax" in general will be highly susceptible to heat and detergents (relatively speaking) meaning harsh cleaners and hot weather will shorten the amount of time the wax remains intact on your car. Even the very best waxes will begin to evaporate at extreme temperatures making the summer months in climates like AZ or NV ideal for killing your wax job prematurely. On the positive side waxes (on average) will offer aesthetic enhancement including added depth, gloss, and even filling properties that help hide some imperfections. The 'rich' or 'deep' look on a black paint job will most often be enhanced the most by a high quality carnauba wax. These properties make wax the ideal solution for a car that is garaged, doesn't see an excessive amount of mileage, or is a show car. ***** SEALANTS on the other hand are synthetic. A man made concoction of chemical engineering designed to do any number of things. Because these products are essentially 'born in a test tube' they can be modified, customized, and blended to meet any number of criteria and perform in different ways. Sealants (on average) are going to offer you more durability than a comparable wax product. They offer much higher heat resistance, detergent resistance, and longer lasting protection. This makes them ideal for use on your daily driver, a vehicle kept outside full time, or a vehicle you are more concerned with protecting with minimal maintenance. The trade off is that sealants tend to offer far less aesthetic benefit. Thats not to say that they will make your car 'shine less' but you won't see that deep-wet look you more commonly associate with a high quality wax product. Sealants are more often going to provide a very bright, reflective type of shine. This makes them great for colors like white and silver. THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR YOUR CAR - While there is no easy answer for this question its easy to use some basic criteria to weight pros vs. cons and pick a product that best suits your needs. A vehicle that's daily driven, not garaged, or exposed to harsh weather will be the perfect candidate for sealant. The longer lasting protection at minimal sacrifice to "looks" makes it the way to go. A vehicle that's more pampered, garaged, shown regularly, or lives in a mild climate would benefit most from a wax product. The protection will be sufficient with even the most basic of waxes, but the added depth if thats the goal is still there. LAYERING PRODUCTS - Maybe you want the best of both worlds or you just enjoy rubbing on your car. A layered approach might be for you. Many customers and enthusiasts will chose to use BOTH a wax and a sealant to care for their paint and its certainly a great option. Like building a house you always want to start with a strong foundation, thus Adam's recommends our products be applied SEALANT FIRST / WAX SECOND. The less durable layer (wax) on top can then provide a layer of protection and in the event its removed by the elements your sealant is still there to play backup. OPINIONS ARE LIKE.... WELL, YA KNOW - You'll no doubt read a crazy amount of reviews and feedback from various sources if you start to research products for your car. While it can be helpful understand that every situation is different and what works for one guy might not work for you. Every car sees a slightly different 'life'... how its washed, how often its washed, where its kept, what kind of mileage it sees, the climate, other products used to wipe it down, etc - these are all components that can determine how long a wax or a sealant will last. Never take anyones feedback or a products claims as a hard/fast rule that will apply to you. Longevity can be better or worse depending on what your particular situation is. There are certainly those out there who will try to claim that there is no difference, or that 100% of a cars finished appearance comes from polishing alone. Consider the source when making decisions, and while the aesthetic differences from one wax to another or wax versus sealant might be subtle they are there. Choose a product that strikes a balance for your needs for enhancement and protection. CURRENT OFFERINGS FROM ADAM'S (updated January 2014) Buttery Wax - Blend product that features both wax and synthetic components. Extremely easy to use, limited durability. Excellent for people who wax frequently and want a product that's cost effective, yet performs very well. Quick Sealant - Aerosol product that is super fast and easy to apply. Offers excellent durability, but very little if any enhancement to the look of paint. Great for someone looking for protection for all surfaces as it is very easy to appy to wheels as well. Americana Paste Wax - Premium wax blend that offers excellent durability (for a wax) as well as great enhancement to the look of paint. A great compromise that offers high marks for longevity and beauty. Liquid Paint Sealant - Our latest synthetic formulation, offers the longest lasting protection of any of our products and excellent aesthetic enhancement (for a sealant). Very easy to apply. Patriot Wax (Limited Edition) - Maximizes enhancement and provides fair protection, this product is designed for 'show' more than anything else. Produces the richest, deepest shine. Patriot Wax is an experience just as much as it is a wax product.
  18. Good Morning! A few weeks back, Forum Member Ud-Lose contacted me about helping him restore an old police cruiser that his department wanted him to try and bring back. Without seeing it, and from the descriptions Randy provided over the phone, I have to admit, I was scared! When he pulled up in it, my first thought, "This is pretty cool!" Then I got closer to the paint. Clearly it had been neglected for years, maybe decades, who knows! Some parts of the car we knew we couldn't make better given the cracked body, missing paint, etc. However, with the new Adam's Paint Polish Duo and Flex Polishers at our sides, we were ready to tackle the heck out of the project! Here are a few befores: I believe this to be a 1963 Ford Galaxie. The Denver Police Department will now have a fleet of vehicles that will be cared for and taken to shows year round! Check out this faded, swirled up paint! Shot of the car from the Side:
  19. In a small world kind of scenario, this exact car was over with our good friends at Purifoy Chevrolet a few months back getting a little mechanical love. The car is rough cosmetically, but appeared to run strong. Fastforward to this week and a local car broker says he has a Callaway in his inventory hes going to try and move... of course we wanted to see it. When I realized what car it was I knew I was going to have to detail it. This car has been barn stored for some time and has deep deep DEEP swirls and scratches from a long time of neglect. For those that don't know, heres a little info on the Callaway SuperNatural 400: In 1992, base Corvettes now used the LT1 engine. With major changes between that engine and the earlier L98, Callaway shifted from positive manifold pressure to increased displacement with the new SuperNatural series. Introduced with 400 hp, power climbed to 425, then 435, and finally 450 hp for the LT1 and LT4 cars. During this same period, Callaway also built SuperNatural Corvettes based upon the ZR-1 Corvette and the LT5 engine. Introduced with 475 hp, power was also available with 490 hp with optional header cats. A full menu of options (brakes, suspension, exhaust, body, wheels/tires) were available. Originally, the SuperNatural Series was called the CL-1 and CR-1 CL, for the LT1 powered cars. CR, for the LT5 powered cars. This moniker was very short lived, changing to SuperNatural soon after introduction. With such a great opportunity to show off what our polishes can do I wasted no time setting up the camera and getting to work on what might be some of the most trashed paint I've ever detailed. Enjoy! don't forget to watch in HD ^^^ Want to see the Cyclo at work on the same car? CLICK HERE
  20. Hello Again! This Camaro came in for a quick paint correction/exterior detail a few weeks back. Pretty run of the mill process here, save for I used the Cyclo for this project. Included in this detail were: Wheels/Tires/Trim/Wheel Wells Cleaned and Dressed Engine and Exhaust Tips Cleaned and Dressed Two Bucket Wash Paint Decontamination with Claybar and Detail Spray Paint Correction with the Cyclo Polisher and the Paint Correction System Wheels polished with Revive Paint and Wheels sealed with Quick Sealant Glass sealed with Glass Sealant Here is what it looked like upon arrival: Not too bad, but enough.
  21. So I have a dark grey 2013 Camaro and I have read a lot online how new cars should should be detailed with a clay bar. I am new to the whole detailing world so I don't know the best way to approach this. I did watch Adam's video with the clay bar but just to make sure, I wash, dry then clay bar? Do I need to wax the car after using the clay bar or does using the clay bar with the detail spray make it so I don't need to. Any help would be great! Thank you!
  22. Hey Everyone! I wanted to share with you what happens to a Patriot Wax container after it's been filled, but awaiting your order... Keep in mind these beauties are "handled" a few times from the time they are produced until the time they are filled, and then some! Before I Attack... Metal Polish #1 is used to clean all sides. After getting the sides and bottom cleaned up and polished, I go ahead and hit the top of the lid with Metal Polish #1, Metal Polish #2, and finish with BG. All on a 4" pad, using an old Porter Cable, Random Shots.. If you haven't purchased yours yet, be sure to soon! Mook
  23. Good Morning! I had the pleasure of knocking this out a couple weeks back. The customer came to me after he took delivery of his new SRT8 from a Local Jeep Dealer. HE was not impressed with their "detail" so to speak, so upon good word of mouth, he found me. The Jeep still had some adhesive from delivery, a few water spots and bugs here and there, however, the Flat Black Roof and Hood Stripes were pretty beat up. Water stained and generally dirty, I was a little worried I would be able to get them out! Here's what it looked like when it arrived: The Wheels on these things get trashed as soon as you drive down the street. Plenty of Bug Carcasses for me to remove. Engine Bay wasn't horrible. After that Range Rover, what it? The mirror caps were also vinyl wrapped, but those were coming off for paint. Cool, I didn't need to spend too much time on them. A Trip to the Airport the day before in the rain got the White Paint nice and dirty for me.
  24. Good Afternoon! Here I present a Blue with Silver Vinyl Volkswagen R32. The client contacted me in preparation for a large VW show in Vegas, and I was more than happy to get this thing ready for him! Here it is upon Arrival: Wasn't in bad shape... I was tight on time, so I was hoping to try and get these out too... Start of lots of Sun and Heat in Colorado means the bug armies are out to get us all. The Parts I could correct would all look something to the effect of this: Wiper Cowl area could use some attention. This was not quite a full detail, but I would hit the Interior just a little bit. Yeah so I hope the ones on the bottom aren't used on his paint anymore, and the ones on the top will be... Exhaust Tips needed some care. I was excited to have another European Car in the Studio so I could use the New Juice...
  25. Good Afternoon! The client reached out to the Adam's Detailing Studio via an email inquiry. His Jaguar was in need of a really good exterior detail, and I was the man for the job. This detail took care of decontamination of the paint, swirl and water etching removal, of course the wheels/tires/engine/exhaust tips, sealing the Glass, and last but not least, I was able to install the "FaceMelter" on this baby when it was done! Here is what it looked like upon arrival:
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