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Adapter for Adam's Foam Cannon


Hey there, I recently purchased the Adam's Foam Cannon and after confirming that my pressure washer met the psi and gpm requirements, I proceeded with my purchase. 

I was pretty excited to get my new car detail started when I found out that my foam cannon would not connect to my pressure washer. I tried both at the tip by changing out the nozzle and at the base at the end of the hose, but just couldn't get it to work. 

This is my pressure washer: http://www.sears.com/craftsman-1-700-psi-1.3-gpm-electric-pressure-washer/p-07175031000P

Does anyone have a solution that will get me on the right track? Perhaps there is an adapter either for my pressure washer or for the foam cannon that is available? 



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I take it you are trying to attach the cannon to the gun that came with the unit. What you need to do is put a quick disconnect on the hose where the gun attaches, and pick up a separate gun with a 1/4" QD on the end and attach the cannon to it. You don’t need the long gun part. 

One like this:




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