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Found 4 results

  1. alexA5


    Just tried out the Ultra Foam for the first time. And man I wasn’t disappointed. Twice as much foam then usual and only used maybe 3 oz. here’s a pic I took. If you guys have any cool foam pictures you want to post go for it!
  2. So I just received my Foam Sprayer yesterday and got a chance to try it out today. I bought it for the sole purpose of cleaning my wheels with it, so i was kinda skeptical about how it would work because most info I found was based on using shampoo with it. So anyway, I was really surprised at how well it worked with Tire n Rubber cleaner. It foamed up just like a shampoo would, and stayed on long enough to see dirt falling off without having to scrub. At first, I poured 8 ounces into the sprayer and didnt dilute it at all. I figured if it doesnt work, at least I can still use whats left. After pumping it and seeing a thick dense foam stream shoot out, I then added another 8 ounces of water, so its a rough 1:1 dilution. I know its still a lot of chemical for what I need so eventually ill play around with dilution ratios. Heres a picture of how it foamed up: The dirt falling off after just sitting there: Keep in mind, this car had been washed about 2 weeks ago, and had not been driven since. It just sat there getting dusty for 2 weeks so it wasnt as dirty as a driven car. I do have a few question, for those of you who have used it with Tire n Rubber cleaner before, how much did you dilute it? Any tips on how much water to add? Also, I noticed that on the last wheel, the foam wasnt spraying in a line anymore, it started shooting a stream of foam. Anyone know why this happened? And lastly, it says that the sprayer should be cleaned after every use, however, would it be safe to just clean the nozzle and leave the liquid inside? Id hate to waste the leftover every time I use it. Overall Im very happy with the results and Ill probably end up getting a second one for the wheel cleaner soon. Hopefully this will also help save product since I usually waste about half a bottle of tire n rubber cleaner when washing all 3 cars.
  3. For sale is a used black Adam's foam cannon. It works perfectly but has fallen to the ground a time or two so you will see some scrape marks in the plastic and bottle. Asking $60 plus shipping. Only thing I'll accept for trade is the adams fireman's nozzle. * Also for sale locally
  4. So i bought the Adam's Foam Cannon recently and i love it so far, its great! There's just one minor issue im having and im not sure if it's just me or if its common but after i used it about 6-7 times i noticed a little wear on the bottle where the brass and plastic threads screw together, like the plastic is being cut away slowly. Besides this, every other product i ordered (so far) is a 5/5
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