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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys, a month ago I started using a foam cannon and did use the regular shampoo and DS couple of times but last weekend I decided to use a sample packet of ultra foam I received in a mystery box along with a new Pumpkin Spice DS and I'm seeing a shine that has me baffled. My car looks like it has been polished. My car was coated with G&G few months ago but I've never seen the shine this good. I thought it was the lighting but it's not, after inspecting it for 2 days and I'm receiving comments from others. I'm trying to figure out if it's coming from the ultra foam or the Spice DS. Is the Spice any different from regular DS? I plan to use the regular shampoo next weekend with the Spice DS to find out but until then, what are your thoughts on Ultra Foam? Have you noticed any difference?
  2. My fiance has a 2014 F-150 with chrome bumpers and side rails. I got metal polish #1 and #2 in a mystery box from Amazon and wanted to know if I can use that on factory chrome. I looked on youtube and saw them talk about polished aluminum wheels but not specifically chrome. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
  3. I am curious about applying tire shine or VRT after coating my clean tires with the new Tire Armor. I understand about how clean the tires need to be in order for the armor to stick properly. I am also aware of how long the application last. Also what should I use to clean my tires after the tire armor has been applied? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi folks. I am a newbie. I'm trying to learn from detailing knowledge, for cars, how to get a deep wet-looking gloss on my wooden furniture. I built a large walnut dining room table. I finished the top with polyurethane and let it cure for a month. At this point it looked beautifully shiny, as if it were wet. But the surface wasn't smooth to the touch, probably some dust or tiny bubbles in the cured finish. So I buffed it with Abralon pads up to 3000 grit. That produced an ultra smooth finish. But the table top looked cloudy/hazy (no depth) Then I buffed it with Menzerna Super Finish Plus 3800. And it's as smooth as a baby's butt now. But it's still cloudy. The wood itself is gorgeous, and it really shines if I wipe the tabletop wet with mineral spirits. But when the solvent evaporates the finish becomes dull again. Do you have any suggestions? How about a glaze? Incidentally I used polyurethane because of its toughness. You car geeks could certainly teach an old wood geek like me some tricks! At least I hope so.
  5. Today our NEW FORMULA Buttery Wax started shipping to those who placed pre-orders. This thread will be dedicated to posting questions, comments, and feedback on the new formula.
  6. Welcome to the JULY 2017 Photo Contest Feel free to submit a photo of your personal vehicle relating to the months "theme" The Theme: "America" With Independence day coming up and 4th of July weekend here, I figured we can start a day early for this contest. Anything with an American flag, fireworks, or even a BBQ is welcome to enter. The last day to enter your photo is Saturday, July 22. The Rules: 1) Photos must be of YOUR car, truck, or motorcycle. You can not use somebody else's car. 2) Photos must be taken by YOURSELF. That means it can not have any visible watermarks. Using other peoples photos will get you disqualified and possibly banned from future contests. (Having "rights" to a picture, does not necessarily mean you took the picture) 3) Each picture must be related to the current "theme." 4) Only one picture is allowed. If multiple photos are submitted, a random photo will be selected for the vote poll. Please use the forums uploading tools to submit your picture. HERE is a link to instructions to uploading pictures. If you have any further problems please ask any staff member for assistance or PM me and I will try and help you out. 5) The winner will choose a "Theme" for the following months contest. 6) You can not win two contests in a row. If you win one time, you can still submit a photo for the next contest, but it will not be included for the voting poll. 7) No solicitation of votes allowed! If it is known that someone is "persuading" others to vote for them in any type, the contestant will be disqualified. 8) Photoshop must be kept to a minimum. Extensive photoshop can result in disqualification. You can use photoshop to crop images and minor adjustments like blocking license plates, adjusting brightness, etc... 9) Participants can not vote for themselves. 10) No animated images or videos allowed. 11) The last day to submit your photo will be on the 22nd of every month. Any submission after that will not be accepted. 12) A public voting poll thread will be posted on the 23rd with all the contestants photos. Everyone will be allowed to submit one vote, and the on the last day of the month, the contestant with the highest votes will be the winner. 13) In the event of a tie, a "Tie-Breaker" poll will be added with the tied contestants. The poll will stay up for three days, and the one who gets more votes during that time will win. (until a better method is found) 14) Keep it civil and clean. Even though at the moment, this contest isnt carried out by staff, it must still abide by all Adamsforums.com rules. Any post that violates any forum rules can be deleted. If things get out of hand, Adamsforums and its staff have the right to end this contest. Here are links to the rules in case you arent sure if your picture might be in violation; Keeping It Clean and User Registration Agreement 15) Nobody in this forum takes any responsibility or liability for your pictures or posts. Please protect everyones privacy and be safe when taking pictures. Themes that are considered too dangerous or "unattainable" can be denied. Remember, its just a game, meant to get people more involved in showing off their clean rides. HAVE FUN!!!!
  7. So I know what I did. I coated my car with a non Adam's coating. I had an $80 bottle that was laying around about to expire, so I said what the hey... I should probably use it. The product I used is amazing stuff. Has a 2 year life with proper maintenance of the coating. I still have well over 1 year left on it. What did I do to my car? With the coating that I installed, I can't use waxes/polishes/glazes. Anything on top of the coating will effect the hydrophobic properties of the coating itself. The advantage of the coating is low maintenance (i.e. no waxing and easier washing), but this disadvantage is NO WAXING. I thoroughly enjoy waxing on a bi-weekly/monthly basis. I am missing out on the loving touches to my car. I must live vicariously through everyone else on this forum on all the new products. I REALLY want to try the new Patriot wax, but I can't justify polishing all my hard work off the paint. I spent 14 hours washing, claying, polishing, and coating. I love the look of the coating, but I dislike that I can't use anything over it. What other products are a must try? I don't have the waterless wash. Is it fairly good? I do have almost every Adam's exterior product including a lot of the interior products. Does anyone else have any experience with a non Adam's coating and products that work well with it? I don't need detail spray as a drying aid because the coating works that good. The glass sealant I could try. Any recommendations from my fellow Adam's connoisseurs?!
  8. Hello All! I know that Adam's has Paint Sealant that's easy to use. The question I've seen come up a couple times regarding a "coating". A long lasting ceramic type coating. I've heard that it's possible that the Adam's team might be working on one. I really want to know... Does anyone have a little inside information? Am I the only one who would like to see Adam's come up with a paint coating?
  9. From the album: 2013 Cadillac XTS

    Cadillac XTS shined with H2O in 40 degrees weather.
  10. Adam's recently received this glowing testimonial from a group of detailers that appreciate ease of use as much as the amazing shine that Adam's delivers. Pretty cool! I am completely sold on all the Adam’s products using them on my classic cars, new cars and car trailer. With the help of David Jothen of Pdx Car Culture, we have been helping many of our friends, veterans, and others just getting older, that are not able to do the fine polishing anymore. We find doing Adam’s clay bar, Glaze and Americana Wax makes an old car gal look great again even though many of the cars have older paint. No matter the condition, they come out looking great. Thank you for having awesome products, a super sales staff, knowledgeable tech support and a warehouse that’s always ready to fill my orders. Gary Parham
  11. Morning! I have taken on a new role at the Warehouse, no longer in shipping...just detailing things now! Anyway, during the big Warehouse shift from a couple weeks back, this thing came through my space for a quick Wash and Wax. I will refrain from putting this in the Detailer's Write-Ups Sub Forum, because I did nothing of significance here. Products Used: Adam's Complete Two Bucket Car Wash Kit Adam's Deep Wheel Cleaner Adam's Wheel Woolies Adam's Boulder Blonde Boar's Hair Wheel Brush Adam's All Purpose Cleaner Adam's Deep Clean Tire Brush Adam's 20" Fender Brush Adam's Detail Spray as a Drying Agent Adam's Waterless Wash and Adam's Waterless Wash Towels for the Door Jambs Adam's AirForce Master Blaster Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray Adam's In and Out Spray Adam's Super VRT Adam's Pro Tire Sponge Adam's Americana Paste Wax Adam's Double Soft Towel Adam's Brilliant Glaze (finished the glass with this) Before: During (Not many were taken you know, because we were MOVING a Warehouse!) Adam's Deep Wheel Cleaner makes short work of any Euro Wheel. Results! LOVE THIS BLUE! Wasn't Polished so I could hardly see my ugly face! Thanks for looking! Mook
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