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Liquid Paint sealent


13 f250 used strip wash then hand revive polish and to finsh it I applied liquid paint sealent by hand. It was on for 1 week and i wash it and seemed it was gone. No beeding what so ever.. am i doing something wrong???HELP!

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Any chance you left the Revive polish on, or does the revive polish leave a film on the surface to add shine? Might have been a good idea to strip wash again after "Polishing" to get that surface back to naked, and/or a panel by panel wipe down with Rubbing Alcohol and Water does well to get the surface bare. 

*EDIT* I know that Adam's shows going right from polishing to sealing (I think) but I'm a big believer from my body shop experience the more naked the paint, the better everything will stick.  

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