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Hi folks,


While browsing the forums today I was redirected to this malicious spam page (see attachment).


It only happened once so far but figured I should put it out there in case anything is going on. These little fake security things can be pretty annoying. If anyone hits it on this site, or any other, rapidly hitting OK/Cancel and alt+f4 at the same time is your best bet (for the ones that get stuck in a loop). If anything does download, cancel/delete it right away.





EDIT: To be clear, it is entirely possible this was injected somehow elsewhere, but it happened while on Adams Forums and has not happened elsewhere for me today.


EDIT 2: added picture, my bad





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Hi Jerome, thanks for posting this. I haven't had any other reports of issues yet, but I will investigate this. I would assume it may have been from another website, but I will check with our web host.


We're also going to be doing a large software update to the forum very soon, a bit of an overhaul and new version, which I'll make a separate thread pertaining to that.

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