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What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

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Washed the Raptor...       ...and the Jeep.      

Yesterday I wet sanded my headlights. I had no clue what I was doing but I followed the steps from another post here on the forum. 1500 grit, 2000 grit, 3000 grit, Swirl killer with orange foam pad a

2 bucket wash and H2O g&g!

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Went at it with the old 1-2 on this Blown Henry J's engine bay. Also polished upnthe exterior with PCP and microfiber pad. Finsished with Brilliant Glaze and Americana.

I also did polished up the wheels a bit.

Here's a quick before shot of the engine bay.



And some afters









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I had my choice of either fishing or wash the G8. I chose fishing but when I went to leave the G8 screamed "I'm manky!" Well OK, I'll wash the G8.  I Waterless Washed it then wiped her down with Detail Spray. I hit the tires with SVRT and made the driveway smell like Grape KoolAid with Undercarriage Spray.




BTW: A BIG thumbs up to Chase for his YouTube video on Waterless Wash. I fought with the streaking until I learned to leave it and take it off with Detail Spray. BOOM! Problem solved!

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Washed and Detail Sprayed the booboo van last night then watched in horror as the wife left to get pizza from Lou Malnati's. All the water in the sliding door channels came gushing out as she drove away. Waterless Wash and Detail Spray on those panels when she got back then into the house for pizza. YUM!



Note to self: Blow those channels out w/Metro Vac or leaf blower from now on. Lesson learned.

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We had a rare rainy weekend here in the west valley of Phoenix, so I decided to work on my Chevelle.  I noticed at was looking somewhat hazy and the trunk lid had lots of scratches in it.  Our cruising season will start back up again in about a month and I wanted my Chevelle to look its best.  


I started with an IPA wipe down.  It felt very smooth before the wipe down, but after the existing wax layer was gone, I found out it need to be clayed.  Wasn't real rough, but enough to make me spend some extra time on it.  After the wipe down and claying, I taped it up.




The roof wasn't real bad and only needed to be hit with Swirl and Hazed Remover (yes, I am still using the old stuff).



And after hitting with Fine Machine Polish



The trunk lid had lots of scratches and needed Severe Swirl Remover, Swirl and Haze Remover, and Fine Machine Polish.










The hood and the rest of the car looked like this.




I ended up using Severe Swirl Remover, Swirl and Haze Remover, and Fine Machine Polish on the rest of the car.  Made for a long afternoon!  I like my PC, but I could probably save time getting something better.  


I tried to shoot some 50/50 shots, but that didn't work out. 


With the polishing done, I wiped the car down again with IPA, removed the tape, polished the edges, and applied Machine Super Sealant.  Then I called it a night.






Rained again today, so I worked on the Chevelle again today.  I started with cleaning and applying Quick Sealant to all of the jambs while waiting for the MSS to cure.  Afterwards, I applied Brilliant Glaze to the rest of the car and followed with Americana.  I think spending two days on this car was worth it.








My neighbor though I had it repainted.  Adam's Products RULE!  


Since next weekend is a 3-day weekend, I'll polish my wife's Kia Soul.  

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Great work Rick, that Chevelle looks fantastic!


I ended up using Severe Swirl Remover, Swirl and Haze Remover, and Fine Machine Polish on the rest of the car.  Made for a long afternoon!  I like my PC, but I could probably save time getting something better.  



I would say try the MF pads and new polishes before upgrading your machine.  It is amazing how much work the 'little' PC can do with these new pads and products.

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