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Found 15 results

  1. I recently order the iron remover and it just came today in the mail.. I hoped it would have gotten here a few days earlier because it was really nice here and these past few days it has been rainy and very cold. I had planned on using iron remover, wash, clay, then paint seal my car for winter. I didn't have the IR the day i did everything else so i just skipped that step. I didn't know if i could use Iron Remover on the car now that i paint sealed it. I didn't know if once i sprayed it on there with the paint sealed it would strip it or do something else to it.. I don't want that to happen because it took me a really long time to seal my whole car lol. It was the first time I've ever done it before. I actually did a really nice job. Too bad it's rainy here these past few days but even in the rain.. it's still glossy.. so far. Any help on this question is appreciated. I'm not planning on using it until i hear from people. Maybe i will wait til spring time to use it if it's a bad thing to do for the paint sealant. Thanks.
  2. Hello Adam's Addicts, I have the previous formula of the LPS and love it. I am getting low on my bottle. I ordered the NEW formula a few weeks ago. I have now Strip Washed, Clayed, and IPA wipe down on 3 separate vehicles in 3 different humidity/heat levels (ALL INSIDE A GARAGE). I never had any issues with the old formula wiping off. I could wait an hour or 24 hours and was super easy to wipe off. I'm having very difficult removal issues with this new formula. I've tried different wait times (1 hr. 3 hrs. and 24 hrs.) and not having an easier time removing. Does anybody else seem to be having the same issue with this NEW formula?
  3. I did a wash and seal for my mother-in-law today. I have detailed her car many times, and when I started this hobby, I did full corrections for her. Over time I realized since the car is outside under massive oak trees all the time, that it was not really the best use of my time. She is happy with a clean car, and would not know a 'swirl from a squirrel'. Today I only had 2 hours to wash and seal her car, and could not bring my full arsenal (including 100 ft. of Goodyear hose). I started with the wheels - diluted APC (1:1) for the wheel wells with the Fender Brush, TRC and the old blue Tire Brush for the new tires, and diluted GWC and the Wheel Brush for the wheels. While I was in the area, I also cleaned the lower parts of the car. I used the diluted APC and the Wheel Brush. Yes, that is not the most gentle method, but again, I am looking to maximize my time, and meet her expectations - a clean car. This method cleaned quickly, even with some tree contamination on the paint. Next I mixed up Adam's Strip Wash at 2 oz. per 2 gallons of water, and used a MF covered 'bone' sponge. I have used several different Adam's Wash Mitts on the car before, but as I am washing in the shade under huge oak trees, things are continually falling on the car. The stuff keep getting stuck in the fibers of the wash mitt, so I switched to the MF mitt. This mitt worked well for getting more aggressive on the contamination on the roof, which needs claying. I left the Strip Wash on the car as I washed it, then reloaded the mitt, and quickly went back over the car to reactivate the suds. I was not able to remove the nozzle from the hose, so no pool rinse. Since I could not "add water to remove water", it took 2 GWDT to get it dry. I wiped with one towel, and it was soaked at the end. Then I sprayed the car with DS, and wiped it again with the second towel. Now on to the protection. I applied PS by hand, using a 6" foam machine pad. I like this method, as the foam pads are easier to clean than the MF applicators, and I can get a thin layer of PS down. It hazed over in about 10 minutes, and I wiped it off and took a shower for Mother's Day lunch. After lunch I found extra extension cords in the garage, and used my Side Kick to blow out all the leaves from the engine area, and in the doors. Since the car was sealed, the debris that was kicked up easily blown off the paint. Then applied VRT to the tires and trim to put the 'incing on the cake'. She was beyond pleased with the clean, shiny car. I know that it could look better, but it meet her expectations. In the fall I plan to clay the car, a one-step correction, and probably with finish with a coating. It will be more than she expects, but I will know it is well protected.
  4. 8675309'SS

    IMG 04

    From the album: 17 Camaro SS

    Wheel detail with Wheel Cleaner, woolie, wheel brush, lug nut brush, paint sealant
  5. Has anyone used glass sealant or something like paint sealant/H20G&G to coat a photo lens from elements distorting photos or videos? Here's my direct situation; I am going to Aruba and want to utilize my GoPro and its very humid, and the GoPro will get wet. Outside of buying the anti-fog lens has anyone tried using sealants on the lens and case to prevent water steaks/fogging? Thanks in advance
  6. I will start off by saying there are sooooooo many products available that figuring out what I want has been a daunting task. I have spent some time reading and reading and reading and this is what I am thinking right now, but I want to run it by some other people first. Looking to do the same thing to my daily driver and my fun car. Both cars are white with black wheels. The fun car is garage kept while the daily driver gets exposed to the elements here in Illinois (Rain, Snow, Ice, Humidity). Does this order of events sounds ok? Wash with Car Shampoo Clay car with Detail Spray Rinse car off Clean wheels with Wheel Cleaner Clean tires with Tire and Rubber Cleaner Apply H2O Guard and Gloss to wheels Apply Tire Shine to tires Seal car with Paint Sealant Wax car with Buttery Wax Rinse car and followup with H2O Guard and Gloss I am really looking to understand whether the Paint Sealant/Buttery Wax/H2O Guard and Gloss combo on the car is going to give me that wonderful shine and protection. Perhaps step 10 should be done just during maintenance washes? Also, it there a way to remove all products after application if things go terribly? I was thinking Dawn dish soap?
  7. From the album: My Car

    Had to remove the rear tires to install GM splash Guards. So I took the opportunity to clean the wheel wells with All Purpose Cleaner and then use the Undercarriage Spray on them. Also cleaned the wheels, both inner and outer sides, with All purpose Cleaner and Deep Wheel Cleaner. Then treated the tires with Super VRT and the rims with Paint Sealant.
  8. "What is the difference between wax and sealant?" "Should I use a wax or a sealant on my car?" "Can I use a wax and a sealant if I want to?" "Does Adam's have a synthetic or polymer wax?" And here it is, the next in my series of FAQ threads that answer the questions we get asked most on the forums, emails, and over the phone. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WAX AND A SEALANT? Its a question you've no doubt seen posted here or on any other number of forums when a newcomer to detailing is feeling out their first purchase or trying to make the best choice for their car. Given that there are so many products and product types on the market its certainly easy for someone to get confused. Lets start with the basics - THE DIFFERENCES - Both "wax" and "sealant" are designed to do essentially the same thing, that is to serve as a sacrificial barrier between your paint and the elements. Both products provide a microscopic coating on the surface to prevent, or at least slow, the effects of the elements. Secondary to this is their ability to enhance or impart some aesthetic change/enhancement to the paint. How they go about accomplishing this task and what they're comprised of (ingredients) is where they begin to be different. Its that composition that allows them to have different strengths and weaknesses. WAX begins its life as part of a particular type of palm tree. Carnauba wax comes in a variety of grades and purities. Its blended with oils, other wax types (like bees wax), and in some cases even some polymers to create car wax. Carnauba in and of itself is a hard crumbly substance - so don't believe the hype of any product claiming to be "100% Carnauba" it would be virtually impossible to apply to your car if it were. Without blending carnauba is not car wax. While blending all these components together can give you virtually an infinite number of varieties and types of car wax there are some limitations. "Wax" in general will be highly susceptible to heat and detergents (relatively speaking) meaning harsh cleaners and hot weather will shorten the amount of time the wax remains intact on your car. Even the very best waxes will begin to evaporate at extreme temperatures making the summer months in climates like AZ or NV ideal for killing your wax job prematurely. On the positive side waxes (on average) will offer aesthetic enhancement including added depth, gloss, and even filling properties that help hide some imperfections. The 'rich' or 'deep' look on a black paint job will most often be enhanced the most by a high quality carnauba wax. These properties make wax the ideal solution for a car that is garaged, doesn't see an excessive amount of mileage, or is a show car. ***** SEALANTS on the other hand are synthetic. A man made concoction of chemical engineering designed to do any number of things. Because these products are essentially 'born in a test tube' they can be modified, customized, and blended to meet any number of criteria and perform in different ways. Sealants (on average) are going to offer you more durability than a comparable wax product. They offer much higher heat resistance, detergent resistance, and longer lasting protection. This makes them ideal for use on your daily driver, a vehicle kept outside full time, or a vehicle you are more concerned with protecting with minimal maintenance. The trade off is that sealants tend to offer far less aesthetic benefit. Thats not to say that they will make your car 'shine less' but you won't see that deep-wet look you more commonly associate with a high quality wax product. Sealants are more often going to provide a very bright, reflective type of shine. This makes them great for colors like white and silver. THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR YOUR CAR - While there is no easy answer for this question its easy to use some basic criteria to weight pros vs. cons and pick a product that best suits your needs. A vehicle that's daily driven, not garaged, or exposed to harsh weather will be the perfect candidate for sealant. The longer lasting protection at minimal sacrifice to "looks" makes it the way to go. A vehicle that's more pampered, garaged, shown regularly, or lives in a mild climate would benefit most from a wax product. The protection will be sufficient with even the most basic of waxes, but the added depth if thats the goal is still there. LAYERING PRODUCTS - Maybe you want the best of both worlds or you just enjoy rubbing on your car. A layered approach might be for you. Many customers and enthusiasts will chose to use BOTH a wax and a sealant to care for their paint and its certainly a great option. Like building a house you always want to start with a strong foundation, thus Adam's recommends our products be applied SEALANT FIRST / WAX SECOND. The less durable layer (wax) on top can then provide a layer of protection and in the event its removed by the elements your sealant is still there to play backup. OPINIONS ARE LIKE.... WELL, YA KNOW - You'll no doubt read a crazy amount of reviews and feedback from various sources if you start to research products for your car. While it can be helpful understand that every situation is different and what works for one guy might not work for you. Every car sees a slightly different 'life'... how its washed, how often its washed, where its kept, what kind of mileage it sees, the climate, other products used to wipe it down, etc - these are all components that can determine how long a wax or a sealant will last. Never take anyones feedback or a products claims as a hard/fast rule that will apply to you. Longevity can be better or worse depending on what your particular situation is. There are certainly those out there who will try to claim that there is no difference, or that 100% of a cars finished appearance comes from polishing alone. Consider the source when making decisions, and while the aesthetic differences from one wax to another or wax versus sealant might be subtle they are there. Choose a product that strikes a balance for your needs for enhancement and protection. CURRENT OFFERINGS FROM ADAM'S (updated January 2014) Buttery Wax - Blend product that features both wax and synthetic components. Extremely easy to use, limited durability. Excellent for people who wax frequently and want a product that's cost effective, yet performs very well. Quick Sealant - Aerosol product that is super fast and easy to apply. Offers excellent durability, but very little if any enhancement to the look of paint. Great for someone looking for protection for all surfaces as it is very easy to appy to wheels as well. Americana Paste Wax - Premium wax blend that offers excellent durability (for a wax) as well as great enhancement to the look of paint. A great compromise that offers high marks for longevity and beauty. Liquid Paint Sealant - Our latest synthetic formulation, offers the longest lasting protection of any of our products and excellent aesthetic enhancement (for a sealant). Very easy to apply. Patriot Wax (Limited Edition) - Maximizes enhancement and provides fair protection, this product is designed for 'show' more than anything else. Produces the richest, deepest shine. Patriot Wax is an experience just as much as it is a wax product.
  9. Good Afternoon! This client was referred to me by a long time customer, and was in need of a detail upon recent delivery of his new to him M3. It looked like the place he got it from didn't offer a detailing service, or even wash the car for that matter for him. Fine by me! This car is Black, mean looking, has a great stance, but it really needed my attention. I would be doing an exterior only on this one, including the tips and engine bay. Paint decontamination, paint correction, good wheel cleaning, a really good bath...all these things were yet to come. I knew I could turn this car around and have the owner super stoked about his new ride! Check out what it looked like when it showed up: It was more obvious in person, but one could see the swirls through all the dirt. The Engine Bay would be getting better very soon. The front clip didn't have too many bugs for me to remove. The Wheels and Tires were in pretty bad shape. I thought after a good cleaning that Adam's In and Out Spray would remedy the inner plastics here. Exhaust tips a many, and they all needed help. The Carbon Fiber roof had some water etching on it, and was overall a bit hazed up. Continued...
  10. Good Morning! I had the pleasure of knocking this out a couple weeks back. The customer came to me after he took delivery of his new SRT8 from a Local Jeep Dealer. HE was not impressed with their "detail" so to speak, so upon good word of mouth, he found me. The Jeep still had some adhesive from delivery, a few water spots and bugs here and there, however, the Flat Black Roof and Hood Stripes were pretty beat up. Water stained and generally dirty, I was a little worried I would be able to get them out! Here's what it looked like when it arrived: The Wheels on these things get trashed as soon as you drive down the street. Plenty of Bug Carcasses for me to remove. Engine Bay wasn't horrible. After that Range Rover, what it? The mirror caps were also vinyl wrapped, but those were coming off for paint. Cool, I didn't need to spend too much time on them. A Trip to the Airport the day before in the rain got the White Paint nice and dirty for me.
  11. Good Afternoon Everyone! This Saab I recently polished out was a LOT of fun for me! Really! The customer came to the studio both in search of product to take care of his new car, but also with concerns about the "dealer detail" he received upon taking delivery of his new to him Saab. Matt and I did the "customer walk" out in the parking lot, and both literally jumped and said, "Whoa", upon seeing this car out in the light. This baby was in poor shape for being "detailed" recently. Where do I start? Obvious holograms, non-directional, littered the finish of the car, there was acid water staining, swirl marks, sap...you name it, the prior "detailer" missed it. Here are a couple of shots to show you all what I was dealing with: In addition to trashing the paint, they also completely neglected the plastics, or chose to get polish and wax on them... From 10' back, at least in person, you could notice the Java Metallic paint just depressed as all get out. The wheels...I knew just the trick for these The Engine Bay I guess was only optional for the other guy. That's all on the before shots....you can see, this is my kinda detail! Mook
  12. Hello Again! This is a good customer of mine's toy hauler. It lives outside all day, every day. Having recently completed her Jeep Wrangler, it was now my turn to spruce up, and get ready this house on wheels for the toy season! The Products and Process: Wheel Wells,Tires, and Step Bars cleaned with Adam's All Purpose Cleaner and the Adam's 20" Fender Brush. Step Bars also had rust and road stains removed with .0000 Steel Wool, Adam's Metal Polish Combo, Adam's Blue Hex Grip Applicator, and an old Adam's Single Soft Towel. Same process for rear, right wheel. Wheels cleaned with Adam's Green Wheel Cleaner, Adam's Boulder Blonde Boar's Hair Wheel Brush, and Adam's Turbostick. Fuel Door was pre-treated (as an experiment to remove road grime and stains on the Chrome) with Adam's Deep Wheel Cleaner. After wash, it wash then polished with Adam's Metal Polish Combo, Adam's Blue Hex Grip Applicator, and an old Adam's Single Soft Towel. Engine Bay cleaned with Adam's All Purpose Cleaner, Adam's Wheel Woolies, and Adam's Boulder Blonde Boar's Hair Wheel Brush. Exhaust Tip cleaned with Adam's All Purpose Cleaner, .0000 Steel Wool (inside tip), Adam's Metal Polish Combo, Adam's Blue Hex Grip Applicator, and an old Adam's Single Soft Towel. (Done in two parts...before wash, and after wash was complete) Two Bucket Wash with Grit Guards and Two Wash Pads from the Adam's Complete Two Bucket Wash Kit. Vehicle was dried using Adam's Air Force Master Blaster and Adam's Great White Drying Towel. Engine Bay, Tires and Trim were dressed with either Adam's SVRT or Adam's In and Out Spray. Wheel Wells were dressed with Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray. Vehicle was masked with Adam's Professional Detailer's Masking Tape. Door Jambs were cleaned with Adam's Waterless Wash and Adam's Waterless Wash Towels. Interior was vacuumed with the Adam's Vac'N'Blo Compact Wall Mount. Interior was cleaned with Adam's Leather and Interior Cleaner and Adam's Edgeless Microfiber Utility Towels. Spots of the Interior Carpet had stains removed with Adam's Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, Adam's Carpet Brush, and Adam's Waterless Wash Towels. Hard to reach areas were cleaned with Adam's Total Interior Detailer and Adam's Interior Detailing Swabs. Interior was dressed with Adam's Leather and Interior Conditioner and Adam's Premium Interior Dressing Applicators. Interior Glass cleaned with Adam's Glass Cleaner and Adam's Glass Cleaning Microfiber Towels. Decontamination of paint was done using Adam's Detailing Claybar and Adam's Detail Spray as a lubricant. Spots of paint were corrected (swirl marks and water spotting) with the Flex 3401VRG Polisher, Adam's 7" Orange Paint Correcting Pad, and Adam's Paint Correcting Polish. The entirety of the paint was polished with the same polisher, Adam's 7" White Polishing Pad, and Adam's Paint Finishing Polish. Glass, and Chrome pieces were treated to Adam's Brilliant Glaze via the Adam's 7" Red Glazing Pad or the Adam's Americana Premium Wax and Glaze Applicator. Paint was treated to Adam's Quick Sealant. Bed Rails and Bed Liner treated with Adam's SVRT Dressing and a Block Sponge. All Polish, Glaze, and Sealant residue removed with Adam's DoubleSoft Towels. Tennis ball on towing hitch replaced. Because it's Holly's truck, and she is a good customer. Onto the Pics!
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