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Found 11 results

  1. New Tesla Model 3, a lot of glass on this car. No sealants or glass prep has been done yet. Tesla says don't use rain-x on the windshield because of possible chatter (I wouldn't use Rain-X ever) but was looking to seal/protect the glass all around (including the windshield) Trying to make sense of the options from Adams: ADAM'S NEW CLEAR VISION GLASS KIT Adam's Tough Glass Towels Adam's Clay Mitt Adam's Aerosol Glass Cleaner Adam's 8oz Glass Boost ADAM'S WINDSHIELD PROTECTION KIT Glass Cleaner 16oz Glass Boost 8oz Microfiber Glass Cleaning Towels (2) Visco Clay Bar Refill Packet Seems like the major differences here are the clay mitt vs the clay bar.. Then there's the ADAM'S GLASS SEALANT which seems like it should be used before the boost but after the cleaner/clay... So in my mind, the order is: Clean/clay with either the mitt or the bar Sealant Boost And probably then use the boost during regular washes? Questions are: Kit with the mitt vs the clay bar -- worth the $25 difference My order of operations seem right Is there a kit I'm not seeing that has the Cleaner/Clay/Sealant/Boost/Towels all in one Thanks, Bill
  2. Has anyone used glass sealant or something like paint sealant/H20G&G to coat a photo lens from elements distorting photos or videos? Here's my direct situation; I am going to Aruba and want to utilize my GoPro and its very humid, and the GoPro will get wet. Outside of buying the anti-fog lens has anyone tried using sealants on the lens and case to prevent water steaks/fogging? Thanks in advance
  3. What does everyone use for washer fluid when using the Adam's Glass Sealant and Glass Cleaner? Adam's says that the glass sealant will last longer when used with the glass cleaner, but what about windshield washer fluid?
  4. Hey Everyone! This will be the first of many regular detailing technical write-ups from me, in a similar style and format that our friend TheWolf has done in his excellent and very informative Raptor thread here on our forum! The vehicles used in these write-ups will be either mine, friends and family members of mine that have given me permission to post up the photos, or maybe even some forum members if any of you guys and gals live nearby and would like your ride featured...and maybe get some free Adam's products in the process too! Adam's Polishes Winter Preparation on a Brand New 2016 Toyota Tundra Products Used in this write-up: Adam's Can't Touch This Winter Kit Rupes LHR 75E Mini Random Orbital Polisher Adam's 4" Orange Foam Pad Adam's Paint Correcting Polish​ Adam's Detail Spray Flex 3401 VRG Dual Action Orbital Polisher Adam's 7" White Foam Pad Adam's Paint Finishing Polish Cyclo Model 5-Pro Mk II Polisher Adam's 4" Gray Foam Pads Background While I was outside assessing my house for any wind damage Saturday morning from a nasty storm that went through when I was out of town at Adam's HQ last week, I noticed my neighbor across the street was repairing some damage to his fence. I walked over to see if he needed any help with the fence, and before I could even ask him about detailing his brand new Tundra for him, like he had mentioned to me a few weeks back, he said "Hey, do you still have time to wax my truck before winter gets here?" I said "Absolutely!" The timing worked out great, because this would be a perfect vehicle to show the Winter Preparation process that Adam demonstrated in our most recent video release from about a week ago. I told my neighbor that my whole weekend was free, and after I had a late lunch, we pulled this super nice truck into my garage! He had already washed it earlier in the morning before I even woke up...I slept in just a bit since I didn't make it home from the airport until 3am due to a delay in Charlotte...but it did have some water spotting on it from the wash. Visual Inspection and Waterless Wash Wipe-Down I start each detail by doing a full visual inspection of the vehicle to identify and note (with camera) any imperfections that will need to be addressed. My neighbor only requested for the exterior of the vehicle to be detailed, so I spent all of my time on the outside, in order to be as efficient as possible and get the vehicle back to him quickly. There was only one minor imperfection on the vehicle that he pointed out to me before I even began to look it over - a nickel-sized scrape in the paint at the front of the bed on the passenger side, that was there where he picked up the vehicle. You can see it right near the center of this picture: With that scratch noted, I walked around the rest of the vehicle. The truck only has a few thousand miles on it, so it was in great shape other than the typical dirty tires and plastic areas on the rear bumper and wiper cowl - after all, this is a work truck that sees construction sites on a daily basis. So the first thing I did was give the majority of the truck a wipe down with Adam's Waterless Wash and one of our Adam's Microfiber Waterless Wash Towels. For those not familiar with either product, Waterless Wash is a spray-on car washing solution that provides a safe way to clean a slightly dirty or dusty vehicle without having to use a hose and water, and the accompanying Waterless Wash Towels are premium microfiber towels with a waffle weave pattern that work excellent with Waterless Wash to clean a vehicle without creating any new scratches or swirl marks in the finish.
  5. So after nearly 10 months of applying Glass Sealant, it is still going decently strong. Barely any wiper movement needed. Here is a quick video showing the Glass Sealant being a trooper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_GxA5hKOB4 Technique was pretty basic. After a wash, I clayed the window. Put the Glass Sealant on as per instructions on the bottle. I fear I will never get to empty the bottle. I did not even use a noticeable amount... for $20...it is probably about $0.25 per application!
  6. So, I heard of people using glass sealant for other things besides car windshields. I decided to try it on a couple things: 1) Watch face plate: no longer collects random dust and finger prints 2) glasses: no longer collects easy finger prints that get in your way requiring cleaning every 30 minutes. 3) cell phone: no longer collects heavy finger prints that are noticeable when the screen is off. What else have you guys tried it on?
  7. It's been a dreary couple days here in Cincinnati, depressing to come out after a long day to see more rain. Then I get in my truck and feel a little better because the glass sealant I applied a month ago is still beading great. Thanks for another great product.
  8. Hello Adam's Forum Members (AFMs) and new comers, Here is a quick post regarding my first full usage of my new glass cleaner and sealant (other than on my car's windows). I apologize in advance as I didn't see the "other" category until after making this post. Just thought Glass cleaner and sealant went with the interior category. I have 2 end tables and a coffee table that all have glass tops. I decided to give the glass cleaner and sealant a try on them since they are all "tempered glass". The results are AWESOME!!!! Now I will note that each table has some scratches in the glass (due to 3 house moves in moving trucks). But you can barely tell with the cleaner and sealant. I LOVE these products. I did NOT however clay the surface before sealant. I didn't have time. Just clean and seal. This photo is of a pretreated glass piece (scratches didn't show up well) This is a piece after treatment. (particles are some light scratches that were not hidden in the sealant and dust) They are so useful and create such a dramatic change that I got my family interested in Adam's products after this trial run. I just posted an unboxing of my newest order in that section which includes a glass cleaning collection and extra glass sealant. The family wanted me to order it up so we (as a family) could clean and seal ALL exterior and interior windows of our house.
  9. I would like to thank Adams for the tremendous job the glass sealant does on windshields. Yesterday morning I was driving home from a friends house and it had snowed all the night before. There was a dusting on the lanes and about 6 inches on the side of the roads plus all the slush/ice/nastiness from the plows. I was about 3-4 car lengths behind what appeared to be about an 89 f150 work truck. We both got over to get off at the exit going about 55 mph and about 50 feet into the ramp he decided he wanted to stay on. Instead of getting off and getting back on, he swerved into the apron kicking up all the snow/ slush/ice on the side of the road. All this was thrown onto the front of my truck so rapidly that I lost all visibility for a couple seconds. It made a horrendous sound as all this hit my truck I thought for sure my windshield had cracked. I knew I had swerved a little to try and avoid it but I didn't know how much, I also knew there was a sound barrier wall along the ramp. Thankfully one pass of my wipers and the layer of glass sealant I put on last weekend, and I was just able to see the wall in time to miss it by about a foot. After I was able to see again I tried to get back on the highway and get some plate numbers but he knew what had happened and took off. So I pulled off and got out expecting a cracked windshield and possibly busted grille or headlight. All that was damaged was my driver side mirror and a couple of small scratches to my pillar. I really think though my wipers couldn't have cleared that slush and ice by themselves and I wouldn't have seen the wall in time. Thank you again Adams for a superior product.
  10. Just wondering when to reapply the glass sealant? I've applied mine towards the end of April, and since then my car has had a few rain showers and I have washed it 2 times already. How long should the sealant last for? What's the best indicator that it needs more? Driving 50mph and seeing the rain bead off isn't a good indicator, especially when there is no water available. Thanks for your help, Ryan
  11. Yesterday, I took a trip up to Adam's warehouse. It was raining all day but I had put Adam's Glass Sealant on my windshield about 2 months ago. So, after I left the warehouse I pulled out the camera to show everyone what happens. At about 55-60 MPH the wind is strong enough to push the water off the windshield without the use of the wipers. Plus, when the wiper blades are on, the water just flies right off. And this is after 2 months of rain and snow. I have seen videos of right after, but not a lot of months later. Sorry the video is a little shaky and the video focuses on the windshield so everything else is blurry. It is intentional. Enjoy!
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