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Found 9 results

  1. 2019 Chevy Suburban LT RST I’m getting closer to the finish line... 18 hours!!! Day 1 - 4 hours 1. Strip Wash 2. Iron Remover 3. Wash with Mega Foam 4. Dried with Master Blaster Day 2 - 7 hours 5. Rinseless Wash 6. Clay bar all surfaces 7. Finishing Polish with white pads Day 3 - 7 hours 8. Wash with UltraFoam Shampoo 9. Dried with Master Blaster 10. Ceramic Surface Prep 11. New Ceramic Spray Coating - final wipe with suede microfiber towels 12. Wash and clean all windows, sunroof, headlights, fog lights & tail lights 13. Ceramic Glass Coating Any final advice? If not, it’s time to chill out and enjoy the fall with a cold drink and some college football. Jeff
  2. Hey guys, a month ago I started using a foam cannon and did use the regular shampoo and DS couple of times but last weekend I decided to use a sample packet of ultra foam I received in a mystery box along with a new Pumpkin Spice DS and I'm seeing a shine that has me baffled. My car looks like it has been polished. My car was coated with G&G few months ago but I've never seen the shine this good. I thought it was the lighting but it's not, after inspecting it for 2 days and I'm receiving comments from others. I'm trying to figure out if it's coming from the ultra foam or the Spice DS. Is the Spice any different from regular DS? I plan to use the regular shampoo next weekend with the Spice DS to find out but until then, what are your thoughts on Ultra Foam? Have you noticed any difference?
  3. Hey folks! Brand New to this high end washing/detailing/sealing world and all it took was buying my first dream car to make me not want to take it to any detail shops but do all the care myself. My question for you folks, is what is your preferred washing, detailing, sealing order from start to finish. I believe I have a good idea of each individual process from watching videos, but not the whole process start to finish. Here's my Adam's products that I've bought for reference. Premium Foam gun car shampoo 2 (5) Gallon buckets with grit guards H2O Guard and Gloss Interior Detailer Visco Clay Bar + Detail Spray Liquid Paint Sealant + applicators (hand) Glass Boost + Sealant Brilliant Glaze Premium wash pads, utility microfibers, premium dry towels All purpose cleaner AND access to my brother in law's Adam's Tire Kit I drive a 2018 Chevy Silverado 4x4. How do you all think I should order my wash and detailing process? HELP! Jonathan
  4. Anyone here do a 2 bucket rinseless wash? I'm very familiar with the popular "bucket of towels" method but that method was starting to become tedious so I gave the 2-bucket a shot. My setup was 2 buckets with grit guards, 3 gallons of warm rinseless mix in the wash bucket, warm water in the rinse bucket, and 2 inexpensive microfiber mitts. I first presoaked the whole car with wash-strength rinseless out of a garden sprayer. I prefer to run through the pay and spray in these Midwest winters but a thorough soak down with the garden sprayer works surprisingly well. I'm of the school of thought that you want to remove as many contaminates before touching the paint regardless of what wash method you use. I then washed from roof down, using a short, rolling swipe with one side of the wash mitt, going back over the same area with the other side of the mitt. Then a quick agitate and squeeze out of the rinse bucket, dip in the wash bucket, and repeat. I did a couple of panels before wiping up the residual liquid with a damp microfiber towel and final buff with a waffle weave. The second mitt was used for the side skirts of the car. I thought this method worked great. Adam's Rinseless released dirt very well into the rinse bucket, and the wash mitts were grit free the couple times I inspected them. There was very minimal dirt at the bottom of my wash bucket when I was done, no more than what I see with a normal 2 bucket soap wash. I think this method lends itself to washing more panels before drying; I may try to wash the whole car next time before mopping up with the damp microfiber. After doing this, I feel your wash technique is far, far more important than the chance of "cross contamination" from using the 2 bucket method. How much dirt you can remove before touching the paint, how much pressure you're wiping with, and how far you wipe before rinsing your mitt (2 bucket) or switching to a new side of your towel (one bucket) will really determine if you are going to put in swirls. All that being said, both methods are great and anyone on the fence about trying rinseless because they like washing with 2 buckets and a mitt should give this a shot.
  5. The AP warehouse and detailing areas have recently undergone a big overhaul for the season, freeing up more space and creating a section for us to really get into detailing for those who want us to do the work for them. One of the first to roll into our place since the overhaul was an amazing Tesla P85D... but one problem - the owner had to drive it on over a mile of dirty/muddy roads near his home shortly after he got it. The pictures below tell the story: to be continued...
  6. I received the new Foam Gun and Car Shampoo and was able to give it a go yesterday. First off the foam gun is made with some very serious hardware. This thing is built to last. In comparison to other foam guns I've used it's a lot smaller and at first I thought that was bad. I used the light green jet as a starting point. From the chart you are provided this is right the middle. The gun foams very nice and shoots a decent distance. Obviously this will be determined by your water pressure as well. The foam that this produced was very thick and "sticky". It clung to the panels of My Camaro for just the right amount of time to grab and encapsulate all the crude and pull off my paint. The handle of the foam gun has very nice heft to it but the rubber grip makes it very manageable and comfortable. I was worried about the size of the reservoir but that didn't matter one bit. If you look at the second to last pic you can see that I didn't even use half of the solution. And I felt like I was wasting product as I kept foaming and foaming away. The combination of the new car shampoo with this foam gun is a hit. The Car Shampoo itself feels much more concentrated and much slicker than the old "red" stuff. I used about half of what I'd normally use on my wash mitts and the suds were nuts!! As far as the smell goes. Well that's subjective. But it does smell very nice. I had My wife come give the sniff test. And she approved, so that means I approve!! I didn't have a chance to to try out the old "red" car shampoo with this foam gun yet and it's supposed to snow here in Salt Lake City this weekend. But if I get a chance next week I'll give it a shot and come back and update this post. On a side note. The future of car enthusiasts is in good hands. My neighbor's Son had to come over and show Me his HPI Racing 69 Camaro. He loves Camaros and told Me that he's getting one soon... The matching RUN DMC shirts were just a coincidence. An awesome coincidence if you ask Me!
  7. I picked up some Adam's Rinseless Wash at the Toys for Tots detail clinic last weekend. It finally warmed up outside enough for me to give it a go today. Both of these products are very solid. They both have a bit of wax in them, and can be diluted as a waterless wash/detail spray, more on this later. I also picked up some of the border-less blue towels as well while I was at HQ. I REALLY like these towels for rinseless washing, and keeps them visually separate from my single soft towels. I will be picking up more of these for sure. The test car is my 09' VW CC 4motion. The car currently only has a coat of QS on it. I took it to a spray wash to knock off all of the bigger stuff that was still on it from the snow/mag-chloride on the roads before washing. Half of the car was done with Adam's Rinseless and the other half was done with Pinnacle. Different wash media for each half so there was no cross contamination for the review. Smell: The Pinnacle Rinseless has a light mango smell to it and is nice to work with. Adam's has a berry/lemonish scent to it, and is a bit over powering for me, especially at a waterless wash ratio. I am giving Pinnacle the edge on this one. Big time. Lubricity: Adam's is the winner on this one. In the bucket Adam's Rinseless was noticeably slicker (This isn't to say that the Pinnacle isn't slick. It is.). Streaking: Both products performed very well and didn't have streaking issues, even in 45 degree weather. The remaining product after drying flashed off quickly and left nothing behind. Surface Slickness: This is a close one. They both leave a very slick finish with no need to follow up with a dedicated detail spray to take care of streaking. I feel like the Pinnacle Rinseless was just a touch slicker on the finish. Concentration: Pinnacle's dilution ratios are 1oz per 2 Gallons of water for a rinseless wash and 3oz per 32oz of water for a Detail Spray/Clay Lube. Adam's is 2oz for a rinseless wash. I assume most people don't fill their buckets to the 5 gallon mark. I usually fill mine to 3-3.5. It is probably safe to assume the Adam's is a bit more concentrated. Waterless Wash dilution was 1oz per 16oz of water. Again probably indicating that it is more concentrated. Color: Adam's is a blue, Pinnacle is a yellow color. Side notes: Since Adam's Rinseless can be mixed up into a bottle for waterless wash I gave that a try on a small section of a friend's car the other night. It tends to stick to vertical surfaces really well and soaked into the mag chloride pretty quickly. I tried the Pinnacle as a waterless as well just to try it out (hey, it isn't my car, right?). It soaked into the mag chloride the same, but tends to run a bit more. I mentioned earlier about the smell of both products. Adam's at a waterless wash dilution was unbearable for me. My friend wasn't too keen on it either. Conclusion: Both products are great. I feel like the Adam's wash a bit safer to wash with due to the higher lubricity, but the smell is something I can barely stand. It isn't so much the scent itself, but how strong it is. Makes my nose twinge a bit. Maybe you guys can tone it down on the next batch? Both products leave a streak free shine and a slick finish. You really can't go wrong with either of them. I will keep using the Pinnacle for now. Mostly because I don't want the half gallon I have left to go to waste. I will probably alternate between the two every time I wash. Hopefully I get used to the smell of Adam's Rinseless.
  8. Hey guys, as you can see from the picture, i cannot seem to fully clean the undercarriage even after I have washed it car using APC and the undercarriage brush. I have washed this car at least 4 times now, and every time it dries, I still see heavy dirt marks, as though brushing and cleaning had any little or no effect on it. Am i doing something wrong? Do i need to do multiple wash to get this off? I'm trying not to waste/use up too much APC. Maybe the APC isn't strong enough? I do have it set on foaming. Any other products I could use to clean this off at one wash? Any advise or help is greatly appreciated. Mahalo, Ryan
  9. I had a little fun this past Saturday over at the "Detailing Stables" where I do most of my work. It's a task my client and I have been meaning to do since early spring, however we just never found enough time. This past weekend we had no other choice. My client was bringing a few of his cars over to a festival at his church and while choosing which ones he wanted to display I mentioned we should take all the cars out off the lifts and let me wash them or wipe them down with Waterless Wash. And he can change the oil on a few of them and just let them purr for a while. So this past Saturday we met early and began waking up all the neighbors with the sounds of American muscle gracing the air. We covered the driveway with Red White & Blue cars first then unleashed the Corvettes. It was a great morning and funny to watch how much traffic we created on a residential street with people driving by. I will let the pictures say the rest. Some were from my cell phone and the others from my wife's Nikon. All of these cars are proudly wearing Adam's Polishes! And for those of you who always ask if I get to drive these cars, well this weekend I can finally say yes I did beside pulling them in and out of the driveway. I was able to drive the 1960 Impala and 1967 Chevelle to the church a few miles away and loved every minute of it.
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