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Found 8 results

  1. BLACK FRIDAY 2019 Releasing Thursday In Store In Anaheim, California At 10:00am PST On November 21st 725 N. Shepard St. Anaheim, CA 92806 Releasing Thursday In Store In Denver, Colorado At 9:00am MST On November 21st 8225 N. Valley Hwy. Thornton, CO 80221 Releasing Online Friday (Time To Be Determined) November 22nd AdamsPolishes.com (not all new releases are shown, there will be some additional surprises)
  2. The Labor Day Weekend Sale is underway! Check out the new version of Ceramic Spray Coating! 20% off Chemicals and Towels, and 15% of everything else. CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  3. Does anyone know if the Interior Protection Paste is okay to use on door panel and dashboard plastics? I just got a tub and without thinking applied it to dashboard and door panels. I’ve always used the L CON that way so it’s a force of habit. Hoping it’s intended for use on those surfaces.
  4. Calling All Adam's Enthusiasts and Shine Freaks Alike! It's time for your voice to be heard louder than ever-- Coming from HQ in Denver, we value each and every one of the members on this forum and look to it for improving not only our product line, but overall path for creating the greatest products for our customers. With that being said, I'd truly appreciate any input from you guys personally on how we can improve in the customer experience. Furthermore, I'd like to know what you love about our website and can't stand at the same time-- What could be improved with our checkout process? How our dealer locator could be elevated to the next level? This quest for information can include sites from which you shop frequently and like a particular feature about, or even a product that you (painful to say this) purchase from a competitor because you feel ours is obsolete/not aware enough. Too Long,Didn't Read: What do you (the customer) want and how can we help? Let's stir up the information bucket! ?
  5. Saw a post on the untamed new stuff. Looks to be shoe cleaner......
  6. TL;DR: Wheel wash mitt + eco wheel cleaner makes cleaning wheels easy, less annoying, and overall cuts down on cleaning time. This combo is going to replace the original wheel cleaner and any type of wheel brush in my arsenal. I've always wanted an easier way to clean wheels. Pristine wheels truly set off a clean car. However I've never been happy with ANY wheel brush I've ever used. They never seem to clean wheels well and unless the wheels are coated in mud, I've never seen a need for them. Therefore my wheel cleaning regimen was: - Blast with water - Spray Adams regular wheel cleaner on one wheel and let sit for a minute or two - Blast cleaner off with water - Detail entire car - Come back after tire shine / VRT and use detail spray and a microfiber to finish cleaning the wheels. There was always a left over layer of dust that would require this last step. The microfiber I used would always get VERY dirty. Enter the new Wheel Wash Mitt and the Eco Wheel Cleaner. I've always thought this type of mitt (the kind with fingers) was the perfect solution to washing wheels. Especially intricate wheels (like the current BMW M3 wheels... ugh. Gorgeous but a pain to clean). So I was going to purchase the wheel mitt as soon as it was released. The eco wheel cleaner however, I wasn't sure of. The regular wheel cleaner does such an amazing job and just requires a bit of care when using to keep it from harming the finish on most wheels. However since there was a sale and I could pick up the mitt and the eco wheel cleaner for $20 I figured, what the heck. When they arrived I was pleased by the quality (no surprise) of the wash mitt. It feels sturdy and I'm sure it will clean many wheels with no issues before it ever needs to be replaced. The eco wheel cleaner also had a nice pleasant smell. Doesn't smell like the old cleaner at all, but that made me curious. The regular cleaner does such a good job of breaking down heavy brake dust that I wasn't sure this one would do the job as well. Since I had a few hours this past Friday to clean my 2008 Z51 Corvette it was a perfect opportunity to test it out. This car has the cross drilled brakes and therefore can generate quite a bit of dust. I also hadn't washed the car in a few weeks (which is odd for me but I blame the crappy Northern Virginia weather) so this was going to be a great test for the mitt and eco wheel cleaner. I started by blasting the wheels with a regular hose (I typically have my pressure washer and foam cannon out but decided not to use it for the sake of time). I then started with one rear wheel and sprayed it thoroughly with the Eco Wheel Cleaner (using the stream setting on the nozzle) I made sure to coat every spoke and the barrel. I then let it sit for a couple minutes. It obviously doesn't turn purple like the regular wheel cleaner but it does foam up well. Then taking the wheel wash mitt, I soaked it in water, squeezed it out, and began to scrub the wheels. This was so satisfyingly easy to do given the fingers and the overall design of the mitt. All of the brake dust just wiped away. However I immediately became concerned with how dirty the mitt was getting. It was only the first wheel and the mitt was already almost completely black. So I tried to wash it off with the hose and was shocked. Everything just rinsed right off/out of the mitt. Perhaps it was the combination of the eco cleaner and the design of the mitt but it cleaned almost completely with just a regular hose nozzle. I then rinsed off the wheel and moved on to the next wheel. I repeated this process on all wheels then stepped back to admire. They looked almost spotless. As clean as the wheels would after my final wipe-down in my normal regimen. After finishing the car and applying tire shine, I dried the wheels with the blaster. I moved on to the final wiping down of each wheel expecting some residue/dirt to still be remaining on the wheels. I noticed there was significantly LESS dust/dirt/grime left on the wheels compared to using any wheel brush with the original wheel cleaner. I didn't need any detail spray or anything other than a microfiber. That microfiber also didn't get anywhere near as dirty as it would before. I was seriously impressed. I'm now going to be ordering a gallon of the eco wheel cleaner and keeping it on hand. The regular wheel cleaner has now been relegated to extremely NASTY wheels, or wheels I don't care about as much. This result has made me think. "Would I want to use the wheel mitt with the original wheel cleaner?" However given how strong that stuff is, I don't want to. The only thing I'm comfortable using with the regular wheel cleaner was a brush as I didn't want to soak my hands in the stuff and I don't think brushes work well overall as they still require a microfiber and detail spray after the initial cleaning. I think the pairing of the eco wheel cleaner and the wash mitt will become the norm for me. Quite impressed overall.
  7. To me, having dirty glass is a huge pet peeve. I want the glass I'm looking through to be as invisible as humanly possible. This is why I own every glass cleaning product Adams offers. I'm constantly looking for the most effective and efficient way of cleaning glass and keeping it clean. (this is a relatively long review. If you're looking for a TL;DR, jump to the bottom). Enter the tough and microsilk glass towels. When these were released, I was hesitant. My current approach works rather well. I clean heavy dirt with the aerosol glass cleaner and fuzzy side of a green towel. I use the smoother side of the green towel to remove as many streaks as possible. If I'm applying the glass sealant I follow the process on the bottle. If not, I follow the heavy dirt cleaning by wiping the glass as clean as possible with the blue "perfect glass" cleaning towel. If I'm cleaning only mildly dirty glass I use the glass cleaner and the same two towel approach. However I was still curious about the new towels so I snagged a couple of each type. The first towel I used was the microsilk towel. As soon as I held it for the first time, I was immediately reminded of the tiny Oakley cases that come with their sunglasses/glasses. This made me realize these towels were going to be used on interior glass only. Which wasn't a problem. In fact, the inside windshield of my Corvette had a haze on it which was a perfect test for these towels. I quickly went outside and began to clean the interior glass without any other products other than the towel. I was impressed at how easily it cleaned the glass. All the haze came off quickly. The towel slid over the glass nice and easily without grabbing (like those blue "perfect glass" towels). It's now stored nice and neatly in the center console of the car, ready for use when ever I need it. Now for the tough glass towel. I wasn't smart and didn't read up on these towels so I didn't fully understand the difference between them and the green towels Adams sells. Usually that's not a good idea (always do your research before spending money), however I was very pleasantly surprised with these. When I opened the package I realized these were VERY different from any other towel. They are much stiffer. Reminds me of those pads you put under the dish drying rack in your kitchen. It's not super thick, but it definitely is thicker than a standard towel. This gives the towel not only great absorbent properties, but also cleaning properties. When I use the green towel, it gets saturated quickly. I find myself constantly folding and re-folding so as to not leave streaks. With the new tough glass towel I didn't have to do that once. In fact, I covered the outside of the windshield in the standard glass cleaner, had the tough glass towel folded into fourths, and scrubbed away. It cleaned like no other with less effort! In fact, all corners of the glass, side windows especially, were easy to clean given how stiff this towel is. I could get the corner of the towel into tight spots and remove any dirt, smears, or smudges. Once I was done cleaning, I flipped the towel over to the dry side (which was bone dry as the other side trapped all the glass cleaner) and made sure no streaks were left. There was no need to follow it up with a different towel. I proceeded to clean all the other windows on the corvette with one side of the towel. I even used less glass cleaner! I also was able to use the one towel for the entire process and not leave a single streak. This towel is now an absolute staple in my detailing arsenal. 100% would recommend to anyone. TL;DR: Microsilk towel is awesome for interior glass. Effortlessly glides over glass and is very efficient. The tough glass towel is an incredible one stop product for all exterior glass. Gets heavy dirt off without getting saturated, and doesn't leave any streaks. Allowed me to use less cleaning product.
  8. USE THE CODE JULY4TH TO SAVE 15% OFF STOREWIDE!* PLUS FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $150 NEW! GEN5 HD PAD SYSTEM IS HERE! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE RUPES BIGFOOT POLISHERS NOW AT ADAM'S POLISHES ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ THE ALL NEW ADAM'S GEN5 HEAVY DUTY PAD SYSTEM Designed to handle the stresses of todays large orbit and high speed machine polishers, the Adam's Generation 5 Heavy Duty Polishing Pad System features carefully considered design elements to maximize results, extend pad life, and create a more stable polishing experience on all polishers. Available in 3 sizes and 4 foam grades to suit a variety of needs, the Adam's Gen5 Pad System is a serious leap forward in polishing pad technology. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ RUPES BIGFOOT POLISHERS NOW AT ADAM'S! Adam's is now an official Rupes Bigfoot distributor! The elegant precision of the Italian made Rupes polisher line is incredibly impressive, utilizing larger orbits and extremely balanced feel for smooth operation the Rupes Bigfoot Polisher line adds even more options at Adam's Polishes! The Rupes LHR 75E Mini is a compact and powerful polisher designed to reach the areas of your car other polishers can't. Utilizing 4" pads with a 12mm orbit and 5500opm movement its not only useful but highly effective. LEARN MORE The Rupes LHR 15ES 15mm Bigfoot is an incredibly well balanced correction and polishing tool. Operation feels almost effortless and thanks to its balance of orbit size and speed finishes extremely clean on even the most difficult or soft of finishes. LEARN MORE The Rupes LHR 21ES and its massive 21mm orbit just goes to show that bigger is better, at least when it comes to removing swirl marks. This tool powers thru defects and does so without extreme speeds or vibration. At only 4000opm you'll be amazed at how well the 21mm Bigfoot operates. LEARN MORE ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ALL NEW MACHINE KITS WITH UPDATED PADS! Just because there is new tools doesn't mean we forgot about our old favorites. Shop a whole new selection of bundles and kits including the powerful Flex 3401, the versatile Cyclo Model 5 Pro Mark II, or economical Porter Cable 7424xp. CLICK HERE TO SHOP MACHINE KITS *15% off discount excludes Rupes LHR21ES, Rupes LHR15ES, Rupes LHR75E, Flex 3401, Cyclo Model 5 Pro, Porter Cable 7424xp tools and associated kits. Also excludes gift cards and metro vac products. Free shipping available on ALL TOOLS and all purchases over $150 for orders shipping within the continental USA only. Discounts cannot be applied to previously placed orders and cannot be combined with other offers. Sale ends Monday 7/6/15 at 11:59pm MST. Valid at adamspolishes.com and participating distributors.
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