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GMCCorvetteset & Adam's @ Lingenfelter Collection - Oct. 3

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After see the post by Ashley, regarding Team Adam's (Matt and Ashely) attending the Lingenfelter Collection Open House, I put together a group of our club members to attend.


Here in the Detroit area, we see Ken and Kristen Lingenfelter, or their team at different events and functions, so supporting one another's events usually is something that is pretty easily, and typically done.


Took just a few photos of some of the cars in the collection, as the majority of the group who attended from our group were interested in the Adam's products and the demonstrations on how to use them.


Oh, by the way, it was a dark gray sky, and balmy 45 degrees today, at least until the rain came a few hours earlier than forecast. So give credit to all those who participated given the weather conditions.




GMCCorvetteset members cars 1




GMCCorvetteset members cars 2




GMCCorvetteset members cars 3




69 Camaro Z28 Lingenfelter Collection




68 Camaro C5 Resto Rod Lingenfelter Collection - built on C5 Corvette chassis




69 Stingray 427 Lingenfelter Collection




93 Lingenfelter C4 Corvette ZR1




96 Guldstrand GS90 Nassau Roadster




2008 Callaway C16 Speedster




96 C4 Corvette Grand Sports




Greenwood C3




Red Z28 Camaro




Opel GT




GTO Judge




Late Model GTO Front View




Late Model GTO Rear View


And last but not least, the best picture of the bunch!




Ashley with my car, as our group was getting ready to leave for the day!


A huge THANK YOU to Matt and Ashley for all that they did today to answer all of the peoples questions regarding products and processes, for making everyone in attendance feel welcomed and ensuring that anyone who had a question had it answered correctly and in an easy to understand manner!



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