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Found 1 result

  1. Yes, you read the title correctly. Don't believe me? Read on... About a week ago, my (admittedly outdated LG G3) phone died on me. Out of nowhere, the screen went blue and the phone shut down. It wouldn't turn on, wouldn't take a charge. Nothing. It was D-E-D, dead! While I forgot to get a picture of my phone, here's what it looked like: So now what??? Dr. Google to the rescue! After a little research, I found this is fairly common with G3's. I came across multiple articles and videos describing how people applied heat to the motherboard as a fix action. Hair dryers, heat guns, and ovens, too. I thought no way that could work, but I'm not an electrical engineer. But the phone is essentially a brick, so what do I have to lose? Well, besides all the data I hadn't backed up in a little while. Anyway, off to the kitchen! Phone disassembled, motherboard laid gently on the cookie sheet. *No cooking spray applied. Oven temp set at 350' (later reduced to 325', basically out of fear ), and timer set for 10 VERRRRYYYYYY LOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGG minutes. A watched motherboard never broils... Dinner's ready!!! It didn't really brown, that's just the lighting. I think. Soooooo, did it work? Phone reassembled...press power button........wait.........no blue screen.......wait..........Verizon startup screen!......wait......... YES!!! I am back up and running, and - knock on wood - have been ever since. And there's even a little Adam's reflection on the home screen for your viewing pleasure. I must admit I really thought I was being punked. But I'm not surprised at all to know there are plenty of smarter people than me out there. When in doubt, phone a friend! P.S. Hat tip to @Norton who doesn't believe I'll get a new phone anytime soon. He's probably right.
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