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"DO NOT WASH" printable dealership warning hangers


We all know the horrors that await your paint job when its in for any kind of service at a dealer or shop.

You can ask the service manager to make sure the porters don't wash your car and screw up all your hard work, but sometimes that message doesn't make it all the way to the right people.


These FREE printable hangers can be placed on your rear view mirror, gear shift, or anywhere else to get the attention of any potential washer to make sure they know not to bother with whatever swirl inducing rag and sponge combo they have in mind. :2thumbs:



  1. Click your preferred hanger image below
  2. Download to your computer (right click, save as)
  3. Print the hanger on a heavy card stock
  4. Cut out along the dotted line
    • OPTIONAL - print 2 copies and glue back to back for a 2 sided hanger.

[*]Store in your glovebox

[*]Hang the notice from your rear view or gearshift

[*]Sleep easy knowing you your ride won't come back with swirls!


3f227ed2.jpg b4103a0a.jpg


4621826b.jpg 63af7675.jpg



UPDATED: for those with rear view mirrors that block part of the sign click below for the extended versions which have an additional 3" of length before the text





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