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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Everyone - I'm new to the forum, so forgive me if this question has been answered before, but I couldn't find anything out there. I just finished a 2 step paint correction and paint sealer on my car. i have an order of some new items on the way, including Iron Remover, which i've never used. My question is: If i use the Iron Remover on paint that has been sealed, am i going to have to reapply the sealant?
  2. 2019 Chevy Suburban LT RST I’m getting closer to the finish line... 18 hours!!! Day 1 - 4 hours 1. Strip Wash 2. Iron Remover 3. Wash with Mega Foam 4. Dried with Master Blaster Day 2 - 7 hours 5. Rinseless Wash 6. Clay bar all surfaces 7. Finishing Polish with white pads Day 3 - 7 hours 8. Wash with UltraFoam Shampoo 9. Dried with Master Blaster 10. Ceramic Surface Prep 11. New Ceramic Spray Coating - final wipe with suede microfiber towels 12. Wash and clean all windows, sunroof, headlights, fog lights & tail lights 13. Ceramic Glass Coating Any final advice? If not, it’s time to chill out and enjoy the fall with a cold drink and some college football. Jeff
  3. I recently order the iron remover and it just came today in the mail.. I hoped it would have gotten here a few days earlier because it was really nice here and these past few days it has been rainy and very cold. I had planned on using iron remover, wash, clay, then paint seal my car for winter. I didn't have the IR the day i did everything else so i just skipped that step. I didn't know if i could use Iron Remover on the car now that i paint sealed it. I didn't know if once i sprayed it on there with the paint sealed it would strip it or do something else to it.. I don't want that to happen because it took me a really long time to seal my whole car lol. It was the first time I've ever done it before. I actually did a really nice job. Too bad it's rainy here these past few days but even in the rain.. it's still glossy.. so far. Any help on this question is appreciated. I'm not planning on using it until i hear from people. Maybe i will wait til spring time to use it if it's a bad thing to do for the paint sealant. Thanks.
  4. As the title questions... i just brought some of the new iron remover, can’t wait to use it but before I do. Will it strip waxes or anything else? Will I need to apply sealant, buttery wax etc etc?? thanks all
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