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Found 42 results

  1. I was wondering, I have paint sealed and waxed my car. If I choose to polish my car, say with one step, will this harm or do anything to the paint sealant that I have applied?. If I wanted to get more shine and protection should I simply just wax since I have already paint sealed and waxed?
  2. I used butter wax on my cars last week. Applied with a machine buffer. I noticed after driving trough a heavy rain the surface of the cars lost their "slick" feel. Is that usually what happens during a heavy rain? And if so is there a better Adams product that holds the "slick" feel longer? Thanks in advance
  3. If I had to just pick one. The original detail spray brings a smile to my face every time I spray that bottle. Can’t wait till they make an Interior cleaner with the detail spray scent!!!
  4. Has anyone ever used the buttery wax as kind of a "boost" to the ceramic paste wax? Yes I do use the ceramic boost also.
  5. I gotta say holy wow the shine is impressive. Hopefully tomorrow I win that award for best Camaro. You guys can see if I will here if you want https://www.youtube.com/zoutlawss Products used Buttery wax Brilliant Glaze VRT Adams Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Adams Window Cleaner Adams Undercarriage Spray Adams In & Out Spray Patriot Wax about a month ago I'll have it up on Tuesday
  6. Hi all first time here and first time poster.quick question,. Im in Australia and just got hold of some products here and loving them. Just experimenting with layering. At present I use a Sealent then Buttery Wax then detail spray when I wash my car. My question is should I use H20 or Brilliant Glaze after buttery Wax every coupe washes then detail spray? thanks all!!
  7. What last longer, h20 or wax
  8. Hey guys I would like to know if anyone here is familiar with Griot's Poly Wax which is a sealant and if so how does it compare to Adams paint sealant? I've been reading that it does last much longer than the Adams Paint Sealant. Would I be able to use the guard & gloss over Griot's Poly Wax? I'm trying to decide whether I should go with Poly Wax or Adams Paint Sealant under Adams G&G. Thank you
  9. I’m just wondering if you guys were to wax your car, after a wash what is the best way to dry your car? Just straight up dry then apply wax or do you guys use guard and glass while dry or something else before applying the wax.
  10. I recently took delivery on a 66 Malibu with red singe stage paint. The car has the usual swirl marks from dusting and improper washing so I'm slowly working my way through a light compound / polish hoping to knock down as much as I can safely. I tried using sealants and the Colorado winters made quick work of the protection. As such, my other cars are ceramic coated making me new to the wax game. I started by correcting the trunk and have applied Brilliant Glaze topped with Americana as a test. The look is amazing and I'm planning to replicate this procedure for the rest of the car. The car will be weekend driven and will hopefully never see rain. How long will the glaze / wax combo will last before I need to apply? I know I can add more glaze but I don't want the protection to slip, especially when it gets hot in the summer. Will the wax wash away on the first wash because it has glaze underneath? Thanks in advance!
  11. I recently purchased the 3 step correcting polishes to help get the swirls and small scratches out of my black paint. Should I also wax the truck after I complete the process and if so, what should I use?
  12. I apologize if this has been answered in the past... A few weeks ago I did a full detail on my '15 STI to include my first application of Adam's ceramic paint and trim coating. It's time for the first wash now though... Which car wash would be recommended, the shampoo or the wash & wax? I feel like my whole routine may be changing... I used to dry with detail spray and put on some Patriot Wax or use the H20 G&G to dry...
  13. marauder

    DSC 0089

    From the album: Daily Driver -GTI

    Car just after a nice detail with Adam's Clay, Compound, Polish and Sealant.
  14. I missed out on the last Limited Edition (only 200) Mystery Bucket. I am really hoping for another opportunity soon! The blue lid and graphic looked really nice. Any guesses on when this might happen? I'm hoping for the end of this week! Who else wants to get in on another LE Bucket?
  15. I know that Adam's released a new formula of Patriot Wax a little while back. It is a new formula and has a small amount of SiO2 (which is Silica) in it. I have yet to try this formulation as I still have Americana. What is the longevity of the NEW Patriot wax? Will it be similar to the newest revision of Americana? Thank you in advance!
  16. been looking at all the how to videos and came across on how its a good idea to use paint sealant on your everyday ride. since i have used buttery wax already, do i need to strip wax and then apply sealant?
  17. Hello all, I actually created an account to specifically post about this. Anyway, so Friday May 5th I applied the Liquid Paint Sealant and then Buttery Wax to my stripped washed vehicle. Totally excited. Sparkling Shine. Buttery smooth. Finally. Come Friday May 12th, I washed my car again. However this is what I did different this time: I mixed two different "safe" soaps together...... Here's why: I had the Barrett Jackson Wash and Wax (which is actually pretty good), I was down to about 3-4oz from a 64oz bottle. So I poured 2ish ounces to my bucket, and the rest to my almost new Adams Car Shampoo 16oz bottle (I had only used it once to try it out from a Mystery Box). Shook the bottle, and poured some into my Adams Foam Gun. I had just received a Chemical Guys Bear Claw wash mitt; used it for the first time on that wash. So I washed the car right? I'm all excited.... Then when I start rinsing the car to dry it, I noticed there was no beading on the surface, and there was some type of film on it, where the clean water kinda clinged onto the surface the same direction I had passed over with the wash mitt. Ran my finger over the surface, only to find squeaky clean sounds and no oily feeling from the LPS or the Buttery Wax. Maybe it's common knowledge, so excuse my ignorance, but I'm assuming Car Shampoo should not mix with anything else, much less with a soap from a different manufacture. I'm not blaming Adams whatsoever. And oh yeah, my brand new bottle of Car Shampoo is wasted..... Anyway, that's what i'm assuming happened and why my sealant and wax came off. That's the only different thing I did for the washing routine, besides the fact that I used a new wash mitt, which I highly doubt was the cause of it. So, just a word of caution. Happy Detailing everyone!
  18. This is my first time posting a new topic so please be easy, also if there is another thread that already has this topic I'd be grateful for a redirect. So I started detailing my own car about a year ago when I came upon Adam's Polishes. I was just using some minor tools, like clay and microfiber towels and so recently I pulled the trigger on the Americana Paste wax and a few other goodies. Now because I live in NY I haven't gotten a chance to put them to a full test, but I figured I'd try to at least do a comparison between Americana Paste Wax and a Meguiar's Wax that I saw at a local store. After I finished I found it hard to tell the difference. Below I've detailed what I did. Any tips, expert or novice are welcome. Keep in mind I have not washed the car since November so that probably played a part, I also did not paint correct because I don't have a machine. Step 1: Cleaned the area with Mother's Showtime spray (that was all I could think to use, couldn't use water because of restrictions) Step 2: Clayed the two spots with the same clay bar and wiped with a microfiber towel. Step 3: Applied Adam's Americana Paste Wax as directed on the container. I left it on for about 5 or 10 minutes and then wiped it off. Step 4: Apply the Meguiar's Wax in a similar fashion and then wiped off after 10 minutes. DONE This was done in my garage in a NY winter. After feeling both areas and looking at the way they look, I don't really see a difference. Any advice is appreciated...I'm hoping I didn't get jipped for $50 on Americana Paste Wax especially considering I really like Adam's Products Thanks.
  19. So I just have to brag for a minute. I've used so many high dollar waxes on this car. $130 Dodo Juice Supernatural, CG white wax, CG 5050 paste wax, and many others. I thought that the Dodo juice was worthless and that the 5050 was alright. I ordered the Brilliant Glaze and Americana along with my mystery boxes. The day before it was due to arrive I clayed the car to prep the surface. Within 2 hours of receiving my order I had completed the glazing and topped it off with the Americana. I've used many paste waxes and liquid waxes. The paste wax in general is more difficult to apply and removed when compared to a liquid wax. I read many reviews on the Americana PASTE wax and didn't really know what to believe. I just HAD to try it out for myself. WOW!! I was left speechless as I drooled over the perfect paint that was before my eyes. It all wiped on and wiped off as easy as all the reviews had said. Such a unique paste wax experience. I'm a detailing fanatic and have spent well over $2,000 trying out MANY, MANY products. My Accord is a 2016 Touring edition with a white pearlescent paint. I was unimpressed with how little of a pearl effect I was getting with the other high dollar products. I swear that no other product has made this paint literally change colors. As you can see in the pictures below (No camera filters were applied or altered) just how different my paint appears on the lighting conditions. It went from the brightest white it has ever been to the softest pearl at sunset. The pictures don't even do the paint justice, but you can see the color change. I am a FOREVER customer of Adam's Polishes and have no need nor desire to "shine chase" anymore. You knocked this product line out of the park! Enjoy these pictures!
  20. I recently watched a video where warm water is used with the RW method. Is there any risk that warm water (~100F) can degrade or strip existing wax/sealant? If not, at roughly what temperature will this be an issue? Thanks.
  21. Hello All! I know that Adam's has Paint Sealant that's easy to use. The question I've seen come up a couple times regarding a "coating". A long lasting ceramic type coating. I've heard that it's possible that the Adam's team might be working on one. I really want to know... Does anyone have a little inside information? Am I the only one who would like to see Adam's come up with a paint coating?
  22. Hello, I recently had my 2008 Grabber Orange GT mustang completely repainted. It was full of dings and a few pretty good scratches. I've let it cure for about 5 months now with no addition of any heavy wax or polish. Today I washed it and noticed the paint is very smooth however it does have little bumps in the clear coat. Other than that it's very smooth with a few swirl marks. The car is not a daily driver, however it does get driven on nice days on the weekends. My question is what set of products do you recommend for my particular vehicle. I want to remove the swirl marks, small bumps (guessing clay bar), and the best polish for the bright orange paint. I'm also interested in a good paint sealer. If you would mind listing me a set of products to use I would love to purchase from you guys. I was very impressed with your videos on YouTube and the professional results. I also have a 1992 Mustang race car with an 8k dollar paint job. I will be buying products for it as well if I'm happy with the results. TY. John.
  23. I am new to the Adams product line as I am just about to purchase my first few products. I have a new to me lexis is250 f sport in the deep red metallic color which is in rather remarkable shape. I do not believe I need any abrasives to remove any swirls as they are very superficial and you have to really try to see them. After a good wash and clay session do I need to glaze before the wax or do glaze wax and glaze again. I am working by hand as I can not really convince myself I need a da polisher since I have never been one to detail to often but times are changing lol. Any info you have including how to or products I am all ears. I have made a attempt to attach a pic of the car lol. No worries I took care of the fishbowl windows already they are blacked out and looking much better now. Thanks in advance. Daniel
  24. Quick question. I did the following with my car about 6 weeks ago. Washed of course 1. clay bared 2. paint sealant 3. americana wax 4. brilliant glaze as needed Its getting time that I would like to apply the Americana wax again. Usually I always clay bar before waxing but I was wondering if its different with a layered system? Will clay barring it remove the paint sealant? Should I just wash and apply the wax and only clay bar when its time to reapply the pain sealant? Thanks,
  25. Hey, guys. Forgive me if this question has already been asked on here [i couldn't find it in the search], but in a perfect world, should the H20 Guard & Gloss be applied before or after a fresh wax job? I'm going to do both to my garage queen this weekend if the weather permits, and I want to make sure I'm doing it in the right order for the best results. Thanks for the advice.
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