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Found 12 results

  1. Still a bit confused on which, if any, ceramic products can be used on glass?
  2. New Tesla Model 3, a lot of glass on this car. No sealants or glass prep has been done yet. Tesla says don't use rain-x on the windshield because of possible chatter (I wouldn't use Rain-X ever) but was looking to seal/protect the glass all around (including the windshield) Trying to make sense of the options from Adams: ADAM'S NEW CLEAR VISION GLASS KIT Adam's Tough Glass Towels Adam's Clay Mitt Adam's Aerosol Glass Cleaner Adam's 8oz Glass Boost ADAM'S WINDSHIELD PROTECTION KIT Glass Cleaner 16oz Glass Boost 8oz Microfiber Glass Cleaning Towels (2) Visco Clay Bar Refill Packet Seems like the major differences here are the clay mitt vs the clay bar.. Then there's the ADAM'S GLASS SEALANT which seems like it should be used before the boost but after the cleaner/clay... So in my mind, the order is: Clean/clay with either the mitt or the bar Sealant Boost And probably then use the boost during regular washes? Questions are: Kit with the mitt vs the clay bar -- worth the $25 difference My order of operations seem right Is there a kit I'm not seeing that has the Cleaner/Clay/Sealant/Boost/Towels all in one Thanks, Bill
  3. To me, having dirty glass is a huge pet peeve. I want the glass I'm looking through to be as invisible as humanly possible. This is why I own every glass cleaning product Adams offers. I'm constantly looking for the most effective and efficient way of cleaning glass and keeping it clean. (this is a relatively long review. If you're looking for a TL;DR, jump to the bottom). Enter the tough and microsilk glass towels. When these were released, I was hesitant. My current approach works rather well. I clean heavy dirt with the aerosol glass cleaner and fuzzy side of a green towel. I use the smoother side of the green towel to remove as many streaks as possible. If I'm applying the glass sealant I follow the process on the bottle. If not, I follow the heavy dirt cleaning by wiping the glass as clean as possible with the blue "perfect glass" cleaning towel. If I'm cleaning only mildly dirty glass I use the glass cleaner and the same two towel approach. However I was still curious about the new towels so I snagged a couple of each type. The first towel I used was the microsilk towel. As soon as I held it for the first time, I was immediately reminded of the tiny Oakley cases that come with their sunglasses/glasses. This made me realize these towels were going to be used on interior glass only. Which wasn't a problem. In fact, the inside windshield of my Corvette had a haze on it which was a perfect test for these towels. I quickly went outside and began to clean the interior glass without any other products other than the towel. I was impressed at how easily it cleaned the glass. All the haze came off quickly. The towel slid over the glass nice and easily without grabbing (like those blue "perfect glass" towels). It's now stored nice and neatly in the center console of the car, ready for use when ever I need it. Now for the tough glass towel. I wasn't smart and didn't read up on these towels so I didn't fully understand the difference between them and the green towels Adams sells. Usually that's not a good idea (always do your research before spending money), however I was very pleasantly surprised with these. When I opened the package I realized these were VERY different from any other towel. They are much stiffer. Reminds me of those pads you put under the dish drying rack in your kitchen. It's not super thick, but it definitely is thicker than a standard towel. This gives the towel not only great absorbent properties, but also cleaning properties. When I use the green towel, it gets saturated quickly. I find myself constantly folding and re-folding so as to not leave streaks. With the new tough glass towel I didn't have to do that once. In fact, I covered the outside of the windshield in the standard glass cleaner, had the tough glass towel folded into fourths, and scrubbed away. It cleaned like no other with less effort! In fact, all corners of the glass, side windows especially, were easy to clean given how stiff this towel is. I could get the corner of the towel into tight spots and remove any dirt, smears, or smudges. Once I was done cleaning, I flipped the towel over to the dry side (which was bone dry as the other side trapped all the glass cleaner) and made sure no streaks were left. There was no need to follow it up with a different towel. I proceeded to clean all the other windows on the corvette with one side of the towel. I even used less glass cleaner! I also was able to use the one towel for the entire process and not leave a single streak. This towel is now an absolute staple in my detailing arsenal. 100% would recommend to anyone. TL;DR: Microsilk towel is awesome for interior glass. Effortlessly glides over glass and is very efficient. The tough glass towel is an incredible one stop product for all exterior glass. Gets heavy dirt off without getting saturated, and doesn't leave any streaks. Allowed me to use less cleaning product.
  4. My windshield has little nics in it, and I was looking to try and polish some out. I don't see an Adams specific product for this. Would any of their paint polishes work? If not anyone have any recommendations other products to use with my SK. Looking to do it on 2 different cars, a 99 miata and 16 gti. My GTI has rain sensing wipers would polishing cause any issues to that?
  5. So a few days ago, two to be exact I paint corrected my hood and my roof, now after doing a three step paint correction, I noticed a lot of dust on the car. I decided to take the car for a quick spin to blow off some of the dust. I then parked it in my garage and left it. Yesterday I took my car out and I realized that on the windshield there were little dots of dried up compound/polish (not sure which one). I tried using the windshield wiper fluid to remove them but that didn't work, and today there was snow on it, even after removing the snow, that didn't work...I don't know what to try so I'm wondering if anyone has any quick trick and tips to clean the glass and prevent this from happening next time. A couple of things to keep in mind are that I don't have Adam's Glass Cleaner.
  6. Week 9 of Ask The Shine Doc covers one of the most hated topics in detailing - GLASS CLEANING! No one genuinely likes to clean windows, and if we're being honest most of us hate it. In the end however, clean and streak free glass is just a big a part of the detail as anything else. In this video we'll cover a few basic tip, some you may have heard before, some you may have not. Enjoy! IN THIS VIDEO: Adam's Glass Cleaner | Adam's Glass Towels
  7. Anyone ever have an issue? I got it installed about 3 weeks ago and it seems to look hazy/cloudy when the sun in perpendicular to the window (or close to perpendicular). Its really annoying. They look dirty and often are really hard to read signs out of. I called the installer (reputable business) and mentioned it to him and he claim 3M Colorguard can have what he calls "low level light haze". He told me to bring it back and he will change to a different brand of tint if it bothers me. Will be switching to SunTek. Only bad thing is that the heat rejections is not as good as the 3M. I can deal with that as long as it doesn't look so bad this time.
  8. Hey guys, been a big fan of the adam's products, but there's one I feel like I'm about to give up on, especially after my latest test. I've been having so many problems with streaks and using the Glass cleaner with the glass microfiber. For some reason, I just cannot get my windshield streak free. I've tried claying with glass cleaner, using light mists with glass microfiber, medium mists, heavy mists, etc. w and w/o glass sealant, and just can't seem to get it streak free. I really thought at this point that it's my method of cleaning and how I use the microfiber that is causing the issue, but then I tried some Stoner's Invisible glass with one of the adam's glass microfibers and it came out absolutely perfect. So now I'm sitting here with a ton of glass cleaner and thinking it's a product issue. Have you guys had issues getting glass cleaner streak free? Is there a trick that I'm missing here? Any advice you guys might have would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I just thought this would be cool to send out to the Adam's group. I found this old "freebie" from my days at a tech giant. It has a microfiber cloth wrapped around a foam core on one end. The other is a soft bristle brush for cleaning keyboards. There is, in the middle a storage area for a small container of screen cleaner. I decided to see if I could break it open and refill it. I was successful and filled it with none other than Adam's famous Glass Cleaner. So now I can keep my keyboard and screen looking Great while on the go.
  10. Hello Adam's Forum Members (AFMs) and new comers, Here is a quick post regarding my first full usage of my new glass cleaner and sealant (other than on my car's windows). I apologize in advance as I didn't see the "other" category until after making this post. Just thought Glass cleaner and sealant went with the interior category. I have 2 end tables and a coffee table that all have glass tops. I decided to give the glass cleaner and sealant a try on them since they are all "tempered glass". The results are AWESOME!!!! Now I will note that each table has some scratches in the glass (due to 3 house moves in moving trucks). But you can barely tell with the cleaner and sealant. I LOVE these products. I did NOT however clay the surface before sealant. I didn't have time. Just clean and seal. This photo is of a pretreated glass piece (scratches didn't show up well) This is a piece after treatment. (particles are some light scratches that were not hidden in the sealant and dust) They are so useful and create such a dramatic change that I got my family interested in Adam's products after this trial run. I just posted an unboxing of my newest order in that section which includes a glass cleaning collection and extra glass sealant. The family wanted me to order it up so we (as a family) could clean and seal ALL exterior and interior windows of our house.
  11. HI everyone, I've got something oily on all my windows not sure if its in our out cause I cant seem to get them clean. Anyone have any suggestions for cleaning tinted and non tinted contaminated windows? I suspect maybe glass sealant or 1 of the interior cleaners has been spread everywhere. Adam's glass cleaner doesn't seem to be helping (Which normally is great !) Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Rich
  12. So this weekend I had to clean the inside glass on our fireplace. It was really nasty and I went over it 3 times with windex and even tried a kitchen scrubber. No dice. I went out to the garage to get something else to try and decided to give the Adams glass cleaner a shot. I assumed since it's for car glass it wouldn't be as strong as windex and would be a waste of paper towels. But the second I sprayed it on it cut right through everything! I wiped it ONE time and it was clean, hell, it looked brand new. Reminded me of those old oven cleaner commercials. I don't know what's in this stuff but count me impressed!
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