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Chrysler Nationals Carlisle, PA

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     We had a great time at the Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, PA this weekend. This was MOPAR heaven! We stopped by the Adams tent and checked out the Rupes 75e Mini. This will be my next purchase!


It took my wife and I two days to see everything here.





     This last picture is of our Hellcat. Prior to the show I put a coat of Adams Patriot wax on. At the show I first used diluted Adams Rinseless Wash spray to remove the road grime that collected on the way to the show (I also use this on the wheels). Then I used Adams Detail Spray. It really made the Ivory White Pearl shine.


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Carlisle was awesome, and strangely I remember that white hell cat when i was walking around! (Actually because of that Mopar tent then I noticed the white car) Looked great and clean when a friend and myself walked by. 


Adams had a good spot I thought for the tent, Glad it wasnt crammed into the middle of things where there was so much general foot traffic you had trouble getting to the tent. 


Heard that as of lunch on Saturday that over 2,500 cars had been accounted for. Broke the record for largest attended show which was last years ACCN with just over 2,400. GO MOPAR! 


Maybe next year we should all have a little get together as Adams using Mopar fans? 

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