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And here we go with another lengthy post of our latest works!


First up is a Chevy 1500 that came in for a two layer coating.  We buffed it out, coated the wheels, trim and paint before giving the interior the business!  The windshield was also coated with a windshield coating and the front doors were tinted to match the rest of the truck.








A new client contacted us to see if we could squeeze in his Jeep.  He typically gets it detailed yearly.  Hopefully we made him our client going forward!  A basic all in one topped with a spray topper and the interior got some loving too!






A VW CC came in from one of the soccer parents in town.  She's always dragging her kids all over said her interior needed some work.  Luckily Marquis was good to go and knocked this one out quickly.  Love the two-tone interior.








And lastly for the updates, a friend and past client had a little mishap with her garage door.  She had a bunch of "scratches" (which turned out to be vinyl/clear coat transfer on the bumper).  Her and her husband wanted the damaged PPF replaced which really translated to pulling all of the old and not just the damaged pieces and reinstalling, as well as adding front bumper protection.  We suggested the detail the whole vehicle while it was in so there wasn't clean/polished spots against non polished spots, so it got the business inside and out.  I forgot to get interior photos of this one (oops).  


The damage:



After polishing:



The streaks in the new film will dry out.  This was literally minutes after being installed.  The dots are some chips she had on her bumper.  The bumper was never protected by film since the vehicle was new (only hood and fenders) so the chips sometimes cause little bubbles.  They may or may not dry out a bit and be less noticeable with time.  Their big concern was protection.  Their next vehicles will be done from new.





And finally, the finished product ready to go home...




And that closes out this episode of some of our latest work.  Hope y'all enjoyed!







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Shane, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that has (on that Jeep Grand Cherokee) weather techs leaving a dirt ring in the creases that won’t come out.

I’ve struggled with this since the first set I did for customers. I’ve found that after cleaning them, misting them with the Mat Cleaner and letting it dry on it’s own works very well to make them look newer again.

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