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Found 7 results

  1. Adam's is releasing a new line of educational, behind-the-scenes videos! Get ready to get nerdy! You've been warned. 🤓 The first one was posted today and is linked below. Enjoy!! P.S. I've been in that room and facility...really impressive!
  2. Hey folks. I typically take all photos during my details. I decided to try something new, and record the whole thing. What are your guys' thoughts? Is it a good idea, anything you would change about the video? Video (about 4 minutes long): https://youtu.be/P4Syu9qv59E Process followed: I started by washing the tires first. I used Adams All Purpose Cleaner for the most part. I used a diluted solution since my tires were not bad (recently done). Once the tires were done I gave the car a rinse, then used a Foam Gun to give the car a nice bath using Adams Car Shampoo. I then rinse this off and put down a little more foam for some extra protection during the wash. Next, I used a two bucket wash on the vehicle. This was then rinsed off and I left the water on the car so I could use Adams Guard and Gloss. This is super easy to apply and leaves a crazy shine. I got rid of excess water in crevices using a Blaster Sidekick. Since Guard and Gloss was applied, the water flung off in captivating beads. Next, I used Adams Brilliant Glaze which is super easy to apply. Due to weather, I could take it off almost instantly. Next was Adams Buttery Wax. Like Brilliant Glaze, a pleasure to apply. Last step was Adams VRT on the tires. She is all ready to get dirty again Questions, comments?
  3. This last weekend, Adam, Matt and myself had the pleasure of traveling to Mid America Motorworks in Effingham IL to complete a full day of video production and a day dedicated to an Adam's Polishes detail clinic. What can I say about Mid America Motorworks? Well, they were incredibly hospitable. Mike Yager, the owner of Mid America Motorworks made us feel like family from the time we walked into his conference room. What a great guy and that genuine warmth pours out of his team as well. We were able to meet his wife and two sons who are all involved at M.A.M. Ed Baumgarten, Mid America Motorworks photographer was amazing. Very professional and very very helpful. He has an incredible studio for shooting amazing cars and had a lot of cool camera gear I was checking out (only problem was it is Nikon and I shoot Canon. Not a big deal though). He took a bunch of great shots and was always reminding Adam to keep the label towards him. Ed's son Alex was also very helpful on the day we showed up. He is the videographer for the company and also does some research and development for the company as well. You could see his passion for getting a great shot, as he showed us around the different areas of the campus for shooting locations. We definitely took his advice and got some great content. Overall the experience was one of a kind. We ate at only one restaurant the whole time we were there which was called "Firefly" and it was amazing food. I was able to see actual fireflies which everyone in that area call "Lighting Bugs." Also the catfish in the pond out back of the restaurant were crazy. Check out the video of Matt feeding them to see the madness. We look forward to getting back out there for Corvette Funfest this year. We'll be putting on clinics and selling our product this year and you'll see almost the whole team. Lookout for more announcements on Corvette Funfest and more about Adam's Polishes relationship with Mid America Motorworks here on the forum and other social media outlets. Crazy Catfish!!!
  4. Week 5 of Ask The Shine Doc actually answers a question that resulted from last weeks video. We covered how to care for perforated leather, but there were a ton of questions related to cleaning/care of suede or faux suede interior accents. This week we cover the basics of suede care, including daily maintenance and discuss light cleaning techniques. Enjoy! IN THIS VIDEO: Cockpit Brush | Edgeless Utility Towel | Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
  5. Theres been lots of requests for some more video footage of the foam gun in action, but weather hasn't been exactly conducive to filming car washes lately. Finally winter decided to give us a break so we ran out side on a nice warm day to capture the foam gun in action - enjoy!
  6. Hi folks! Just got in from a quick car wash. I applied Guard And Gloss a few weeks ago, and it is still kicking strong! Check out this video of it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW3IkXje7Ko Let me tell you, I love this stuff! It makes the drying process so much easier - you apply the sealant during the drying process, in doing so your car gets dry. It is very easy to apply and take off. 5 out of 5. PS: How do you embed a youtube video in a post?
  7. Article By Jeff Glucker Published January 28, 2015High Gear Media
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