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Coast-to-coast in 28 hrs 50 min averaging 98 MPH; new record

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  • Atlanta Lamborghini dealer Ed Bolian used a souped up a 2004 Mercedes CL55 to speed into the record books October 20
  • Midtown Manhattan to Redondo Beach: Bolian and two friends took the classic route first taken in the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash of the 1970s
  • Bolian's time of 28 hours 50 minutes beats the previous record set by Alex Roy in 2006 when he made the trip in 31 hours 4 minutes by over two hours
  • With a distance of 2,813.7 miles, Bolian and his two-man team did the Cannonball Run at an average of 98 miles per hour


Full story here


And he didn't get a single ticket!

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Thats Crazy.  The bad thing is now someone is going to try and beat that record.  Eventually the luck jar runs out as far as escaping a ticket or accident.  


Ran into a freight guy one time that he and a buddy for extra cash in the days of hand written log books would drive from Utah to Tennessee and back pulling a set of doubles.  They would leave on Friday night and make it back home in time for work on Monday morning.

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