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Found 11 results

  1. What is the difference between the Eco wheel cleaner and just the wheel cleaner?
  2. TL;DR: Wheel wash mitt + eco wheel cleaner makes cleaning wheels easy, less annoying, and overall cuts down on cleaning time. This combo is going to replace the original wheel cleaner and any type of wheel brush in my arsenal. I've always wanted an easier way to clean wheels. Pristine wheels truly set off a clean car. However I've never been happy with ANY wheel brush I've ever used. They never seem to clean wheels well and unless the wheels are coated in mud, I've never seen a need for them. Therefore my wheel cleaning regimen was: - Blast with water - Spray Adams regular wheel cleaner on one wheel and let sit for a minute or two - Blast cleaner off with water - Detail entire car - Come back after tire shine / VRT and use detail spray and a microfiber to finish cleaning the wheels. There was always a left over layer of dust that would require this last step. The microfiber I used would always get VERY dirty. Enter the new Wheel Wash Mitt and the Eco Wheel Cleaner. I've always thought this type of mitt (the kind with fingers) was the perfect solution to washing wheels. Especially intricate wheels (like the current BMW M3 wheels... ugh. Gorgeous but a pain to clean). So I was going to purchase the wheel mitt as soon as it was released. The eco wheel cleaner however, I wasn't sure of. The regular wheel cleaner does such an amazing job and just requires a bit of care when using to keep it from harming the finish on most wheels. However since there was a sale and I could pick up the mitt and the eco wheel cleaner for $20 I figured, what the heck. When they arrived I was pleased by the quality (no surprise) of the wash mitt. It feels sturdy and I'm sure it will clean many wheels with no issues before it ever needs to be replaced. The eco wheel cleaner also had a nice pleasant smell. Doesn't smell like the old cleaner at all, but that made me curious. The regular cleaner does such a good job of breaking down heavy brake dust that I wasn't sure this one would do the job as well. Since I had a few hours this past Friday to clean my 2008 Z51 Corvette it was a perfect opportunity to test it out. This car has the cross drilled brakes and therefore can generate quite a bit of dust. I also hadn't washed the car in a few weeks (which is odd for me but I blame the crappy Northern Virginia weather) so this was going to be a great test for the mitt and eco wheel cleaner. I started by blasting the wheels with a regular hose (I typically have my pressure washer and foam cannon out but decided not to use it for the sake of time). I then started with one rear wheel and sprayed it thoroughly with the Eco Wheel Cleaner (using the stream setting on the nozzle) I made sure to coat every spoke and the barrel. I then let it sit for a couple minutes. It obviously doesn't turn purple like the regular wheel cleaner but it does foam up well. Then taking the wheel wash mitt, I soaked it in water, squeezed it out, and began to scrub the wheels. This was so satisfyingly easy to do given the fingers and the overall design of the mitt. All of the brake dust just wiped away. However I immediately became concerned with how dirty the mitt was getting. It was only the first wheel and the mitt was already almost completely black. So I tried to wash it off with the hose and was shocked. Everything just rinsed right off/out of the mitt. Perhaps it was the combination of the eco cleaner and the design of the mitt but it cleaned almost completely with just a regular hose nozzle. I then rinsed off the wheel and moved on to the next wheel. I repeated this process on all wheels then stepped back to admire. They looked almost spotless. As clean as the wheels would after my final wipe-down in my normal regimen. After finishing the car and applying tire shine, I dried the wheels with the blaster. I moved on to the final wiping down of each wheel expecting some residue/dirt to still be remaining on the wheels. I noticed there was significantly LESS dust/dirt/grime left on the wheels compared to using any wheel brush with the original wheel cleaner. I didn't need any detail spray or anything other than a microfiber. That microfiber also didn't get anywhere near as dirty as it would before. I was seriously impressed. I'm now going to be ordering a gallon of the eco wheel cleaner and keeping it on hand. The regular wheel cleaner has now been relegated to extremely NASTY wheels, or wheels I don't care about as much. This result has made me think. "Would I want to use the wheel mitt with the original wheel cleaner?" However given how strong that stuff is, I don't want to. The only thing I'm comfortable using with the regular wheel cleaner was a brush as I didn't want to soak my hands in the stuff and I don't think brushes work well overall as they still require a microfiber and detail spray after the initial cleaning. I think the pairing of the eco wheel cleaner and the wash mitt will become the norm for me. Quite impressed overall.
  3. Recently did winter cleanup on my wife's 2011 Chevy Equinox. I started with the wheels and tires first. I sprayed each wheel and tire with water and then used the Rubber and Tire Cleaner with a tire brush and later used the Adam's Wheel Cleaner agitated with a Adam's wheel brush. Both are excellent products and cut some of the work on each wheel/tire down . I would recommend both products. Here is a video I shot of the process.
  4. So I used the WC on my powder coated black wheels. With me not being aware that the wheels had to be cool, I use the cleaner and rinsed before it dry. It now has left streak marks on all of the wheels. I've use adams all purpose cleaner and some rubbing compound with no change. I need help
  5. So yesterday I used the Wheel Cleaner for the first time ever. And wow does that stuff clean. The worst part about cleaning my car is my wheels in my opinion. I hate bending to clean them, I usually start strong and by my 3rd wheel I'm done, so imagine my surprise when I sprayed a few squirts on the wheels, waited a few minutes and then sprayed them off. Now albeit they came out great there were a few spots that needed perhaps a little more elbow grease (considering I didn't apply any effort except the spray) I'd say overall it did great work. I will say it doesn't smell good but it work really great. My only issue is that it does take a decent amount of squirts per wheel. I used a brand new bottle and after I finished I ended up with liquid that lined up a little higher than the label.
  6. 8675309'SS

    IMG 04

    From the album: 17 Camaro SS

    Wheel detail with Wheel Cleaner, woolie, wheel brush, lug nut brush, paint sealant
  7. I will start off by saying there are sooooooo many products available that figuring out what I want has been a daunting task. I have spent some time reading and reading and reading and this is what I am thinking right now, but I want to run it by some other people first. Looking to do the same thing to my daily driver and my fun car. Both cars are white with black wheels. The fun car is garage kept while the daily driver gets exposed to the elements here in Illinois (Rain, Snow, Ice, Humidity). Does this order of events sounds ok? Wash with Car Shampoo Clay car with Detail Spray Rinse car off Clean wheels with Wheel Cleaner Clean tires with Tire and Rubber Cleaner Apply H2O Guard and Gloss to wheels Apply Tire Shine to tires Seal car with Paint Sealant Wax car with Buttery Wax Rinse car and followup with H2O Guard and Gloss I am really looking to understand whether the Paint Sealant/Buttery Wax/H2O Guard and Gloss combo on the car is going to give me that wonderful shine and protection. Perhaps step 10 should be done just during maintenance washes? Also, it there a way to remove all products after application if things go terribly? I was thinking Dawn dish soap?
  8. I just ordered and used the new Deep Wheel Cleaner and have to say, I am disappointed. I have done four cars/trucks now with different types of wheels and use. The DWC worked ok, but no better, in my opinion, than anything I could have picked up at retail store. What happened to the Green Wheel Cleaner? That stuff worked awesomely on stubborn dirt, and grime with very little or no brushing or wiping. Deep six the Deep Wheel and bring back the Green!
  9. Good Afternoon! This client was referred to me by a long time customer, and was in need of a detail upon recent delivery of his new to him M3. It looked like the place he got it from didn't offer a detailing service, or even wash the car for that matter for him. Fine by me! This car is Black, mean looking, has a great stance, but it really needed my attention. I would be doing an exterior only on this one, including the tips and engine bay. Paint decontamination, paint correction, good wheel cleaning, a really good bath...all these things were yet to come. I knew I could turn this car around and have the owner super stoked about his new ride! Check out what it looked like when it showed up: It was more obvious in person, but one could see the swirls through all the dirt. The Engine Bay would be getting better very soon. The front clip didn't have too many bugs for me to remove. The Wheels and Tires were in pretty bad shape. I thought after a good cleaning that Adam's In and Out Spray would remedy the inner plastics here. Exhaust tips a many, and they all needed help. The Carbon Fiber roof had some water etching on it, and was overall a bit hazed up. Continued...
  10. Hello! Here I present a Red CarreraS. The customer was headed to a show, not to enter, just to observe. I didn't care, whether he was entering or not, if he was going, I was making that paint show quality. Here are some befores of the job. The was a complete detail, and I accomplished it in about 8 hours. Trunk needed some tidying up. Wheels weren't horrible but I was game for some new juice! Finally a Porsche I could touch the motor on! Widemouth Bass exhaust tips needed my attention. This is what the car looked like all over. I was going to have fun with this one! Needed washed before I could work my magic. Lots of areas of opppurtunity. I thought immediately how well Adam's In and Out Spray would make that look better inside those louvres. (sp?)
  11. Morning! I have taken on a new role at the Warehouse, no longer in shipping...just detailing things now! Anyway, during the big Warehouse shift from a couple weeks back, this thing came through my space for a quick Wash and Wax. I will refrain from putting this in the Detailer's Write-Ups Sub Forum, because I did nothing of significance here. Products Used: Adam's Complete Two Bucket Car Wash Kit Adam's Deep Wheel Cleaner Adam's Wheel Woolies Adam's Boulder Blonde Boar's Hair Wheel Brush Adam's All Purpose Cleaner Adam's Deep Clean Tire Brush Adam's 20" Fender Brush Adam's Detail Spray as a Drying Agent Adam's Waterless Wash and Adam's Waterless Wash Towels for the Door Jambs Adam's AirForce Master Blaster Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray Adam's In and Out Spray Adam's Super VRT Adam's Pro Tire Sponge Adam's Americana Paste Wax Adam's Double Soft Towel Adam's Brilliant Glaze (finished the glass with this) Before: During (Not many were taken you know, because we were MOVING a Warehouse!) Adam's Deep Wheel Cleaner makes short work of any Euro Wheel. Results! LOVE THIS BLUE! Wasn't Polished so I could hardly see my ugly face! Thanks for looking! Mook